Project Astra – All About the Future of AI Assistants!

  • Project Astra is a part of Google’s DeepMind mission and could be the future of AI Assistants
  • Currently, Project Astra is in the experimental stages and will be available through Gemini Live interface later this year
  • The Future of AI Assistant will extend to Smartphones, Glasses, and other Google Products.

Regarding Google, the company has several projects that have either been successful or closed. However, with the rise of AI and its integration into every application, it looks like Google might be going all in for its new multimodal project. Revealed officially at the 2024 Google I/O event, Project Astra is what Google calls the future of AI.

If you missed the Google I/O 2024 event and are curious about what Project Astra is, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Project Astra and how it will help to implement AI in your day-to-day lives.

What is Project Astra?

Project Astra is an AI-based multimodal tool that helps you with day-to-day tasks. Powered with Google Gemini, Project Astra uses a camera to help you identify objects around you and give you details about the things that it sees through the camera viewfinder.

With Project Astra, you can not only type but also have conversations, draw on it and even have a video chat with it to tell you about your surroundings. Project Astra runs on Google Gemini 1.5 Pro, which helps it respond to user queries quickly, especially for everyday common tasks.

Project Astra – The Only Virtual Assistant You Need

As seen by a video demo by Google, we can see that the model can identify objects, give you more information about them as well, and even help you look for objects that you might have misplaced.

If you take a look at CNET’s demo video of Project Astra, you can see that the model can identify food products and can even suggest different recipes with the ingredients that you place in front of the camera. Project Astra as of now has four does for you to choose from – Storytelling, Pictionary, Free-Form, and Alliteration.

The storytelling mode of Project Astra is very simple. You simply show it different objects, and it will create a story out of the said objects. As seen in the Google event demo, Project Astra is integrated into the Google Gemini app, so you can use your mobile phone and Google Gemini to help you with real-world common tasks.

When is Project Astra coming out?

Users of Google Pixel and other supported Android devices will soon be able to enjoy Project Astra’s exciting features on their smartphones through the Gemini Live Interface later this year.

Additionally, more models and cool features for Project Astra will be coming soon. Also, you can expect more Project Astra implementation in many of Google’s product offerings.

Are you excited about Google’s Project Astra? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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