30 Impressive WhatsApp Tricks that are Actually Useful

Are you using WhatsApp for a long time? If yes then you know how to use it. But I can bet that you don’t know everything that you can do in WhatsApp. Yes, there are many hidden WhatsApp Tricks and Tips to be aware of.

WhatsApp Tricks

There are hundreds of cool WhatsApp tricks. Some of them are very common and most of the users already know. And I am pretty sure that you don’t want to learn all those simple tricks. So here you will get to learn some unique tricks like Unblock yourself from others phone, send pictures without losing quality, Delete Any Message After 7 Minute deadline and many more like this. We have filtered out 30 Best WhatsApp tricks that are very impressive. To use all these tricks you don’t require a Rooted Phone. So are you ready to learn Awesome WhatsApp Tricks?

30 Useful WhatsApp Tricks

I am personally tested and using all these 30 Best WhatsApp Tricks from the years now. And I really love all of them a lot. The good thing about these tricks is, you can use all of them in your day to day life to make your WhatsApp skills on the next level. Also, The Stickers are available on WhatsApp.

1. See Others Stories without knowing Them

Do you like to see the WhatsApp stories, Most of the answers will come as YES!. So, I found another amazing WhatsApp tricks by which you can easily see or watch others stories without knowing them. Yes, it is a quite easy process.

  1. Just need to open WhatsApp, then click on the three-dots menu icon
  2. Now head into the Account section > Privacy settings
  3. Under privacy settings, you need to untick the “Read Receipts” option.
  4. After doing it, now you can easily watch anyone’s status or stories without knowing them.

2. Unblock yourself from someone’s Phone

Yes, it is possible to unblock yourself from other’s phone in WhatsApp Messenger. Personally, I don’t want to share this trick, but if we have an emergency to send something really important to someone then this is the only way. Yes, the process is a little bit tough but you can easily use it.


  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger, then move on to the Account Settings, tap on the Delete my Account, then enter your number and click on confirm.
  2. Remove or Uninstall the WhatsApp from the device. Then Power off your device now downloads the latest version of WhatsApp from Play Store.
  3. Now sign up again with the same number and try sending a message who have blocked your number. Now you are able to send a message to anyone. It will work on both Android & iOS smartphones.

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3. Video to GIF

Another great feature, which I have seen nobody use, is the ability to send GIFs. So, if you are recording a video which is under 6 seconds so you can easily send it in the form of GIF. It will take less space on both the sender and the receiver’s phone. If the video is under 6 sec you can see the option in the top to convert the video into the GIF. by choosing it you can share GIF with your friends. Check How to Send GIFs on WhatsApp.

whatsapp tricks

4. Send Pictures without Compression

Yes, the most infuriating function of the WhatsApp is sending the image to someone, because the quality of the image decreases while sending. To solve this problem, follow the below steps. Also check the Detailed article, How to Send Picture on WhatsApp without Compression.

  1. At first, Click on the attachment icon where you get the option to send gallery item, audio, document, location, and contact.
  2. Then, Choose the Document Option. And then Go to Browse other docs option to explore your image.
  3. Now, select the image you want to send and send it to your friend.
  4. Now, you can see, it will not show the thumbnail, it shows the file format like JPEG or PNG because it shares in the full size & quality.
  5. There are a lot of WhatsApp Tricks available but this one is the best and worth for anyone.

5. Formatted Text

Are you looking for WhatsApp font tricks? If yes then try this one. Suppose you want to highlight something important to some in a group or in a personal chat, What will you do? It is not a trick or a hidden feature, but still, there are many people still don’t know about. Yes, you can easily format the text on WhatsApp, this WhatsApp Trick is very useful to highlight the message.

How to Bold letters in WhatsApp-

Solely add * at the start & the end of any word or sentence. Like –

*Bold in WhatsApp*
How to Italic Letters in WhatsApp-

The process is same, Add _For Italic in WhatsApp_ at the start & end.

_For Italic in WhatsApp_
How to Send Strike Through letters in WhatsApp-

And till the same procedure with a different symbol.

~strike through in WhatsApp~

6. Check who is your Best Friend on WhatsApp

I am sure that not even a single person thinks about this WhatsApp Trick. Yes, you can easily check who is your best friend on WhatsApp. So, Check your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone to know who is chatting more with them. Also, check 7 Apps Like Tinder for Instant Hookups.

  1. The steps are simple, just tap on the little three dots on the top to move on to the settings.
  2. Now, tap on Data & Storage option > under Storage usage you can see who is chatting more with you.
  3. This will show the storage used in chat which also includes Media files.
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7. Delete any Message After 68 minutes

WhatsApp announced a new feature by which you can delete the sent messages under 68 minutes or 1 hour 8 minutes and 7 seconds. If you want to, then I have a solution, just send a message to friend and change the time according to your requirement and you can easily delete the message. This Trick is very useful if you are mistakenly sent a wrong message you can delete it. This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks which is very popular these days.

8. Reduce Data on Calls

When you call somebody on WhatsApp then it may consume more data. Not everyone has unlimited plans so the data consumption problem is the big issue for those who have limited data. These simple WhatsApp Tricks will help you to save your data during calls.


  1. Just open the WhatsApp and head over to the Settings
  2. Then tap on the Data Usage option and Enable the Low Data Usage under Call Settings.

9. Pin Your Friend

We have a long chat list of friends on the WhatsApp and receive thousands of messages in every single day. As the list is very long some of our important friends or family members contacts are going down on the list. This is very irritating when we need to scroll down in the list and find the friend, Though we have a search option available in the WhatsApp always searching for someone is dawdle & vexatious. So, we have another easiest option for this named as Pin the Chat. These WhatsApp Tricks will help you to use WhatsApp Messenger in the easy & unique way.

Steps to Pin any Chat in WhatsApp:

  1. Simply, Open the WhatsApp > Tap & Hold any chat for a second, when it becomes highlighted click on the Pin option available at the top bar
  2. Now the Chat is pinned at the top for instant access. Learning these Amazing WhatsApp tricks will definitely going to change your messaging experience.


10. Use WhatsApp as Bookmark Manager

Have you ever been in a situation when you come across an image or a link or something else you want to bookmark? Well, you can easily do that on WhatsApp as well, without installing any third-party application. Also, You can easily share the files with the help of WhatsApp Web for sharing the purpose.


  1. Create a New Group on WhatsApp and add a random contact or a friend to the list.
  2. After doing this remove the friend from the group, that’s it.
  3. You can now send files/links/ pictures/videos etc. in this Bookmark group to yourself.


11. Schedule WhatsApp Messages

In some cases when we are not in touch with Smartphone and we have to send any messages like in birthday or other cases, there is an option to schedule messages. With the help of this post, you can schedule text messages, Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages whenever you want. So, this feature is really helpful to schedule messages on WhatsApp.

For this, you need to install a third-party app named as, SQEdit Scheduling App (Download) from Google Play Store. Then, You have to sign in using Facebook or you can create Account.

When You complete sign in page you will find five Options to schedule Call, SMS, Email, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Add any service you want to use or simply choose All. You can schedule in all these five Options.

After Selecting WhatsApp to write your content (you can also add Media file) set the timer and click Schedule. You can also choose frequency.

Done, Now when times comes it will automatically send Message to the receiver.

  • One important notice is that your phone should not be locked.

12. Use a Fake Account

As of the popularity of the WhatsApp, every person is using WhatsApp and make a connection with the other person through chatting. In case if you do not want to expose your real number to the other person then you can use a Fake Account with a fake number. This WhatsApp Trick or the Method is using the famous personalities to expose their original number. For this, you need to install a third-party app on your smartphone, named as Primo.


Install the Primo app (Download) or 2nd Line App on your smartphone, and create a new account by just entering some simple details like name, email, password, and phone number. Once verified, you can just request a new US-based phone number. After this, enter that number in the WhatsApp to sign up and chat with whoever you want without sharing the original number.

13. Send Message without Adding Contact

If you want to send a message to a new person then the process is difficult or long, firstly you need to add the person’s contact number on your smartphone then you will able to send a message to that user. The process is too long and personally, I don’t like this process, so what to do?


  • At first, you need to Install an app named as “WhatsDirect”, freely available on Google Play Store. The direct download link is given below tap on the app icon to download.
  • After installation, accept the app permissions and continue by swiping the startup tutorial.
  • On the home screen of the app, we see two optionsMobile No. & Message Content. (Must use your country code on the starting of the number).
  • Enter the mobile number and write the message content in the below box and tap on “Send Message”.

For iOS:

In iOS, you don’t need to download anything. You just need to open your dialer or call log and choose the number you want to send a message. Tap on the number or you can also click on the (i) button, here you can see the “Send Message” option tap on it and choose the WhatsApp Messenger. Write your message and send it.

14. Broadcast Message

We all have something special to share while working in a group chat and the answer to this is in a Broadcast message, and what this allows you to do is to send the kind of message you would be sending to a group. But instead, each party actually receives it as if it were a direct message to the people you’ve connected are going to feel like they’ve been individually messaged and respond personally.

So, create a new broadcast and add members according to your choice, then share anything you want to send to the broadcast members. Some of the WhatsApp tricks related to broadcasting messages are also available on few other messenger Apps.

15. Share Hike Stickers on WhatsApp

The Hike Messenger is a well known popular messenger with some unique features like amazing Stickers. WhatsApp enables the Stickers to feature for the Windows phones and it is coming to Android & iOS users very soon. But, you can share the Hike stickers on WhatsApp, Install Hike messenger on your phone and send a sticker to your friend by sharing option. But for this, you need to enable the share sticker option from Hike Messenger settings. Are you enjoying these Amazing WhatsApp tricks?

16. Save Status without Taking Screenshot

No need to take screenshots of someone’s status, you simply need to install a third-party app named as, Status Saver (Download). After Installation, Open the app and here you will see the status images and videos, click on the image and here you can save the image to your Gallery. That’s it. This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks that is uses daily.

Explore in Detail: How to Save WhatsApp Stories without Screenshot

17. Use WhatsApp in your Native Language

Most of the WhatsApp users don’t think about this trick. We can use the world-famous WhatsApp Messenger in any language we want. The entire language of the app is going change after choosing another language. Even, the Last Seen is showing the other language like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, etc. The taste of Mother Tongue is scrumptious, so try using WhatsApp in your Mother Tongue.

To change the Language, go to the settings and click on the Chat settings, then change the App Language to your mother tongue as, I am Indian especially from North India, I choose Hindi for me.

18. Message Yourself

Messaging is not one of the WhatsApp tricks but Messaging ourself is the trick. According to me, There are less than 3-4% of people who are familiar with this feature. Yes, we can message ourself on WhatsApp to transfer any file from your phone to the PC.

This WhatsApp Tricks can work easily with the help of WhatsApp web functionality. You just need to connect your WhatsApp with the WhatsApp Web service, then add your contact on your phone. Now, Try to Send a file to yourself and you can see that it automatically syncs that file on the PC.
whatsapp tricks

19. Send Messages on WhatsApp using Google Assistant & Siri

There are some situations when we can’t able to send a text message by typing, so do you have any solution for this problem. Well, I have a simple solution for it. Yes, you can use the virtual assistant for sending the text message without typing on WhatsApp. This is one of my personal favorite WhatsApp Trick, follow the steps to use it.

For Google Assistant

Simply say ‘Hey Google‘ or ‘OK Google‘ and say “Send a WhatsApp Message to Ashutosh” (Friend’s Name). Then it will ask you to tell the message you want to send, so, tell the message by speaking then it will ask you to send or cancel just tell the assistant to send it. That’s it.

For Siri

The process is same but you just need to tell ‘Hey Siri’ besides of Hey Google.

20. Disable Notification Previews

Hey, I am a someone who thinks, nobody read my messages by seeing the Notification Previews. And, I confirm that there are more than 70% people with the same thoughts. So, we need to hide notification previews for hiding the valuable content.

Move on to the Settings, then head over to the App’s section, Now find WhatsApp and click on the Notification settings, here enable the Block all the notification settings to hide the previews.

21. Multiple WhatsApp on Single Phone

In today’s era, we all have dual sim smartphones. Though we have one primary sim for the official purposes, and we suppose the secondary sim is the old sim and all the old friends have this number so we need to get connected with them by using this phone number on WhatsApp, so, we have a solution to access with a single phone by using the multiple WhatsApp on Single Phone.

We just need to install a third-party app named Parallel Space. After installing it, Open the app and click on the app you need to make multiple copies. Then wait for a second to prepare the newer copy. After preparing register your second number on it and get connected with your friends. I think You already know about some of the WhatsApp tricks similar to this one.

22. WhatsApp Web

It is a Very handy feature for me while using the laptop during work. So probably one thing you heard of is WhatsApp Web, for using it, simply tap on the three-dot menu button available on the top. Then click on the WhatsApp web, enables you to scan a QR code on your laptop and then set up the WhatsApp on your PC or Mac. After connecting it to PC, you can type fast or do some more work in less time. It sync all the messages instantaneously with your phone, also you can share some file which is stored on your PC or Mac.

23. Favorite Messages

The chats or even the group chats are very long & sometimes there are some important messages to check the message later. Or Suppose, you are in a corporate world & you have some important messages like a meeting or client meetup. You can starred (favorite) that message easily. There are some simple ways to remember these messages, like you can save it on Google Drive, OneNote, Keep, etc. In spite of using these third-party apps, you can starred your message on WhatsApp itself.

The process is simple, just tap & hold a message you want to add in favorites when the message got highlighted tap on the little star icon available at the top of the screen, that’s it. For check the favorite or starred messages on WhatsApp, Open the WhatsApp and tap on the three dots menu icon and go to the Starred Messages option, here you can see all the favorite messages on WhatsApp. Do you like this WhatsApp trick, if yes, Please share it with your friends.

24. Check Delivery & Read Report

When you are sending a message to someone on WhatsApp, we are eagerly waiting for the reply. Also, we want to check that the other person has read our message or not. Yes, it is possible to check the other person has read your message or not. Well, this feature is very dexterous in the group chats, There are many members available in the groups and we want to check who have read my message so you can use this trick on WhatsApp.

Just tap & hold the message sent by you, and click on the information icon available at the top, here you can see who has seen your message or who has read it. Do you like these WhatsApp Tricks, let me know in the comment section.

25. Read Messages without Sending Read Receipts

What If we want to send the message without knowing the sender? then you need to turn off the read receipts, really? No, there is no need to turn off read receipts. Simple Add the WhatsApp Chat widget on the home screen and read all the messages without knowing the sender.
whatsapp tricks

26. WhatsApp Payments Feature (for India)

After a lot of rumors, WhatsApp finally launched WhatsApp Payments feature in India for the Beta users. WhatsApp’s new Payment feature works only in India, so if you are not an Indian user, you can’t use it. The new Payment feature uses UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to let users deal on WhatsApp by sending or receiving the payment. This new WhatsApp Tricks is very useful and safe.

Want to Get WhatsApp Payments on iPhone or Android?

For Android: You must a Beta Tester to get WhatsApp Payment feature on your Android phone. After shifting to the beta version, just follow the process.

Just ask a friend to try to send money to you, who already has to use WhatsApp Payments on their phone.

For iOS: Just update your WhatsApp to the latest version & the further process is same as Android.

27. Hide Blue Ticks

One of the most important features of the WhatsApp Messenger is Blue Ticks. Blue ticks are used to check whether the receiver person viewed your message or not. We can hide the blue ticks or the read receipt to hide the readability information from the receiver.

For Hiding Read Receipts, Open the Settings then head over to the privacy settings and scroll down and untick the Read receipts option. That’s it. This is one of my favorite WhatsApp Tricks.

28. Enable Two-Step Verification

Round two years ago there were some rumors that WhatsApp is not a secure platform to chat or share something with friends and family members. So, WhatsApp introduces this feature last year. By the help of this feature, you can make your chats secure. You can make your messages encrypted with help of this feature.

To enable this feature, Go to the WhatsApp Settings, then under Account Settings tap on the Two-Step Verification option, Here you need to enter a six-digit pin for the security purposes, and then verify your email address. These WhatsApp Tricks helps you to make secure your WhatsApp.
whatsapp tricks

29. Chat Heads

One of the most useful WhatsApp Tricks is the Chat Heads. We have seen the chat heads on the Facebook Messenger and the feature is elegant and useful & we can use it on WhatsApp as well. Just Install an App named as Direct Chat (Download), After Installation opens it and give the app permissions. Now, whenever you can receive a new message you will see a chat head on your screen. Also, you can reply from the chat heads without opening the app itself.

30. Reply to a Particular Message

The groups have a lot of members and there are many messages you want to send a direct reply to a particular message. So, this WhatsApp trick is for you. Just tap & hold a message and click on the left arrow button shown at the top of the screen and you will see that the message will appear in the bottom so you can send a direct reply to this particular message.

WhatsApp Tricks – Bonus

Share video more than 30 seconds in WhatsApp

We all have some important informational videos to share on our profile status in Whatsapp, but the problem is that we can’t able to share a video on WhatsApp status. Well, I found a trick by which we can share a video of more than 30 seconds.


  1. At first download an app named as SplitVideo for WhatsApp from the Play Store.
  2. Open, the app and Tap on the gallery icon and choose the video (more than 30 seconds) you want to share.
  3. Click on the split button.
  4. Now, Tap on the share button one by one it will automatically share the status in WhatsApp.
  5. All done.


Now you have become a pro-WhatsApp user :). I hope you have learned some useful WhatsApp Tricks. Make sure that your friends also know about these features so share it with them.

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