Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows & Mac

Are you an iTunes lover and want to enjoy your favorite songs on your system, but for some reasons, you can’t able to do it. So, In this case, you can use the iTunes alternatives besides the original one, then you are going to get similar features as of iTunes.

iTunes is one of the famed music player & universal manager as well. One of the main cause of using iTunes on Windows or Mac is iOS Devices. The developer of the iTunes itself is Apple, so the security is tight and we can’t do all the things on it. Right now, It is available on the two most known platforms, Windows & Mac. Though, There is no deficiency in the player but there are some reasons, for which we can’t use it. The most common cause is, the system requirements are high as of low-end specifications user can’t able to use it. Like, If you want to play 1080p video on your system then you need 2GB of RAM & a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or faster processor.

Well, the user interface of the iTunes is one of the impressive contrivances & the other most used stitch is users can easily manage the files and storage. The issues I hate about the iTunes are infelicitous reliability and laggy and sticky performance on some low-end devices. After looking into these issues, I decided to find the best iTunes alternatives that can help you a lot in your day to day life.

Best iTunes Alternatives

1. WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is one of the simplistic media player and media manager for most users. You can easily get it for your Device for free. It helps users to sync all the files in just seconds. No, matter your iOS version is latest but you can easily do all the things of iTunes on WinX MediaTrans. You can Transfer photos from your iOS device, manage contacts, music, videos, and much more. The best point about WinX MediaTrans is, you can run the full HD videos with any trouble on low-end specifications devices.WinX MediaTrans - best itunes alternatives

You can also export and import the videos to your iOS device. The User-Interface of MediaTrans is very much realistic and reliable for the iTunes users. It has a bonus feature, by which you can make your smartphone as your USB drive or Flash drive. We know that carrying the files on iPhone or any iOS device is not possible but with the help of WinX MediaTrans. If you want to carry the files on your iOS device make sure to try the MediaTrans on your system.

Platforms – Windows

Official Site for Download

2. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is a lightweight media manager with old lightweight user-interface. You can transfer the files from any iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It allows you to manage all the files like photos, audio, video, apps etc. Import the files from iPhone to PC easily with the help of this manager. It is one of the easy and secure file transfer manager available for free on Windows OS.CopyTrans Manager - best itunes alternatives

You can easily transfer the files without any security issues and re-write the original files. One of the cons of CopyTrans Manager is that you can’t enjoy this epic media manager on your Mac. This can only available for the Windows users for free. So, make sure to use the CopyTrans on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Official Site for Download

3. MediaMonkey

I am sure, you’re thinking MediaMonkey is the old Windows media player. Yes, I have personally used it on my Windows in old days. This will also work like the iTunes alternatives and fulfill your all requirements. MediaMonkey is the provides impressive and reliable performance on both low-end and high-end specifications system. In this media player, you can manage both the audio files and video files together. It will also save your memory by notifying about the duplicate files.MediaMonkey - best itunes alternatives

MediaMonkey also helps you in running any kind of audio and video format (also work FLAC), you can also try the superabundance formats. The best thing about MediaMonkey media player is that it is “Free” but you can only use it on your Windows OS. No doubt iTunes user-interface is more impressive but you can’t only look at the user-interface if requirements are still not fulfilled. If you are on Windows OS, then you should definitely try this iTunes Alternative.

Platform: Windows

Official Site for Download

4. Ecoute

Another simplest media player, but It is only the media player you can’t do the media manager tasks on Ecoute media player. We can say this is the perfect iTunes alternative because the user-interface of the Ecoute is much similar to iTunes. It lets automatically detect the songs available in the library and make a playlist. If you are not having high-end workstation or PC you must try the Ecoute.Ecoute - best itunes alternatives

It will automatically create the playlist for you by detecting the music from the library. Ecoute also syncs the music from your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and You can download the Ecoute on your Mac or iOS system for free, but you can’t use it on Windows OS.

Platform: Mac


Note: Some of the iTunes alternatives are only the media players not the media manager so make sure to read the description carefully and then download according to your requirements.

5. Clementine

If you are looking to use the iOS media manager on Unix or Linux system then Clementine comes at the first. It is one of the best media players for Linux, it also works on Windows & MacOS. Clementine looks similar to the VLC media player, so if you are a fan of VLC make sure to try this on your system. It is the perfect iTunes alternative for any Operating System user.Clementine - best itunes alternatives

Clementine helps to support any kind of audio format and runs it flawlessly. So if you are looking for the best iTunes alternative with Audio file support and the efficient player, then Clementine is one of my favorite choices.

Platform: Mac, Linux, & Windows

Official Site for Download

6. Wondershare TunesGo

If you are looking for the similar user-interface like iTunes then Wondershare TunesGo takes the charm. Yes, this is very much similar to the original iTunes. But, it has more features than iTunes, it comes with some add-ons and additional services. You can manage every kind of files with help of Wondershare TunesGo. You can import and export photos, audio, videos, contacts, and mother files from your iPhone or iPad to PC.Wondershare TunesGo - itunes alternatives

The best part about this iTunes alternative is you can use it on Windows & Mac for free. It can also sync all the data from your phone to pc. It also detects the media files from the library and makes a playlist for you. So make sure you can take a look at Wondershare TunesGo.

Platform: Mac & Windows

Official Site for Download

7. PodTrans

PodTrans is also the best iTunes alternative because it helps you to manage the media files. It has a simplistic and elegant media player come manager. You can easily manage your storage by exporting or importing the files (audio, video, photos, big files, documents, etc.). PodTrans helps you to transfer the files from PC to iOS in just seconds.PodTrans - itunes alternatives

The worst thing about this iTunes alternatives is that you can sync the files on the paid version only. While you can sync the data in free version, but the stability is not good. Like others, this player also automatically produce the playlist. So, try the free version on your system.

Platform: Mac & Windows

Official Site for Download

8. SynciOS

It is also the media manager, not only the media player, from the name we can guess that it syncs the data flawlessly from smartphone to PC. SynciOS helps to sync all the data at no cost. Yes, this iTunes alternative helps you freely use iTunes features on your system. This suite helps you to manage the music and other data easily.SynciOS - best itunes alternatives

You can also take backup of every kind of files (such as images, songs, videos, contacts, messages, emails, etc.) from your iOS device. While, it is available on both Windows & Mac Platform, so if you want to backup the files then try the SynciOS for free.

Platform: Windows & Mac

Official Site for Download

9. Vox

Vox is one of the stylish and elegant media player. It is one of my favorite media players because it integrates with SoundCloud and It provides the high-fidelity sounds and shows the high-quality songs in search results. All the things about the Vox media player all not cool and true.Vox - itunes alternatives

Yes, Vox media player is available at $4.99/month. Also, Vox media player is only available for the Mac OS. You can’t use it on Windows OS. But it has features which make the player one of the iTunes alternatives.

Platform: Mac

Official Site for Download

10. Swinsian

Swinsian is also the another iTunes alternatives, which looks similar to iTunes. But this one only focuses on the media segment, you can’t manage the files with help of this alternative. Also, it has integrated with social accounts like SoundCloud and for synchronization. You can also use airplay to connect Swinsian to your iOS device.Swinsian - itunes alternatives

Swinsian also helps you to edit the media files, this is also the most used feature of this media player. This is also only available for the Mac OS, and unfortunately, Swinsian is also a paid media player.

Platform: Mac

Official Site for Download


This was our list of Best iTunes Alternatives. If you haven’t tried any of the alternatives, then try the WinX MediaTrans or MediaMonkey and then move to the other players or manager. All these are the top and the most used/tested software, so no need to worry about anything and start testing your favorite. That’s all from my side. Enjoy iTunes Alternatives.

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