Samsung’s One UI 6.1 arrives on entry-level Galaxy A05s

Samsung has released the One UI 6.1 for another Galaxy A series phone, Galaxy A05s. And the update brings a bunch of new features to the entry-level phone. With this device, Samsung is close to covering all eligible Galaxy phones for the One UI 6.1 update.

The One UI 6.1 for Galaxy A05s is rolling out to users in India, Tunisia, Morocco, Philippines, Ghana, Indonesia, and more regions. This is available with build number A057FXXU3CXE6.

As you may already know One UI 6.1 is a big update, weighing in at around 2GB. So make sure to download the update over WiFi once the OTA is available.

Now coming to the interesting part, the update for the device brings the May 2024 Android security patch, which is a jump from the March patch. Apart from this, the changelog of new features is quite long similar to other phones.

One UI 6.1 Update for Galaxy A05s

Customize your Galaxy

  • New wallpaper editing features: Decorate your wallpaper however you like. When you select an image to use as your wallpaper, you can now apply frames and effects.
  • More widgets for your Lock screen: Additional widgets are available for your Lock screen and Always On Display so you can quickly check useful information without unlocking your phone. The new widgets include Weather, Battery, Reminder, Calendar, and Clock.
  • Customize alarm alerts: Use an image, video, or AR emoji to create your own custom alert screens for each alarm. You can even change the layout of where the alarm information appears on the screen.
  • More stickers to personalize your calendar: You can now add up to 2 stickers for each date on your calendar. Stickers for events are now shown next to the event name in Month view.
  • Revamped Calendar settings: Calendar settings have been reorganized to be more intuitive. You can also set background colors and images for full-screen calendar alerts.
  • Customize reminder alerts: Create the right background for each of your reminders. You can now set colors and background images for full-screen reminder alerts.
  • Do more with reminder categories: You can now choose a representative icon for each reminder category. You can also pin categories you use frequently to the top of the category list.
  • Turn modes on or off from the Home screen: Turn modes on and off more quickly than before. The new Mode widget lets you add modes directly to your Home screen.
  • Reorder your modes: You can now change the order that modes are listed on the Modes tab in Modes and Routines.

Connect and share

  • Locate your devices: The new Samsung Find app lets you see where all your Galaxy devices are on a map any time. If you lose a device, additional features are available to help you find the device and protect your data.
  • Share your location with others: With Samsung Find, you can share your location with family, friends, or anyone that you trust. Share for a limited time or all the time. You’re always in control of who can see your location.
  • Sync Internet tab groups with other devices: Easily pick up where you left off during your last browsing session no matter which device you were using. Tab groups that you create on one device will appear in Samsung Internet on other Galaxy devices signed in to your Samsung account.

Manage your health

  • Enhanced exercise experience: Compete against your past running results in Samsung Health to try to beat your previous time. You can also crop exercises after you finish to remove any unnecessary time at the beginning or end.
  • More options for daily activity targets: You now have more options for setting your daily activity targets in Samsung Health. If a step goal doesn’t work for you, you can change to floors climbed or active hours instead.
  • Improved cycle tracking: When you record your physical symptoms and moods, options you’ve used frequently in the past will appear at the top of the screen. You can also now set custom moods if the default options don’t match how you’re feeling.

Even more improvements

  • Easier to access Video call effects: Video call effects will now appear in the quick panel during video calls so you can easily control how others see you. You can set a background color or image.
  • More information in the Weather widget: The weather widget will let you know when severe thunderstorms, snowfall, or other precipitation is on the forecast in your local area.
  • Voice input without leaving the keyboard: The keyboard now remains visible while using voice input so you can easily switch back to typing whenever you need to. Tap the mic button at the bottom of the screen to enter text using your voice at any time while using the keyboard.
  • Open all minimized apps at once: A new button lets you reopen all of the minimized apps at once when you have more than one pop-up window minimized.
  • Google search suggestions in Finder: When you search using Finder, you’ll also get suggested web searches from Google.
  • More ways to protect your battery: Choose from 3 different protection options to help extend your battery’s lifespan. Basic protection keeps your charge between 95% and 100%. Adaptive protection pauses charging while you’re asleep and finishes charging just before you wake up. You can also choose to limit the maximum charge to 80% for maximum protection.

If you own Galaxy A05s (SM-A057F), you can expect the OTA update soon. Samsung will also release the One UI 6.1 for other Galaxy A05s model soon, maybe within few days or weeks. To check for the update, go to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.

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