25 Best Games to play on Steam Deck (2022)

2021 has been a year where we have seen a ton of games for PC get released and GPUs still out of stock. However, Steam has made this year a little bit better for those looking to buy a handheld gaming PC. Yes, that’s right, Valve has developed a handheld gaming PC called the Steam Deck. Pre-orders for the Steam Deck have already begun, with shipments beginning in December of 2021. Here is a list of the 25 best games for Steam Deck you can play in 2022.

The Steam Deck comes with a Zen 2 AMD 4 core 8 thread CPU paired with an RDNA 2 GPU. It has got 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a 7 inch 16:10 aspect ratio display with 60Hz support. The Steam Deck comes in three storage options- 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It runs Steam OS 3.0 (Arch-based). You would be able to install Windows 10 or 11 on it, but it would take up a sizeable chunk of your storage. Since it runs on SteamOS, you will be able to play games from your Steam library very easily. Read along to know the 25 best Steam Deck games that you can play easily.

Best Games for Steam Deck

1. Rocket league

Best Steam Deck Games

Rocket League is a popular arcade-style football game but with vehicles. You get to use around different vehicles, customize them to your taste and play matches with other teams. Why would this game be a perfect game for Steam Deck? Well, you have the D-pad, ABXY buttons, left and right triggers along with 2 full-sized thumbsticks to control your vehicle and perform other functions. If you have purchased Rocket league on Steam before it became free-to-play, then you will be able to play the game right away.

2. Among Us

best games for Steam Deck

Among Us is a fun party game that you can play with your friends. It involves crewmates and an imposter or more (depending on how many imposters have been selected in a particular lobby). Well, the crewmates have to perform various tasks of the spaceship and have to stay alive. The imposter is the one who will try to sabotage the ship and even go-ahead to kill the crewmates one by one, but stealthily. The game is great fun and has four maps for now, with another new map coming soon. And the game will be more fun to play on Steam Deck. The thumbsticks, as well as the ABXY buttons, will help in movement and let you perform other in-game functions. Also check games like Among Us.

3. Need For Speed

best games for Steam Deck

Steam has got a ton of Need For Speed games available and they should run just completely fine. Be it Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012, Need For Speed Payback, Need For Speed 2015, and even the remastered version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit will be playable just fine on the Steam Deck. As it is with Need For Speed games, you get to complete various races, escape from the police and even upgrade and customize your rides. With most racing games being played with a controller connected to your system, playing these games on the Steam deck will be quite enjoyable. Even Need for Speed: Heat should be able to run perfectly at around high settings. Can it be the best Racing game for Steam Deck to play on? Let us know your opinion.


Best Steam Deck Games

Ah yes, PUBG! Launched in 2017, this battle royale game is enjoyed by many players all over. Well, you as well as 99 other players jump off a plane, land and look around for weapons, and are on the lookout for other players. You have to kill them all and be the last man standing to be the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. You can play in solo, duo, or squad modes. It will be quite interesting to see how PUBG turns out on the Steam Deck especially for those who will be taking advantage of gyro controls. Will it be a Steam Deck favorite game? Let us know your experience. If you like the game, you will also like its wallpaper.

5. Fortnite

best games for Steam Deck

Fortnite is another popular battle royale game that is free to play on the Epic Games Store. The game is super popular among kids as well as adults. You get to build various shelters to hide from the enemies, pick up various health kits to replenish your health, make use of a large number of weapons, drive around in various vehicles, and also show off a little dance and emotes as well. Yes, the game has a colorful world, and its characters look cartoonish, but hey, it’s a fun game and will be more fun to be playing it on the Steam Deck. That is, if you have managed to install Windows onto it. Check out more battle royale games similar to Fortnite.

6. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

best games for Steam Deck

Fall Guys is a fun little party game that lets you play with 60 other players online. The goal here is to reach the finish line by dodging various kinds of obstacles that will try to knock you off. You need to be able to progress into the next round, otherwise, you will have to start over. Each time you pass a level, the number of players required to pass the finish line reduces. The game physics, as well as controls, are amazing and especially even more fun to see how your character responds to it. There are a lot of levels and even other cooperative and competitive modes for you to have some fun with. Character customization in Fall Out is fun as you have a ton of options to choose from. It is one of the best games for Steam Deck and other handheld gaming consoles.

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7. WWE 2K20

Best Steam Deck Games

How about having a wrestling match with your favorite wrestlers on Steam Deck? If you are one of those who play WWE games on a keyboard will surely know the headache of mashing various keys to get those moves done perfectly, especially when you want that finish move just right. With the thumbsticks and ABXY buttons, it should be easier to play and perform the finisher moves perfectly. And this makes it one of the best Steam Deck games. WWE 2K20 has a new career mode where you get to choose between a male or a female character as well as new game modes. Other than that, it is like the previous WWE games that have been released.

8. Apex Legends

best games for Steam Deck

Want to play another battle royale game on the Steam Deck? Apex Legends has got you covered. The game lets you team up with players and fight against each other with various kinds of weapons available. You get to choose from a range of characters, who have their personalities, strengths, and abilities. When you play along with your crew, you will be able to make use of the skills of other players that are in your crew. The game keeps getting new content in the form of maps, changes in seasons, new characters, and new weapons that show up. Well, it’s a fun free to play battle royale game and should be able to run smoothly on the Steam Deck.

9. American Truck Simulator/ Euro Truck Simulator 2

Best Steam Deck Games

Nothing is ever more fun than playing these truck simulator games on the go from SCS Software. Hands down, it is one of the best truck simulator games out there. Drive along the US or the European nations with various cargoes to be delivered on time. Be it night or day or rain, the cargo must be delivered. The game has amazing graphics and realism in terms of economic management, truck servicing, fuel management, and even various occurrences that can occur on the road such as breakdowns, accidents, or even road repairs. With the new update, you can now officially join a convoy of up to 8 players online. You can either just drive around or undertake the same jobs. Though Euro Truck Simulator 2 came out in 2012, the game still looks quite modern.

10. GTA V

best games for Steam Deck

Well, if it isn’t the game from 2013 which still picks up new content to date. GTA V is a popular open-world game that is being played and enjoyed by millions. You get to take part in various missions, buy properties, take part in races or simply drive around destroying and killing whatever comes in the way. Well, the game has been around for such a long time that we can expect it to run quite fine on the Steam Deck. Okay well, maybe GTA Online could be enjoyed provided you’ve got a WIFI connection and a power source to keep the Steam Deck plugged in while out and about. And the online mode makes it one of the best Steam Deck games.

11. eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

best games for Steam Deck

Here is a free-to-play football game that you could play while on the go with the Steam Deck. Well, what can you expect from a football game? Nothing much other than playing matches after matches after matches. Well yes, some updates will bring in new stuff like new tournaments and even new players and updated stats of existing players within the game. While the standard and other editions have tons of other stuff added to it, the only free version that is, the Lite version misses out on a lot of things. But hey, if you looking around to play football to pass the time, then the PES 2021 Lite version should be enjoyable enough for you. This football game is one of the best games for Steam Deck considering the console button setup.

12. Warframe

Best Steam Deck Games

Now, you could play online games provided you have access to WiFi while out and about. Warframe is a popular co-op free-to-play third-person sci-fi game. You get to choose from over 30 Warframes, each with its abilities and completely customizable. There are a lot of weapons that you can choose to equip your Warframe. The game is fast paced and has a ton of enemies that will come at you. You will need to act and be quick enough to take all of them out. And this is where Steam Deck helps with its console buttons. There are even many other planets for you to explore and fight with enemies on each planet. Oh, and you do get your spaceship which acts as a place for you to upgrade your Warframe’s skills.

13. Paladins

best games for Steam Deck

Another best game for Steam Deck is Paladins. Like Warframe, you will need to have an active internet connection to be able to enjoy this game on the Steam Deck. Choose from various champions who have a set of different abilities that come to the benefit of the whole squad. Why would you want to play Paladins? Well, it is a free-to-play game and you can unlock a lot of things right away apart from a few cosmetic upgrades that will require you to pay for. The game also depends on how you set your deck, so choosing the right cards is a big factor for your character’s performance. Customization is a plus point in Paladins as there are a ton of skins available for you to choose from with new ones being added as and when an update is dropped onto the game.

14. Valheim

Best Steam Deck Games

Valheim is an open-world survival game where you get to build, craft, and survive in a city after your shipwrecks. The game has a lot of places for you to explore ranging from snow regions to green meadows. You have to build various kinds of ships and fight against enemies with various weapons to choose from. There is also a bit of farming that you can do to earn some food as well as money for you to survive. You can enjoy this game on the Steam Deck as a single player or play around with 2 to 10 players online. It is one of the best Steam Deck games to try. If you enjoy Valheim, try out more games like Valheim.

15. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Steam Deck Games

Moving on to another good game for Steam Deck, we have the popular The Witcher 3. It is one of the best games out there from CD Projekt Red is The Witcher III. You play as a monster hunter with a wide range of weapons that you can upgrade and also with the help of various magic potions for you to use. The game has a big open world for you to explore a ton of caves, dungeons, ruins, and destroyed ships. Your main task in the game is to chase down the child of prophecy. The prophecy that can either save or destroy the world. You will meet with various spirits who will do anything to harm you and also do anything to take control of the world. It is up to you whether you wish to save the world or just watch it fall into ruins in the hands of evil.

16. Dota 2

best games for Steam Deck

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games out there. Popular among millions of players who spend hours playing it with their friends against other players online. The characters in the game are all free. What do you do in this game? Well, you battle around with various other players with different skills and abilities to be used with each character. Every time you play an online match, the results and outcomes will always be different, The game is popular that it has become part of the eSports events where players battle each other for prize money and trophies to be the best team out there. The game is free to play but you will need Wifi connection to your Steam Deck to be able to enjoy this intense game. It is one of the best games for Steam Deck to try as soon as you get hands on Steam Deck.

17. Rainbow Six Siege

Best Steam Deck Games

Next Steam Deck game is Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbox Six Siege is a popular online first-person shooter that is being enjoyed by a ton of players. The game is super competitive and requires you to be quite skilled enough to master this game. While the game might have all the new content and updates that you might like, playing it on the Steam Deck could be a bit difficult. Unless you are comfortable with playing games like these on a controller, then you should be quite fine. The adaptive triggered, as well as the thumbsticks, should be quite helpful for you in the game. The game is super fun with friends.

18. Counter-Strike Go

best games for Steam Deck

Here comes one of the most loved team-based action shooter games that have been around for so many years. Everyone knows about CS: GO. The game requires no explanation whatsoever. Counter-Strike: GO has so many tournaments and events with big sums of money as prizes. The game has a lot of maps, characters, skins, and weapons to choose from. So, will you be able to play CS: GO on the Steam Deck? Yes, you can and you should be able to achieve high frame rates according to the specs of the Steam deck. There are various gameplay modes for you to play with friends including the popular competitive mode. If you just want to simply spend some time shooting around, you can always play with your own friends in a death match with a mix of bots or simply polishing your skills in practice matches of various modes against bots.

19. Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Steam Deck Games

If you want to play a game that has beautiful scenery, RDR2 is the game to try on Steam Deck. This is one of the most loved games from Rockstar thanks to its graphics, story, and online campaign modes. The game takes place in early 1899 in America. The game deals with the early years of the wild west and everything related to different gangs. The game has received so much love that its got around 175 awards to its name. Every single element in the game is highly detailed and you can take advantage of the Photo mode to take photographs in the game. The game should be playable on at least max settings on the Steam Deck, though you might have to expect around an hour or two’s worth of battery life before plugging in and playing the game.

20. Tekken 7

Best Steam Deck Games

We conclude the list of best games for Steam Deck with Tekken 7. The Tekken series of games have been enjoyed by people of all ages. Tekken 7 is the conclusion of the Mishima clan. You get to choose from various characters to play and even make use of special moves and knock out moves to finish off the opponent, the game is fun to play with on controllers and should be even more fun to play on the Steam Deck thanks to its tough built thumbsticks, D-pad and ABXY buttons. The story mode of Tekken 7 is quite interesting and will make you want to keep playing. In case you get bored of the story mode, you can always connect online and play with friends to enjoy some fun fights with special moves and finishing moves.

21. Bus Simulator 21

best games for steam deck

Simulator games are fun. They bring you an experience that is somewhat closer to real life. Bus Simulator 21 is a cool relaxing game to play, especially on the Steam Deck. You get to pick and drive from a number of busses that are available. You have to drive through certain routes, pick and drop people, manage the tickets and also grow your fleet. As and when you progress, you will be able to purchase more busses as well as be able to hire more drivers. Overall a fun game to play on the Steam Deck when you are out and about on a road trip. If you install Windows on the Steam Deck it should be just fine.

22. Overcooked 2

best games for steam deck

Overcooked 2 is a fun simulator game that is all about preparing dishes and managing a restaurant. You will be traveling across various locations to showcase your cooking skills as well as reveal new recipes that will lure in more customers to your restaurant. The game is a great time killer if you play single-player. However, if you have friends who play this game then, you will be having even more fun, especially if you are on a trip or a vacation and the only device you have is the Steam Deck. you and 3 other players can have fin preparing dishes and creating a chaotic mess in the kitchen.

23. Golf with your friends

best games for steam deck

Here is a golf game that has been gaining a lot of popularity thanks to the pandemic that began in 2020. Now, we do know that playing a normal golf game wouldn’t be that interesting. But with Golf With Your Friends, the games take a twist, and you will be able to have an extremely fun time. The golf courses in the game are all twisted and complex. You need to think and then shoot your shot. Do keep in mind that you can also hit the other golf balls and move them out of position, but, remember that you have a limited number of tries for each round.

23. Garry’s Mod

best games for steam deck

Garry’s Mod might be old, but it’s a game that is loved by everyone. If you are into the physics simulation kind of games, then you will absolutely love this one. You have the freedom of creating anything and everything you would like. This game requires you to be creative enough to take advantage of all the available resources. Apart from just creating bizarre environments, you can even create different games for the numerous other players who would love to have a good time trying a game within a game.

23. Left 4 Dead 2

best games for steam deck

If you are someone that loves the old school games and particularly a zombie shooter, then Left 4 Dead 2 ticks the boxes right away. Left 4 Dead 2 has been developed by Valve and has the most positive reviews ever. Players of all ages have enjoyed this game a lot. A fun zombie shooter game that you can play solo or even play with other people online via the online multiplayer mode. Considering the game was released back in 2009, it still continues to receive updates and fixes to date. And laying it on the Steam Deck would be even better as the game isn’t that heavy on graphics and will not drink up all your battery.


And there you have it! 25 of the best games for Steam Deck that you should play as soon as you get it. it will be interesting to see how the games perform on the handheld device and what other more games we can expect to see supported on Steam OS. Well thanks to Proton, you will be able to play a lot of Windows games on the Steam Deck running Steam OS. However, if the game developers take interest and even release a SteamOS version of the game, it would be interesting and we could even see another iteration of the Steam Deck in the coming years.

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