5 New AI Features Coming to Android Announced at I/O 2024

Since Google had already announced its new Pixel 8a phone, the Google I/O 2024 held on May 14th was all about AI, AI, and AI! The company revealed the integration of advanced AI features directly into the Android operating system at the annual developer’s conference, Google I/O.

Today, we will be taking a look at the new AI features coming to Android that have been announced at Google’s I/O 2024 event. So, stick with the article till the end.

Gemini Grows Up

Google Gemini, the AI-powered assistant integrated into Android, is going to become more proficient at understanding the context of what’s on your screen and what app you’re using.

Users will soon be able to bring up Google Gemini’s overlay on the top of the application you are in to perform various tasks like drag and drop generated images into Gmail, Google Messages, and other places, or tap “Ask this video” to extract specific information from videos.

Gemini Grows Up

Moreover, users will have the option to “Ask this PDF” to get answers quickly without having to scroll through multiple pages if they have Gemini Advanced.

Gemini Nano with Multimodality

Android is the first mobile operating system to include a built-in, on-device foundation model known as Gemini Nano with Multimodality.

With Gemini Nano, your Android device will not just process the text input but also understand sights, sounds, and spoken language.

The latest model will keep your information completely private, and it will be introduced with Pixel phones later this year.

Clearer Image Descriptions With TalkBack

Google has also announced plans to enhance TalkBack, providing visually impaired people with clearer descriptions of what’s in an image. The brand said that it will help fill in missing information within images quickly and effectively.

And since Gemini Nano is on-device, these descriptions happen quickly and even work with a network connection.

Receive Alerts for Suspected Scams During Calls

This AI feature is something I liked the most. Since fraud has become more frequent, Google has said that they are testing a feature where it uses Gemini Nano to give real-time alerts during a phone call if it detects conversation patterns commonly associated with scams or frauds.

Receive Alerts for Suspected Scams During Calls

For example, you would receive an alert if the caller claimed to be a “bank representative” and asked you to urgently transfer funds or requested sensitive information like card details, PINs, etc. Also, Google said that these conversations stay private since this protection happens on the device.

Enhanced Capabilities of Circle to Search

Another important feature that is announced in Google I/O 2024 is the expansion of Circle to Search, a feature that allows users to search for information using a simple gesture on their phones.

circle to search new math solving feature

The enhanced capabilities of the feature now include full-screen translation, and it can now help students with homework. You can check out more about it in our dedicated post.

So, these are all the new AI features coming to Android that were announced at Google I/O 2024. The upcoming feature includes advanced capabilities and expansion of Circle to Search, multimodal accessibility, clearer image descriptions with TalkBack, and most importantly, real-time scam detection.

Google said that they will continue building Google AI into every part of the smartphone experience with Pixel, Samsung, and more.

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