How to Know if Someone Blocked your Number on Android

Are you worried? Your friend or maybe any other one blocked your number on Android. Now, you’re getting unusual messages and call on waiting while calling. Don’t Worry! We found some actionable ways by which you know if someone blocked your number on Android.

how to Know If Someone Blocked your NumberAfter following these tips, there is no need to ask the person directly. You can easily determine if you’ve blocked by a person or not. Things like voicemail, do not disturb, and battery dead are some primary factors of this problem.

There are various reasons for call blocking. And most of the time, we found, user mistakenly blocks their friend number. So, If you think this happens, make sure to reverify from your friend.

How to Know if Someone Blocked your Number

The message you’ve heard during a call varies with different carriers, so don’t be worry about it. Most of the times, we found the message “Busy or Waiting”. There are so many factors like Blacklist, Call on Waiting, Call divert, Do Not Disturb, and Voicemail, which produces this situation. Let’s dive into the process & find an evidence.

Sign 1: Busy All the Time

If the message seems like, Busy or Fast Busy then there is no need to think that you aren’t blocked. When someone blocks you, the voicemail will tell you, the user you are calling is speaking to someone else or busy. This may seem when the person adds your number to the Blacklist. Almost, every phone has this feature, for some reason if the phone not supports this feature, then you can easily install the third-party app on your phone to add anyone’s number in the blacklist.

If you still want to check or unsure about this, then you can easily catch up the result by calling the same person but from a different number.

Sign 2: Count the Rings

While calling count the number of rings, during the call. If you listen to 3-4 rings while calling and then transfer your call to the voicemail. This thing happens sometimes due to the call drop problem or with other network issues. But, If you listen to only 1 ring and sends you to voicemail then you’re blocked.

We know the phones are now very much advanced and come with some amazing features like Do Not Disturb (which comes with more enhancements with Android 9.0 Pie). If the user has turned on the DND on their phone, then also it sends your call after 3-4 rings to the voicemail.

Sign 3: Annoying Messages (Alerts!)

If you get rare messages you haven’t well-known about it, then most probably you’ve blocked. Talking about the messages, then there are a lot of messages, it varies from the cellular network. But some of the most famous messages are:

  • The person you are calling is unavailable.
  • The number you are calling is out of coverage area.
  • The person you are calling is not accepting calls right now.

There are a lot of situations, while the network coverage is not strong, like the natural disaster and the area where the network is not available then you’ll face the same situation.

How to Call to Those Who Blocked your Number

There are various legal ways to call the person, which blocked you. Also, some third-party apps allow you to call anytime with the help of internet only.

  1. You can directly contact the person via Email or using any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  2. Change your User ID using *67, then a unique code will show on your screen. Now copy the code and call your friend. But you need to paste the same code in the front of your friend’s number.
  3. Go to the settings of your phone, Head over to the Call settings > Additional settings > untick Show your user ID option.
  4. Install a third-party app like, Primo, which helps you to call your friend, when you’ve blocked. Here’s Install Primo & Call anyone.
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Bottom Line

Most of us, don’t feel comfortable to tell personally to the people who have blocked by still want to contact them for some reasons. These ways, let you help to contact. I feel changing the user ID is a suitable option for me. Let me know which one is suitable for you. Also, Share this article with your friends, if you think they need to know about this.

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