150+ PUBG Wallpapers Download for Computer and Mobile [FHD+]

PUBG is a record-breaking Battle Royale game that is available for Computer, Mobile, Xbox, and PS4. It has totally changed the gaming industry after its launch. Before the launch of PUBG, there were some Battle Royale games available but only few players knew about the Battle Royale. But just after the release of PUBG, the Battle Royale became favorite for most players. Everyone loves the PUBG game and those who passionate about the game, we have a big collection of PUBG Wallpaper for them. Here you get to download PUBG Wallpapers in HD and 4K resolutions for PC and Mobile.

Even after the release of the PUBG game, many new games tried to snatch the popularity of the game. But all the PUBG rivals failed to beat the Battle Royal based PUBG game. Fortnite is among the top competitors which overtook the top position but only in some regions. In mobile, it has the most active players than other Battle Royale games. And in the Mobile platform, the latest Call of Duty Mobile comes as the new rival for PUBG Mobile, but the result will be the same. If you are a hardcore fan of PUBG and looking for some cool PUBG Wallpapers for your computer or mobile, then you visited the right place. Here we will provide PUBG Wallpapers in different resolutions like 1280×720, 1920×1080, 4096×2160, 3140×2160, and for mobile resolutions.

PUBG Info:

  • Available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android & iOS
  • PUBG is a battle royale game published by PUBG Corporation
  • PUBG is an acronym for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
  • It was launched on December 2017

Download PUBG Wallpapers (PC & Mobile)

We will be splitting the PUBG Wallpaper section in various parts as per user convenience. There you can download the PUBG HD wallpaper according to your requirement. There will be more than 150 wallpapers or more to choose from in 4K and 1080 pixels. You can download wallpapers for Mobile resolution as well as computer resolution from the download options.

1. PUBG Character Wallpapers

pubg wallpaper

Starting with the HD wallpapers of PUBG characters. You may have seen various default characters in the game. Each character has their own styles and looks really cool. The most famous character is the male character with a white shirt, tie, helmet, and gun, which you will find in the poster while opening the game. If you are particularly searching for PUBG character wallpapers, then download it from the below links.

PUBG Character Wallpapers Desktop – Preview

PUBG Character Wallpapers Mobile – Preview

Download PUBG Wallpaper

2. PUBG Vehicle Wallpapers

pubg wallpaper

PUBG contains various vehicles in the game, and all the vehicles are from the concept of real cars. Vehicles that are included in the game are Motorcycle, Motorcycle with sidecar, UAZ, Buggy, Dacia, PG-117, Snowmobile, Tukshai, Scooter, Van, Mirado, Pickup, Rony, PG-117, and Aquarail. If you want to customize the home screen of your computer or mobile, then these PUBG wallpaper will be great. You can download PUBG Vehicle wallpapers for your computer and mobile from the links given after the preview.

PUBG Vehicle Wallpapers Desktop – Preview

PUBG Vehicle Wallpapers Mobile – Preview

Download PUBG Wallpaper

3. PUBG Weapon Wallpapers

pubg wallpaper

PUBG is an action game, and it includes various guns and other weapons in the game. In each big update, at least one new weapon gets added in the game. Some of the weapons are designed amazingly and looks great. And these PUBG Weapon wallpapers will make your computer and phone screen interesting and attractive. We have provided more than 30 PUBG weapons wallpaper in this section, just like the previous two sections. You can also download wallpapers of your favorite weapon from the below links.

PUBG Weapon Wallpapers Desktop – Preview

PUBG Weapon Wallpapers Mobile – Preview

Download PUBG Wallpaper

4. PUBG Official Wallpapers

pubg wallpaper

PUBG corporation also reveals official wallpapers while releasing updates (New season) that look great and designed by PUBG developers & team. You can easily crop these wallpapers from official sites, but right now no need for that because I have done it for you. Most of the PUBG official wallpapers are in action wallpapers and look attractive. You can choose your favorite PUBG wallpaper and download it on your device. For the PUBG official wallpapers, use the below link to download wallpapers.

PUBG Official Wallpapers Desktop – Preview

PUBG Official Wallpapers Mobile – Preview

Download PUBG Wallpaper

5. All PUBG Wallpapers

pubg wallpaper

Here in this section, you will get to download other PUBG Wallpapers for your computer and mobile. PUBG Wallpapers such as maps, locations, live game screenshots, and more. You can say it is a miscellaneous section containing all the PUBG Wallpapers in HD and 4K resolution. It can make your device look interesting. To download PUBG Wallpapers, use the below links.

PUBG Wallpapers Desktop – Preview

PUBG Wallpaper Mobile – Preview

Download PUBG Wallpaper

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We will keep updating the wallpaper collection whenever new wallpaper comes. Also, share that which is your favorite wallpaper among these. And if you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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