Google Showed Off ChromeOS Running on a Pixel Phone

Two of the most popular Operating System from Google are Android and ChromeOS. While both the OS caters to a different set of users and devices, they share various similarities. And Google improved both operating systems a lot in last few years. Recently Google showed off ChromeOS running on a Pixel Phone alongside Android. To achieve this, Google used a special build of Chromium OS.

Although Google is experimenting ChromeOS on Android phones, this doesn’t necessarily mean Google will definitely bring ChromeOS on Android. This is a possibility but we must also take into account other goals they might have, such as they may be testing it for a some specific functions from ChromeOS.

ChromeOS Running on a Pixel Phone

We’ve seen many unofficial tools that allow running even Windows OS on an Android phone, but this is the first official experiment related to multi-OS system in a while. So this naturally peaks the interest of users. However we all know that using ChromeOS on a small screen might not be the best experience. This is not the first time Google conducted an experiment that include Android and ChromeOS, they also tried their hands on a hybrid of Android and ChromeOS codenamed ‘Andromeda’. But it end up similar to many other projects from Google.

The Google experiment was revealed by the Android Authority team. According to their findings, Google held a private event where the company executed this experiment. The company created Chromium OS which is an open-source version of ChromeOS that can run in a virtual machine.

Mishaal Rahman, who first reported about the experiment via Android Authority also managed to replicate the experiment on his own Pixel phone. He showed the Chromium OS working on Pixel without any major problems. You can check the video here.

The reason behind this test, and information whether the Chrome OS support is coming to Android phones or not has not be revealed. What do you think was the main purpose of testing ChromeOS on a Pixel Phone? If you have any comments on this then share with us.

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