How to Enable FPS Counter in Windows 10 (without any software)

Xbox Game Bar is one of the best features available in the Windows 10. If you like playing games on your Windows 10 PC, then you must know about the Xbox Game Bar. And the Xbox Game Bar has a built-in FPS counter that you can access without sideloading any third-party software. If you’re a gamer of playing a lot of games on your PC and you want to see FPS while playing games. Then, here’s how to see FPS in Windows 10 without any software.

As I mentioned earlier, Xbox Game Bar allows you to manage things while streaming a gameplay. And there’s no need to install any third-party software. The best thing is, the built-in Xbox Game Bar is using minimal resources while showing FPS during gameplay. If you don’t want to install more software’s on your system and want to access FPS counter, then you can follow our guide and enable frames per second from Xbox Game Bar.

Let’s dive right in to the steps.

How to check FPS in Windows 10 while playing Games (without any software)

If you want to access the Xbox Game Bar, then you can simply access this feature on your Windows 10 PC, by pressing Windows key + G simultaneously. In case Game Bar doesn’t appear after pressing Windows Key + G, then you can head over to the System Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar > enable the feature, if it’s turned off).

Note: You can change the shortcut key manually, from Gaming section available in Windows 10 system settings.

  1. After opening the Xbox Game Bar, then Click on Performance widget. If you don’t see the floating performance widget, click on the menu button then tap on Performance.
    how to enable fps counter in windows 10
  2. The performance widget show the live stats of CPU, GPU, VRAM, RAM, and FPS. FPS counter is not enabled by default, but you can click on it and then click on Request Access option to see live frame rates while playing games.
  3. After clicking on Request Access, a prompt ask you to give permission. Once done, you’ll need to reboot your system, you cannot access FPS meter until rebooting the PC.
    how to enable fps counter in windows 10
  4. Restart your system, after a reboot, launch a game then open game bar.
    how to enable fps counter in windows 10
  5. To check the stats, click on FPS option from performance widget, you can move your mouse cursor and hover the widget to check FPS.
  6. You can even click on pin button available at the top of the widget, it will keep the FPS counter live while playing the games.
    how to enable fps counter in windows 10
  7. Now you move the floating widget accordingly while playing the games and stay updated with the latest FPS stats.
  8. That’s it.

If you want to escape the feature, then you can simply click on the unpin button. But in case you want to disable it permanently, then you can disable Xbox Game Bar permanently.

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