5 Best Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio [Free & Paid]

When recording audio either for a podcast or for a song or for that matter a voiceover for a video, you will always get some sort of background noise. Now, this background noise is more prevalent when you have recorded such audio in a room that isn’t soundproof. Just because there is background audio, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of such audio. 

There are a good number of tools that you can use to remove background noise. Today we will be looking at the best tools to remove background noise from audio.

Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio

There are a good number of free as well as paid tools that you can use to edit and clear out background noises from any audio. Let’s take a look.

Adobe Audition

Back when AI tools didn’t exist, Adobe Audition was the best tool that you could use to edit audio, make changes to it as well as easily remove background noises from Audio. With Adobe Audition, you can easily remove the noises by manually adjusting the values. While removing noise in Audition is simple, it’s the cost that makes a lot of people step back. The program has now become a subscription model which might be good for a handful of people but for the majority, it just doesn’t seem right.

Best Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio

Purchase: Adobe Audition


If you aren’t interested in spending money to remove background noise from audio, you can make use of Descript. This is a simple and free-to-use tool. It lets you drag and drop the audio file into the track. To remove audio, you simply need to make use of the Add Effect options and choose Audio Repair, followed by Studio Sound. This removes the background noise right away. You do not have to make any adjustments or tinker around with any levels.

Best Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio

Download: Descript

Cleanvoice AI

Moving along towards modern tools that now have artificial intelligence, Cleanvoice is the best free background noise remover tool for audio. This tool can also remove any filler words that are present in your audio file as well as the dead space or silence that is recorded in your audio file. Using this tool is very easy. All you need is the audio file and your web browser. Simply upload the audio file and use the buttons to edit your audio. Once you have the desired result, simply download the final output and you are good to go.

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio

The tool has a free 30-minute trial that you can use. If you like the tool, you can opt from any one of the numerous subscription plans based on the number of hours you require.

Use: Cleanvoice AI

Podcastle AI

Podcastle AI is another AI tool similar to Cleanvoice AI. However, with Podcastle AI, you get access to a large number of very beneficial tools for those who deal with audio files and moreover Podcast creators. The tools available in Podcastle are simple and easy to use. If you want to remove the background noise from the audio, all you need to do is upload the audio and use the Magic Dust tool within Podcastle. This tool lets you sweeten, soften or louden the voice accordingly. All of this can be done for free when you simply sign up for the free plan. Best of all? Podcastle AI works flawlessly in web browsers.

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio

Use Podcastle AI

LALALAI Voice Cleaner

A silly name for a background noise remover tool. This tool uses AI to remove the background noise from Audio by uploading the audio file to your web browser. The tool has 3 different plans with the free plan allowing you to clean up audio files that are 10 minutes long. LALALAI also supports a good number of audio file formats. Just like a lot of the IA tools out there, LALALAI can be sued with just your web browser.

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio

Use LALALAI Voice Cleaner

These are the best background noise removal tools that you can use to have clear audio for your videos, podcasts, or anything else for that matter. Looking at how AI tools are now gaining momentum, it looks like tools such as Adobe Audition will slowly cease to become relevant as more and more AI tools come along bringing in newer features, plus making it even easier to use as compared to traditional programs.

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