15 Best Games like Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout to Try in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Last year has been a total mix bag with the good, bad, and ugly taking place. However, in the game world, things seemed to be getting better and better with new games coming out and old games like Among Us getting a major push. Probably one of the games that gained intense traction after Among Us has to be Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The game took off on streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube. It even gained tons of popularity on social media as well. And if you like Fall Guys then also check out games like Fall Guys that you can try for free as well as paid.

Fall Guys is an entertaining physics platformer game set in a really vibrant world. You along with 59 others have to pass through various obstacles and mazes to reach the end of the finish line. Quite a fun game, and even more entertaining if you are playing it with your friends. The game was released last year in August and has a good number of players. By the looks of it at Steam Charts for this game, the number of people playing the game has reduced. Anyways, if you are a Fall Guys fan and want to play something that’s physics-based and equally fun, here’s a list of the 15 games that are to the likes of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Best Games like Fall Guys for PC

1. Gang Beasts

Let’s begin the list with a really fun game. The game requires you to play with 4 players or teammates. There are a lot of rounds to play through. Each round requires you to toss your opponents out by figuring out how your character will move and react. In short, it’s all about the last man standing. You win a round by pushing off other players from various floors. They will try their best to hold on as much they can to climb back up and knock you off. Gang Beast is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Steam version will cost you about $19.99.

games like fall guys

2. Pummel Party

This one’s more styled as a board game where 4 – 8 players will be competing against each other and collect the highest number of keys. It’s not just any simple board game, players can deceive and trick others with various traps and other surprise attacks. If a player died, they lose all their keys and have to run back to the board to collect them before anyone else goes ahead to collect them. Apart from the main game, there are also mini-games that you can play and win. Winning these mini-games will earn you keys which helps you to become the winner. The game is guaranteed to give you a good time and laugh for sure and a good game like Fall Guys. Pummel Party was released in 2018 and is available for purchase on Steam for $14.99.

games like fall guys

3. Overcooked 2

Bring the Kitchen and everything related to it right over to your couch with Overcooked 2. You can enjoy cooking meals and serving your guests. But that’s not where it ends. Your kitchen table might suddenly start rotating, your kitchen could be somewhere in the air or maybe on the road. You also will be able to boost yourself which helps you to perform your actions quickly. The game also lets you cook your food in various environments altogether. This game requires you to have good communication skills to coordinate well. Better would be if you play with your own friends instead of other strangers online. Plus, the game will sometimes stress you out with a lot of things and actions taking place altogether at the same time. Overcooked 2 was released in 2017 and is available to purchase on Steam for $ 24.99. It is one of the games similar to Fall Guys.

games like fall guys

4. Cranked Up

Cranked Up is next in our list of games like Fall Guys. Make way for the donuts rolling around various levels. Yup, here you and 3 of your friends can team up to roll around and jump through various obstacles to reach the end of a level. This is a fun platformer that’s quite colorful enough for you to enjoy. There are around 50 levels for you to complete, which helps to unlock a new secret donut character. The game is great if you just want to chill out and play something fun and stress-free. Released in 2020 the game can or purchased for $14.99 on Steam.

games like fall guys

5. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Now here’s a fun game that makes your characters go all wobbly. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is all about a team of up to 4 members running around collecting packages and delivering them. While this might seem like anything plain and simple, it actually isn’t. The controls are simple but they affect in a great way how your character responds to them. There are a lot of mini-games to enjoy and if you love driving cars, there’s a good number of them. Overall, it’s an extremely fun game and that will leave your hours and hours laughing and even end up with your stomach hurting from laughing way too much at it. It is a silly and fun party game that is a must-try if you like Fall Guys. The game was released in 2020 and is available on Steam for $14.99.

games like fall guys

6. Human: Fall Flat

Here’s another game like Fall Guys – Human: Fall Flat. If you enjoy solving puzzles then Human: Fall Flat is the game you got to try. This isn’t about those candy crush puzzles; it’s about solving and find out a way for you to reach the next stage or level. You start as a plain gray character that falls onto a surface. There isn’t anything much for you to interact with other than rocks, stones, barrels, doors, and ropes. You can climb and move things around. The game also lets you customize the character by adding a hat, t-shirt, and some pants. The game has a nice environment and the background music and sound effects fit so perfectly into the game. If you wish you could also play along with a friend as a co-op local multiplayer game. The game was released in 2016 and is available to purchase on Steam for $14.99. The game is also available for Android.

fall guys alternative games

7. Havocado

If you love ragdolls as a character in-game then you’ll have loads of fun playing this game. Havocado is based on the character’s physics and the game allows you to make use of various items such as guns, vehicles, and almost anything that you could pick up within the game’s world. You can team up with four friends and fight around with each other to be the winner. The game is entertaining from all angles. Be it the way your characters walk, fall pick up and even move around which results in some hilarious moments. The game is aimed at those who want to have a good laugh and also at parties where you need to bring in an entertaining mood. Havocado was released in 2019 and is available on Steam to purchase for $19.99.

games similar to fall guys

8. Moving Out

Just as the title says. The game requires you and 3 other players who are given the task of moving around objects and unloading them onto the back of a truck. You get to move not only from homes but from farms and factories. To make a successful move-out z players will have to strategize and plan their way in shifting out items within a given time frame. To get all of this working perfectly, time management and coordination between players are very important. The game is quite colorful and the sound effects are quite apt. The game was released in 2020 and is available as a purchase on Steam for $24.99. We have already covered most games like Fall Guys, let us know what you think about the list.

games like fall guys

9. Kill It with Fire

It’s all about killing spiders in your house. It’s fun to destroy other objects and other items, especially with fire. This is a first-person game set up in a neatly filled world. You can go around various offices, convenience stores, and malls to get rid of these roaches. You can collect items such as ammo, batteries, and other upgrades that will help to improve and increase your skills. The game unfortunately doesn’t have a multiplayer mode or else the fun would be intense. Kill It with Fire was released in 2020 and is available as a purchase on Steam for $14.99.

fall guys alternative games

10. Golf With Your Friends

Golf With your Friends is the last entry in the list of paid games similar to Fall Guys. This is one of the sports games that are completely enjoyable with your friends or even alone. The golf club has around 11 courses and 12 friends can play at a time. So far, it’s a pretty good game that looks colorful enough to pass as a party game. The game however has a few issues and has mixed reviews from players mainly due to its gameplay issues. Anyways it doesn’t hurt to try it. The game was released and is available for purchase on Steam for $14.99.

games similar to fall guys

Best Free Games like Fall Guys

For PC there aren’t many free game titles available that are similar to fall guys. You can try Super Animal Royale with different gameplay but offers fun just like Fall Guys. When it comes to Android and iOS, there are many free games like Fall Guys you can enjoy on your phone. So, this list is more like a list of free games like Fall Guys for the Mobile platform.

11. Knockout Race

This has to be the first on the list as it offers a similar experience as Fall Guys on Mobile phone. In the games, you have to reach to finish line by avoiding obstacles just like Fall Guys. You will have to compete with the other 49 players in the game. Since you get to play this game with touch, the controls are easy. All you have to do is Run, Jump, Dash and avoid obstacles. You will be the ultimate champion if you make it to the end. The game has been developed by DDD Studios and available for Android and iOS.

fall guys alternative games

12. Fall Dudes

As you know once a game becomes popular, you will find a bunch of similar games on Android in no time. Fall Dudes is an example but it is the best among all those games with similar gameplay. The game is still in Early Access, but you can play it without any issue. You play the game with 39 other players where you need to dodge obstacles to win the game. It’s a physics-based chaotic game like Fall Guys. The game is developed by PepUp Studios. It is available for Android for free.

games like fall guys

13. Run Royale 3D

Run Royale 3D is another chaotic physics-based game similar to Fall Guys. The concept is very much similar to Knockout Race which is also on the list. In the game, you have to Run with other players and find a way to finish the race by avoiding obstacles. The game is so much fun and enjoyable. Run Royale 3D is developed by Supersonic Studios LTD. It is available on Android for free.

games like fall guys

14. Stumble Guys: Multiple Royale (Recommended for Android)

Another fun game on the list similar to Fall Guys. If you like the Fall Guys and its concept and want to try a free game then you can try Stumble Guys. All you have to do is run, dash, slide and avoid obstacles in the race. The game allows 32 players to be part of a game where each player has to compete with others. Go for fun in the game but don’t fall. The multiplayer game is developed by Kitka Games and available on Android for free.

games like fall guys

15. Gang Fight – Fun Beast Party

Gang Fight is the last game on our list and for iOS only. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to enjoy a free game like Fall Guys then you should try Gang Fight. It is a fun chaotic physics-based action game. Jump in the game with 7 others in an Arena and survive to win the game. The game offers two different modes of control simple and complex. You will get familiar with controls easily by playing few games. The game is developed by Qiudong Wu and available on App Store for free.

games similar to fall guys


Let’s keep it simple here. These are games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown in terms of game physics and also the fact that they are best suited as multiplayer party games. Do try some of these games that have demos. Some games might be in an early access stage, fear not, as these games are being continuously worked upon.

So that’s all on our list of best games like Fall Guys. I hope you found your game which is equally fun and addictive like Fall Guys. Comment down your favorite game which is similar to Fall Guys.

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