12 Best Ad Free Keyboard Apps with Emojis for Android [2024]

Emojis are a great way to express how you feel. It could be happiness, sadness, or anything that reflects your mood. Emojis have come a long way starting with the good old ASCII emoticons which are still being used to date. Nowadays, the majority of people prefer using Unicode emojis – those little graphical icons that have some facial expressions or represent any literal object. And so, we are here with the 12 best Ad free Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android.

Shigetaka Kurita Is widely known for his creation of emojis in 1999. Since then, there have been so many new emojis have been created and some have been redesigned for various reasons. Emojis act as a medium that breaks the language barrier as everyone can figure out what a person is trying to express with either one or a few emojis.

Speaking about expressing, emojis have been well incorporated into mobile OS such as Android and iOS. You’ll find people using emojis everywhere, on social media posts, messages, and sometimes just randomly to show off a particular mood without using a single word. Many keyboards have a special section dedicated just for emojis. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the top 12 ad-free emoji keyboards for Android.

Best Ad free Emoji Keyboards

Many developers grab the opportunity and released many Emoji Keyboards apps for Android as well as iOS. And so, you will find tons of Emoji Keyboards on Play Store and App Store. It is great for users but at the same time, it’s a painstaking job to find the best out of so many emoji keyboard apps. And so, we decided to reduce your workload by narrowing down the list. There are 12 best ad-free emoji keyboards on the list. So, let’s start our list.

1. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Ad Free Keyboards with Emojis

Microsoft’s products have always been the beat whether it’s office apps, android launchers, and even their keyboard. This Microsoft Emoji keyboard is rich with features that most of the keyboards have. Be it themes, auto-correction, and layouts. However, Microsoft SwiftKey has its incognito mode. Yes, the same mode that’s on a lot of browsers. SwiftKey also has a wide variety of emojis available for use.

The keyboard is a completely free download from the Play Store with no signs of ads and in-app purchases. SwiftKey scores 4.3 out of 5 stars and weighs in at just 10 MB. SwiftKey has around 500 million + downloads.

2. Google Keyboard

Ad free Emoji Keyboards

The best for the last as always. Nothing beats G-Board. With its feature-rich and Google integration, this is easily one of the widely used keyboard apps on the Play Store. The customization is endless and the support for emojis as well is outstanding. It’s the keyboard that comes preinstalled on All devices that run stock Android. The app is completely free to download with no ads and no in-app purchases. The app scores 4.5 out of 5 stars weighs in at 28MB and has a whopping 1 billion+ downloads.

3. Grammarly Keyboard

Ad free Emoji Keyboards

Yes, Grammarly also has its own Keyboard app. This specific keyboard helps you in writing perfect sentences. It can help in correcting words, for a specific region like for example American English or British English. The keyboard is quite basic as it has simple settings and the option to change from light mode to dark mode. The keyboard also has various emojis available for you to use. It is one of the ad-free emoji keyboards for Android.

The keyboard is a free download from the Play Store. The app scores 4.3 out of 5 stars and weighs in a big 96 MB. The app has no ads, however, it has in-app purchases that are associated with your Grammarly account. Grammarly Keyboard has 10 million + downloads so far.

4. Typewise Custom Keyboard

best Ad free Emoji Keyboard Apps

This isn’t a keyboard for everyone. If you are those few people who enjoy the hexagonal keyboard layout then this keyboard is definitely for you. The keyword has the most basic settings and claims to be better than your regular keyboards on the Play Store. Typing out in the hexagonal-shaped keyboard can take up a lot of time, more like a week or so, as per what the app says. And of course, since it is on this list, it comes with a large collection of Emojis.

The keyboard is free to download off the Play Store but has in-app purchases to unlock other features, themes, and settings. The app scores 4.0 out of 5 stars band weighs in at 56 MB. The app has no ads and has racked up 5 million + downloads.

5. Minuum Keyboard

Ad Free Keyboards with Emojis

The name says it all. This keyboard occupies the least amount of screen space. Best for those who enjoy sloppy typing. Just keep swiping your thumb and the predictive words will line up right away. If you wish you could also make the keyboard one-handed and have more space. Don’t know who would enjoy that, but it’s there for a reason. The app also has emojis that are in direct and easy reach just with the swipe of a thumb. And so, it deserves a place in the list of best emoji keyboard apps.

It’ll automatically suggest the type of emoji based on the text you type. The app is free to download but comes as a free 29-day trial. Luckily it has no ads but has in-app purchases in Incase you wanted to purchase the pro version. The app scores 3.9 out of 5 stars and weighs in at 45 MB. Though this app has a weird keyboard layout there are 5 million + users who’ve seem to have used the keyboard.

6. AnySoft Keyboard

Ad free Emoji Keyboards

If you like lite apps and really small apps that don’t eat up too much space on your phone, AnySoft Keyboard is for you. The settings on this keyboard app are simple and don’t have any of the fancy stuff. It does have the option to choose emojis based on categories and even lets you decide what set of emojis you would like to have on your keyboard.

The keyboard also changes theme colors based on the app you are currently active on. All of these goodies are available as a free download from the Play Store. Plus, it’s got no ads and no in-app purchases as well. The app scores 4.0 out of 5 stars and weighs in at just 3.2 MB! Because of its lightness and functionality, it’s racked up 10 million+ downloads.

7. Kika Keyboard

best ad free keyboard apps for android

Kika Keyboard is one of the best free keyboard apps for Android that has colorful themes, cool fonts, funny emojis, stickers, cute kaomojis, enchanting sounds, and much more. You can even make an exclusive photo keyboard for yourself.

The app is free to download off the Play Store. It scores 3.8 out of 5 stars and weighs in at 14 MB. Though this app is pretty good for basic functionality it’s just got 10 million downloads to date.

8. Multiling O Keyboard

best Ad free Emoji Keyboard Apps

Another lightweight keyboard out on the Play Store. As the name suggests you’ll be able to type in more than 150 languages easily just by downloading a single and simple plug-in. The customization of this keyboard is immense. You can change the size of various keys easily based on how comfortable you are. You can also make your keys big or small and adjust colors as well. Plus, you get to use emojis on this rather barebones sort of keyboard.

It might look like it’s got nothing but in fact, has a lot of tools if you spend enough time with it. The app is free to download and has no ads. You can support the developers by purchasing the donation pack as an in-app purchase. The app weighs just 413 KB and scores 4.1 out of 5 stars. Given its light size, the app has amassed 50 million + downloads. Let’s move to our last mention in the list of Ad free keyboards app for Android.

9. Mint Keyboard

Ad Free Keyboards with Emojis

Mint Keyboard is another ad free keyboard app you can try. This is a keyboard that has been developed and designed with keeping India in mind. The keyboard lets you create stickers and send them wherever you want to. The keyboard has options to not only type in international languages but also lets you type in your regional languages in India.

The app is free to download and has no ads and in-app purchases. The app scores 4.5 out of 5 stars and weighs in at 15 MB. Mint Keyboard has 10 million+ downloads to date.

10. Yandex Keyboard

best ad free emoji keyboard apps

Now, we all know the Russian company Yandex. They have their own set of software such as the Yandex Browser, Launcher as well as their own search engine and music app, They also have their own keyboard app. The Yandex Keyboard is surprisingly great and simple to use. It has a decent Settings menu that lets you customize the keyboard height, adjust themes as well as choose languages. It also has voice typing options that can be accessed right from the space bar itself.

The best part? It comes with no ads and is completely free. Now, it is up to you if you’d want to stick with the Yandex Keyboard. Personally, I would stick as it’s got good text prediction and has a good set of emojis available within the keyboard itself. The app weighs in at 15 MB.

11. Fonts Keyboard

best ad free emoji keyboard apps

Here is a keyboard that might be a strange addition to this list. But hey, it’s ad-free and is free to install via the PlayStore. As the app name suggests, it’s a keyboard app that lets you type in different kinds of fonts. You can pick from the regular normal font all the way to some funky fancy styles. Well, it all depends on the parson’s taste and choice of fonts after all.

Apart from that, the keyboard has no other fancy settings for you to make changes to. It has its set of emojis that you can use right away with just the tap of a button. The keyboard weighs in at just 5.1 MB, grab it from Google Play Store.

12. Simple Keyboard with Emojis

best ad free emoji keyboard apps

This is an extremely lightweight keyboard that just weighs 711 KB. The keyboard is simple and has no settings whatsoever. You will not be able to even change the theme of the keyboard. However, it’s good for those who want to use a keyboard app that is small has no frills but also lets you use emojis.

It has a different way of using emojis. You would have to press and hold the number rs on the number row to get access to the emojis. The emojis are also quite limited but have all the basic ones you would want to use. Here’s the download link for this keyboard app.

These are the best keyboards that have emojis and are ad-free as well. Out of these the underrated ones are AnySoft Keyboard and Open Board both of which are extremely powerful keyboards that also deserve publicity for their features and simplicity. Though give it a try to whichever keyboard you’ve found perfect to your taste.

So that’s all on the best ad free keyboards with emojis. Enjoy your conversation with various emojis and save your time from writing sentences just to express your feeling. Let us know your favorite emoji keyboard. Also let us know if we forgot any good keyboard app.

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