OnePlus 9RT gets OxygenOS 11 A.04 update

A new OxygenOS 11 update is available for the OnePlus 9RT along with some bug fixes and improvements. This is one of the latest OnePlus phones that should have received the Android 12 update by now. But unfortunately, the latest Android 12 is not available for the device. And this update ensures that the update will take a long time. Here you can check more about the OxygenOS 11 A.04 update for OnePlus 9RT.

OnePlus 9RT, a mid-range phone from OnePlus, was released with OxygenOS 11 out of the box. Later the device picked up some incremental updates with improvements and bug fixes. And the new A.04 update is also an incremental update like the previous update. Like last year, OnePlus has released Android 12 for the latest flagship phone, but it takes a long time to release major updates for other devices. And so we aren’t expecting Android 12 anytime soon on OnePlus 9RT.

Since the reviews for OxygenOS 12 are mostly negative due to its new UI which is similar to ColorOS, many users prefer ColorOS 11. And so such incremental ColorOS 11 updates are always appreciated. The latest OxygenOS 11 update for the OnePlus 9RT comes with the build number MT2111_11_A.04. Since this is a small incremental update, the update weighs in around 100-200MB.

As we mentioned earlier, the OnePlus 9RT OxygenOS 11 A.04 update comes with a couple of fixes. Below you can check the full changelog.

OnePlus 9RT OxygenOS 11 A.04 Update Changelog


  • [Fixed] the issues of black screen and screen flickering when making calls
  • [Improved] system stability and fixed known issues

Unfortunately, it still comes with the old Android security patch.

The update is available in different regions as an OTA update. If you are a OnePlus 9RT user you will receive the OTA update on your phone. Sometimes the update notification doesn’t work so in that case you can manually check for the latest update from Settings > System > System Update. And if the A.04 update is available you can install it on your phone.

You can also update your phone immediately using the local update method if it is not available in the System Update page. All you have to do is download the OTA zip file using the Oxygen Updater app or other reliable source and install it manually by selecting Local Upgrade in System Update settings.

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Before upgrading your OnePlus 9RT to OxygenOS 11 A.04 make sure to take a full backup and also charge your phone to alteast 50%.

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