How to Use Meta AI on Instagram

Meta has started testing its generative AI chatbot, named Meta artificial intelligence (or Meta AI), features on their different apps, including Instagram, across different countries. While you can engage with Meta AI directly through the search boxes available on the platforms, today you will learn how to use Meta AI on Instagram.

Clicking on the Meta AI icon will allow you to have a conversation with the chatbot right from your DM, which is similar to chatting with a friend on Instagram. The Meta AI is similar to other chatbots in that it will be able to craft poetry, generate images, and answer other questions based on a prompt you give. Read on to check out what exactly it is and how you can use it on the platform.

What is Meta AI on Instagram?

The Meta AI on Instagram is users’ virtual assistants where they can interact with like a person. Users can ask their question and get an answer within a few seconds. It’s an integration of advanced artificial intelligence technology developed by Meta.

You can use Meta AI in exciting Instagram chats to get advice and ask questions, and you can also generate images or stickers based on your text prompts.

How to Use Meta AI on Instagram

It is crafted using a bespoke model based on Meta’s Large Language Model (LLM) research and Llama 2, which is a generative text model. Meta has also partnered with Microsoft’s Bing to integrate real-time information retrieval into text-based conversations.

How to Use Meta AI on Instagram

Now that you know what the Meta AI is, you might be excited to know how to use it. Fret not, here’s how you can use Meta AI on Instagram.

Step 1: First of all, update the Instagram app.

Step 2: Once done, open the app and tap on the messages icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3: If you see a blue ring at the top right before the search box, tap on it.

Step 4: Now, you will see am Introducing AI Chats page with some highlights; click OK.

Step 5: Ask a question. If you want to generate an image from AI, just add /imagine before adding a prompt.

How to Use Meta AI on Instagram

You can also use Meta AI to generate and send a reply in a chat. To generate a response from AI and send it to a chat, just open a chat. Type @metaai and select Meta AI from the available options.

Type your question, then hit enter, and Meta AI will automatically generate and send a response in the chat with a warning that “Messages are generated by AI. Some may be inaccurate or inappropriate.”

Wrapping Up

So, this is all about what Meta AI is and how you can use it on Instagram to get answers, generate images, and more. While the feature is cloud-based, you can try checking for the latest update to see if you have Meta AI on your account or not. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions related to the article.

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