The Simplest Way to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

If you are thinking about changing your phone from iPhone to Android or you have already done it. Then you need to know How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, otherwise, there are some chances to misplacing of contacts.

Changing the phone is a big headache for all of us, because of the complexity of transferring the data. My personal opinion to solve this problem is, make 2 smartphone as your daily driver, and state one phone as the primary one as your daily driver and store all the main data in it. So, you can easily manage the contacts and all data. But, most of us have only 1 phone, so in that case we need transferring contacts which is a complex process. And to transfer all the data from Android Device or iOS running iPhone you can easily transfer the details from one to other if you follow the given procedure.

transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

We are thinking of transferring the data from iPhone to Android is not an easy task, the online cloud services can help us a lot. The Operating system changes from system to system but their functionalities are very similar to each other. So, we can use the similar service on both systems. Read the step by step process briefly, to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android [Guide]

The solution is really simple, You can use the Google Account or iCloud to transfer contacts. However, you can also use iTunes for transferring the contacts. These are one of the easiest solutions you can follow without installing a third-party app or software. All the details will be stored safely as we can transfer it via iCloud or Google Account.

Transfer Contacts using Google Account (Gmail)

The Android Phone runs with Google Account, without Google Account, it is like a cup without tea. Well, Android asks the user to enter the Account at first startup, but for some reasons, if you didn’t set it up yet. Go to the Google App swipe right and tap to add an Account. Add a Gmail account if you already have, or create a new one if don’t.

After doing it, Pick up the iPhone and, head into the Settings. Now you need to the enter the Google Account in the “Contacts, Mail, Calendar” settings menu. Click on the “Add Account” option and select the Google Account and your details.

After adding the account, your iPhone will tell you to enable sync option if you want. The sync option will help you in transferring the contacts from iPhone to Android. The synchronization process will save all the contacts information on the server and then let it download on Android for the further use.

Turn on WiFi on your Android Phone, then Go to the settings and click on the Accounts, then select the Google account. As soon as the synchronization process completes It will save the contacts on your Android Phone.

Transfer Contacts using iCloud

Well, Every iPhone user is using the iCloud account for downloading the apps and storing the data on the cloud, as it helps to make data secure. It also saves the data on the cloud server, if you had given the access permissions.

On the iPhone, Go to the Settings, then choose “Contacts, Mail, Calendar” settings menu, then see the iClouds list. Then click on the iCloud account and turn on the contacts option here. It will sync or save the contacts on the iCloud. By which you can transfer the contacts from iOS to Android.

After setting up the things, you need to open the iCloud on your PC or Mac on the web browser. Go to the, then select Contacts option here. After this, you will see the gear icon at the bottom left corner, click on it and then select the Export vCard option, it will download .VCF file on your system.

It will import the contacts, now Go to the, then click on the top left corner and select the contacts option besides the mail option. Now, click on the more icon available at the right side of refresh mail button. Here you need to select the import contacts option and give the .VCF file. That’s it.

As I said earlier synchronization process will save the contacts on your Android phone.

Transfer Contacts using iTunes

As you have seen earlier the process is, saving the data or contacts to the cloud and then sync to the Android from iPhone. So, we can do the same thing with iTunes as well.

Transfer contacts from iphone to android
IMG Source: Apple

First and the foremost thing, Install the iTunes on your Desktop and connect the iPhone. Click on the upper right corner where you can see the iPhone. Click on the info tab and select the “Sync Contacts with” choose the “Gmail” option. It will ask you the login details enter the details.

Once the sync is done, your Android phone will show you all the contacts of iPhone on your Android Phone as well.

Note: This method works with every iPhone (iPhone X), or every Android Phone.

Now, You have a simple idea of how the contacts transfer from the server to the server. This is one of the finest risk-free and secure method by which you can easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without any third-party app.

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If you have any queries regarding this article, let me know in the comment section. Also, If your friend is changing their phone to let him know about this simple Guide.

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