Windows AI Explorer: Everything You Need to Know About The New AI Tool

When it comes to AI, Microsoft isn’t holding back anything. As we have seen, how Microsoft has been pushing AI integration into Windows 11 via its Edge Browser and Copilot desktop assistant, there will be more AI integration with its upcoming AI Explorer tool. Yes, you heard that right. With Microsoft’s special Windows event scheduled for the 20th of May, we will all be getting a look into the future of Windows 11 dressed up with more AI elements.

So, if you have been curious about what this whole AI Explorer is, what it can do, and when it is expected to roll out to your Windows 11 PCs, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have been a fan of the new AI integration that Microsoft has added via its Copilot Assistant tool, then, there is a chance that you might like what Microsoft has up its sleeves with the AI Explorer. However, there will also be people who might not want to be bothered with the AI integration, so we do hope that there will be an option to turn off these AI Elements.

Windows AI Explorer Release Date

Microsoft has been teasing AI Explorer for a while but did not reveal anything deep about it. Things will soon change as we get to see more details about the AI Explorer at a special event on the 20th of May 2024. So far, according to many people with deep knowledge, this AI Explorer tool is set to make its public release in September or October this year. You can expect the AI Explorer to ship with the 24H2 update.

windows 11 ai explorer
IMG Source: Windows Central

Windows AI Explorer Eligible Devices

Now, Microsoft is going to be a bit stingy when it comes to bringing in new features to all Windows 11 PCs. As you have seen, a lot of PC OEMs have already started bringing out AI-ready PCs to the market. So expect such systems that have similar hardware specs to be able to run AI Explorer just as fine. Until then, we wait for the special event for Microsoft to reveal what systems will be able to run and have AI Explorer.

Windows AI Explorer – What Can This AI Tool Do?

Sources close to Zac Bowden from Windows Central say that a lot of what AI Explorer will be doing will all be on-device. This means all the processing will happen on your device without any of the information being sent to Microsoft’s servers. Now, let’s take a look at what this AI Explorer can do.

An Assistant That Remembers Everything You Do

The AI Explorer will be able to take note of everything that you do. From opening apps to visiting websites to even adjusting settings, it will make notes so that you can easily recall what you have been doing. AI Explorer will offer you options such as the ability to summarize messages and emails, or even help you create and set reminders and calendar events. 

windows 11 ai explorer
IMG Source: Windows Central

While the AI Explorer will by default access and read through all the apps, users will have the option to choose which apps can be accessed by the AI Explorer and which should not. For privacy and latency reasons, all of this work will be done on the device itself with the help of the NPU on board.

Search Through Everything With Basic Keywords

As the AI Explorer is always recording what you do on your device, you can easily search through emails, messages, and files on your PC by inputting simple keywords. Because AI Explorer can recall what you did, it will be able to show you accurate results right away. If the user permits AI Explorer to read through the messaging apps, you will be able to search for messages right away. 

Works Across All Screens and Apps

The AI Explorer will work across all screens on your Windows 11 PC as long as you permit it to work across every app. Additionally, there will also be an AI Explorer UI that will be at the top of the screen, which you can use to search for anything you need to find something. If you plan on doing internet searches, just note that it will be using Bing Search for all of that work. AI Explorer is also expected to work in line with Microsoft Copilot for seamless AI integration and access.

Windows AI Explorer – Who Gets These First?

Microsoft will begin rolling out AI Explorer to users with support systems who are part of the Windows Insider program. More specifically, users on the Canary and Dev channels will be able to get their hands on the AI Explorer tool. Until then, we are waiting for more announcements about the AI Explorer from the May 20th event.

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