How to Stop Auto Media Download in Telegram Desktop Client

In this article, you will know how to disable Auto Media Download in Telegram Desktop Client.

Telegram is one of the greatest messaging platforms to have ever existed. The platform is famous for its encryption standards and also other features that keep getting added every month, making it not just a feature-rich app but also more friendly to users who love to experiment with features.

Telegram is a freeware cross-platform, and cloud-based Instant Messenger that was launched back in August of 2013. The messenger is available on Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows 10 as well. With Telegram getting even more popular every day, there are a large number of groups and channels that almost all of us are a part of. It could be tech groups, discussions, or even groups that share memes. While all of this great, some might have issues with regards to Telegram downloading almost everything from the group, channel, or personal chat. There could be many reasons why some people wouldn’t like it:

  • The downloaded content keeps on eating up your storage space
  • The downloads could also be hogging up their internet bandwidth, especially if using a limited internet connection.

Keeping all this in mind, today we’ll be showing you how to stop auto media downloads in Telegram on the Desktop App.

How to Disable Automatic Media Download on Telegram

  • Open the Telegram Desktop app and click on the side menu that’s on your left.
Disable Auto Download For Telegram Desktop
  • Now Select Settings from the side menu.
Disable Auto Download For Telegram Desktop_01
  • Once into the settings page click on Advanced.
Disable Auto Download For Telegram Desktop_02
  • Now scroll a bit till you find the Automatic Media Downloads.
Disable Auto Download For Telegram Desktop_03
  • You’ll now be able to see groups, channels, and personal chats.
  • Selecting any one of them will now give you an option of enabling or disabling downloads of photos and files. You also get to set the file size limit that will be required for auto-downloading files
  • To disable automatic downloads simply toggle all the switches off.
Disable Auto Download For Telegram Desktop_04
  • While you are at it, you can also disable Autoplay of video messages, videos, and gifs. Over here you can also set file size limits.
  • Once you’ve done the required changes click on save.

And that’s how you disable automatic media downloads on Telegram. The best part, this method works the same on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.


This is quite helpful for those who are in way too many active groups and channels that constantly share media in various forms. This also helps to reduce unwanted content being downloaded and also helps saving space and internet bandwidth from being hogged by such downloads. Also do note that you can disable automatic media downloads from the standalone app that you have installed from the Telegram website.

The Microsoft Store version of Telegram, unfortunately, does not have this feature to disable automatic downloads, which is kinda weird- for food or worse, we will never know. Anyways hope you’ve now figured out how to disable automatic media downloads in the Desktop version of Telegram.

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