How to Transfer Files between iPhone and Android [No Apps Required]

Android and iOS are the two popular OS for smartphones. Both these OS have their own advantages including transferring files from one device to another. But when it comes to transferring files from one OS to another it’s difficult. It is possible but you have to try third party apps. We found a new simple guide that lets you transfer files from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android. Here you will know how to transfer files between iPhone and Android without any Apps.

Transfer files between Android & iPhone

Earlier we shared some topics for transferring contacts and other files between Android & iPhone. This guide is all about how conveniently you can transfer photos, videos, and other small files from iOS to Android. And you can transfer without using any Apps. You must be thinking, is it that easy? Yes, you will be amazed by this service that we will share in this guide.

How to Share files between iPhone & Android

Apple comes with a security system that doesn’t easily allow users to connect with other devices. You can easily connect to other iPhones or Mac, but connecting to an Android phone is not easy. But what if your friend has a photo or clip that you want to get on your phone? If you also find yourself in a situation when you quickly want to share files, then this guide is for you.

If you try to transfer files from Android to iPhone using apps like Shareit. Then it will take a lot of time even for connecting. And connecting different OS through an app is itself a challenge. So how to tackle this situation and easily transfer files from iPhone to Android. Follow this guide and you will know how to easily share files between iPhone and Android.

A few days back we came across a website or we can also call it a service. It lets us easily transfer files regardless of OS, Device, etc. It means you can transfer files between Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. And you don’t have to install any App. It is an instant file transfer service. This is also a useful guide for all who are looking for a method to transfer files from iPhone to Android without a computer.

Steps to Transfer files from iPhone to Android

If you are using apps to transfer from iPhone to Android, then this process will reduce the effort. Once you go through the guide to share photos, videos from iPhone to Android, you will never need any third-party app for it. So, let’s now check how to share photos from iPhone to Android and other files.

  1. Connect both phones on the same WiFi network. Avoid using public WiFi for security reasons.
  2. Now open your preferred browser on both Android and iPhone.
  3. Search and open the website on both devices.How to Transfer files from iPhone to Android
  4. Now on your iPhone, click on the phone icon and select an option. Choose ‘Photo Library’ for Photos and Videos or choose ‘Browse’ for other documents.
  5. It will open the Gallery or Files, so select the Photo, Video, or file that you want to share from iPhone to Android. You can select multiple files.
  6. Tap on Done on the top right corner. And it will start sending to the Android phone.
  7. After processing the file, it will ask you to download it on Android Phone.
  8. Tap on the Download button to save the photo or video on your Android phone.
  9. It will download on your phone instantly. You can then open the file on your Android phone.

So, this is the easiest method to share files from iPhone to Android without any apps. And now let’s move to our next method. 

Steps to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

Now that you know how to share photos, videos from iPhone to Android wirelessly. Here you will know how to share files from Android to iPhone. The process is going to be almost similar.

  1. Follow the first three steps from the method given above.
  2. Now on your Android phone tap on the Phone icon.
  3. Then select any option like Gallery or My Files. On some Android phones, you may not find the Gallery option but you can select photos from My Files.How to Transfer files from Android to iPhone
  4. Now select Photos, Videos, Documents, or any other file that you want to share.
  5. After selecting files, tap on Done and it will start processing the files.
  6. As soon as it is transferred you will get a pop-up on your iPhone to download these files. So tap on the Download button.How to Share files from Android to iPhone
  7. Now you can find these files in your download folder.

This is an easy guide that lets you share files from Android to iPhone wirelessly. Snapdrop service is really amazing and comes in handy in situations when we don’t have much to share files. As the connecting process is easy.

There are some points that you need to remember while using Snapdrop. You must have a good WiFi connection to transfer big files like movies. As it downloads files from one device to another, it also uses internet data. And if you don’t have a high-speed connection then still you can easily transfer small files within no time.

Transfer files between Android & iPhone

You can also send messages in Snapdrop when you are away but using the same WiFi to request files, photos, videos, etc. This method is not restricted to Apple or iOS, you can use it on macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, etc.

So that’s it on how to transfer files between Android & iPhone without any Apps. If you find the guide helpful and want to get more iPhone and Android guides. Then stay connected to YTECHB and enjoy your tech. Let us know in case of any queries regarding the guide.

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