How to Take Screenshot on Android 12 [4 Methods]

Screenshots are a great way of capturing anything on your phone. Be it a bug or something unusual that you might have spotted online or in an app. When you capture a screenshot, you will be able to save it for later use or even share it on social media. Now, there are many ways that you can use to take screenshots in Android 12. The new feature with Android 12 is scrolling screenshots, a feature that was made available by other Android OEMs through custom skins. Read on to know how to take a screenshot in Android 12.

Rolling or scrolling or long screenshots are finally making their official entry, thanks to Android 12. What are the benefits of taking a rolling or scrolling screenshot? Well, a lot. You now no longer need to take multiple screenshots of a particular item. Instead, the screenshot will capture the whole screen of the app or webpage till it reaches the end of its scrolling point. Well then now that there is a new feature, let’s take a look at how to capture the usual screenshots and the scrolling screenshot on Android 12.

How to Take screenshot on Android 12

Every time a screenshot is taken, the screen will either flash a bit and an audible capture sound effect will be heard. Some devices will also show a notification of a screenshot being captured. All of these images are then saved in a screenshots folder on your device and can be viewed by the Google Photos app for devices running stock Android and the Gallery app for OEM Android devices.

Method 1: Using Buttons

The first, simple, and easiest method of taking a screenshot is by pressing the Power button and the Volume Down button. When you take a screenshot in this manner, you will hear a capture sound and the screen flashing a bit. A screenshot taken in this method will capture anything and everything active on the screen.

How to Take Screenshot on Android 12

Method 2: Using Shortcut

The next method of taking a screenshot is by using the screenshots shortcut available in quick settings, recent apps, or gestures. The steps can vary a little based on the device you have.

  1. Keep the app open that you wish to take a screenshot of.
  2. Now, open up the recents screen. This involves you sliding up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Depending on how many apps are open in the recent screen, swipe around bring the app to the middle.
  4. At the bottom of the recent screen, you will see the select and screenshot options.
  5. Tap on the screenshots option.
  6. A screenshot of the app will now be captured. The captured image can now be shared or edited right away.
How to Take Screenshot on Android 12

If the option is available in Quick Settings, then first open the page you want to screenshot and then tap on the screenshot option in quick settings. Now if your device supports three-finger gesture support, then swipe down with three fingers on the screen and it will capture screenshot on your Android 12 phone.

Method 3: Scrolling Screenshot on Android 12

The third method for capturing screenshots is by taking a rolling or a scrolling screenshot. This is a new feature on Android 12 and will continue to be in future versions of Android. Here is how you can take a scrolling screenshot on an Android 12 phone.

  1. Open the app that you wish to take a scrolling or rolling screenshot. Mostly we use scrolling screenshot to capture full webpage on browsers.
  2. Use the first method to take a screenshot in the app.
  3. At the bottom of the image preview, you will see three options –  Share, Edit, and Capture More or expanded Screenshot.
  4. Tap on Capture More. The app will now scroll by itself till the end and capture a screenshot.
  5. Sometimes, you won’t see the Capture More option. When this happens, you will not be able to take a scrolling screenshot.
  6. Once it takes the scrolling screenshot, simply tap on the screen. The image will now be captured.
    How to Take Screenshot on Android 12
  7. Simply select the save option to save the image. You can later share or edit the mage from the Google Photos app or Gallery.

Method 4: Screenshot on Restricted App or Page

This is the best method to capture a screenshot of an app that has screenshot restrictions. What this means is that you can use this method for apps that will not let you capture screenshots using any of the above methods. In this case, the Google Assistant is a helpful friend.

  1. First things first, make sure that you have the latest and updated version of Google Assistant on your Android device.
  2. Open the Google Assistant app and tap on the Explore icon.
  3. Now, select your Google Account’s profile picture.
    How to Take Screenshot on Android 12
  4. You will now see a list of various options. Scroll down till you find the General options.
    How to Take Screenshot on Android 12
  5. Select it and now select Use Screen Context.
  6. Under Screen Context, select the toggles for Use Text from Screen and Use Screenshots.
    How to Take Screenshot on Android 12
  7. Close the Google Assistant app.
  8. Now, open any app. It could be any app or the app that restricts you from taking any screenshots.
  9. Bring up the Google Assistant by saying OK Google.
  10. Simply type in or say Take a Screenshot.
  11. The assistant will now take a screenshot and save it to your Gallery.
  12. From there you can simply edit or share it easily.
  13. And that is how you can take screenshots using Google Assistant.

And these are the four ways to take a screenshot on an Android 12 device. There could be different other ways such as using third party apps or gestures like drawing a letter on the screen that will then take a screenshot. You could even enable tap back to capture screenshots on Android 12 phones. Some phones even have the screenshot option when you press the power button of your device. All these features are present on various Android OEM devices. Plus, you do not need to have root access to capture screenshots anymore.

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