How to turn off Voice on Roku TVs [2 Methods]

Smart TVs are known to be smart because of the various functions they can usually perform and the features that they come built-in with. However, there is always that one particular thing that makes a smart tv look dumb. Like automatically turning a feature on that no one wanted to in the first place. Roku TVs have a text-to-speech feature that reads aloud the text displayed in the TVs menus and it can be irritating at times. Imagine turning the TV on at night, wanting to watch a movie, and suddenly the Roku TV starts its voice. To avoid such surprises, today we will be looking at how to turn off voice on Roku.

Don’t get me wrong, the text-to-speech feature is quite useful for those who are visually impaired. It helps guide people through the TVs settings and other menus. Of course, you can turn it off. But, at times when it suddenly turns on when maybe let’s say a child was playing with the remote and pressed the text to speech button, this can be super annoying. So, follow this guide on how to turn off Roku Voice.

How to turn Voice off on Roku

On a Roku device, there are two ways to turn the Text to speech feature off. And it’s a good thing it can be easily turned off as the voice is super annoying and can even get on the nerves of a few people.

how to turn off voice on roku

Method 1 – Turn text to speech off via remote

The text to speech feature can sometimes be mistakenly activated by pressing the options button (marked with an asterisk) on the remote. If you press the button four times, the feature turns itself on. To turn it off, simply press the options button four times. And that is one way you can turn the text-to-speech feature off.

Roku calls this text-to-speech feature as Audio Guide and we can see it as a guide alright, which can be a bit annoying. Anyways, if for some reason whatsoever, pressing the options button on the remote doesn’t seem to turn the Audio Guide off, there is another way for you to turn the Audio Guide off.

Method 2 – Turn off Voice on Roku with Audio Guide

  1. Turn your TV On and press the Home button on the remote which will take you to the home screen.
  2. At the left sidebar, select the Settings option.
  3. Once under Settings, head over to the accessibility option.
  4. Now navigate to Audio Guide under the Accessibility menu.
  5. Select Audio Guide. You can now choose it to be On or Off. Select the Off option.

And this is how you will be able to turn Audio Guide off. The voice will be activated till you hit the Off switch for it. Supposing you wish to turn the feature on again, simply follow the steps to turn the Audio Guide On.

Looking at how one can easily turn the Audio Guide On with a few button presses on the remote itself, it is no wonder that you suddenly switch the TV on and boom, the Audio Guide voice is back on again. Thankfully, there is a way to disable these shortcuts on your remote.

Disable Remote Shortcuts to turn off Audio Guide

  1. Turn your TV On and press the Home button on the remote which will take you to the home screen.
  2. At the left sidebar, select the Settings option.
  3. Once under Settings, head over to the accessibility option.
  4. Under the accessibility menu, head over to the Shortcut option.
  5. Now, select Disabled as the option to completely turn the Audio Guide Shortcut off.

And this is how you disable the shortcut button on your remote. Another reason why couldn’t turn the Audio Guide off even after pressing the options button four times is probably because your shortcut functions on the remote have been disabled.


For your sanity and the benefit of everyone, it’s best to have the shortcuts disabled, as you wouldn’t know when a child might simply press the “Star button four times and then suddenly activate the Audio Guide. And since the Audio Guide activates itself, the child might just decide to turn the TV off because they didn’t know whatever just happened.” Or, if you just wish to keep the shortcuts enabled, simply keep the remote away from the reach of children to avoid accidental key presses to activate the Audio Guide.

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