How to Jailbreak PS4 Console (with Pros and Cons)

Being able to make more than the intended use of your devices can be fun. What this basically means is that you take whole control of your device, whether you want it to not install the latest updates, be able to sideload apps and games, etc. Now, this can also be done with your gaming consoles. The term is called jailbreaking and it has been quite popular among a number of PlayStation 4 owners. There are many reasons why people want to jailbreak PS4 consoles. Today, we will be taking a look at how to jailbreak PS4 and its pros and cons.

Jailbreaking a PS4 basically means taking advantage of an exploit and using it to the fullest before the device gets its software patches. However, jailbreaking your device can also bring in new features to the console. And, if you are someone that wishes to jailbreak their PS4, then, this is the guide you need to be reading through. We will also be covering the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking your PS4 console as well.

How to Jailbreak PlayStation 4 Console

If you know about the iPhone Jailbreak, then the concept is almost the same. But the steps are different which you will find in the next section. Like any other guide, there are some requirements you need to follow.


  • PS4 Console
  • An Internet Connection
  • PC
  • 2 USB Drives

Steps to Jailbreak PS4

Step 1: Install Required Update Version

  1. This method will only work on PS4 consoles that are running the 9.0.0 software version.
  2. If you have something newer, then it is not possible to jailbreak the PS4 console (till the date of writing).
  3. But, if you are using a really older version, you will need to update to version 9.0.0.
  4. To do this update, you will need to manually download and install the update for the PS4.
  5. Go to your PC and head over to the Darksoftware website.
  6. Here you will have to create an account in order to download the software file.
  7. Once you have downloaded the 9/0/0 software file, rename the file to ps4update.pup
  8. Now, plug in a USB drive into your PC.
  9. Make sure to format your USB drive and that it is in the exFAT or a FAT32 format.
    How to Jailbreak PS4
  10. Once the USB drive has been formatted, you need to create a folder named PS4. It needs to be named in uppercase only.
  11. Inside the PS4 folder, create another folder called UPDATE.
    How to Jailbreak PS4
  12. Copy the update file that you downloaded and paste it inside the UPDATE folder.
    How to Jailbreak PS4
  13. Now, unplug the USB drive from your PC and plug it into the PS4.
  14. Make sure that you disable the automatic updates and connect to internet option on your PS4.
  15. With all of those options turned off, you can now open the Settings app on the PS4.
  16. Now, navigate to System and then System Software Update.
  17. The system software update page will now say that it has found an update for your PS4.
  18. It will display version number 9.0.0. Click on the next button.
  19. It will ask you to accept the license agreement. Accept it by selecting the Accept button.
  20. The PS4 will now begin to install the update. It will also restart right away once the update has been installed.
  21. With the software updated to version 9.0.0, it is time to set up your internet connection on the PS4.

Step 2: Jailbreaking Guide

  1. Open Settings, followed by Network, and finally Setup Internet Connection on your PS4.
    How to Jailbreak PS4
  2. Choose between WLAN or Ethernet (whatever you actually prefer).
  3. Now, select the Custom option.
  4. Select the Automatic IP option followed by the Do Not Specify option for DHCP Host Name.
  5. Now, select manual for the DNS Settings.
  6. Here you will need to add custom values for the Primary and Secondary DNS.
  7. Set the primary DNS to and secondary DNS to
  8. These custom DNS values will simply block your PS4 from connecting itself to the Sony servers and also prevent your PS4 from downloading software updates.
  9. Go back to your PC and download the PS4 exfathax.img file from here.
  10. With the image file downloaded, you will also need to install Rufus or Win32DiskImager on your PC.
  11. Rufus/Win32DiskImager will be used to mount the exfathax.img file onto your USB drive.
    How to Jailbreak PS4
  12. Now, launch the web browser on your PS4 and head over to this exploit host.
  13. Once you have opened the exploit hosts webpage, you now need to select the exploit host and match it with the version number of your PS4.
  14. Now, run the exploit. While the process is going on, it will ask you to insert the USB drive that you have mounted with the exfathax image.
  15. The exploit will now be loaded, and your PS4 will now be jailbroken.

Advantages of Jailbreaking PS4

  • Well, you get to unlock various features such as FTP transfers on your network using the PS4.
  • You can install PS2 and PS3 games and enjoy them on your PS4 right away.
  • Apart from that, the best one is you will be able to install a ton of PS4 games and even its DLCs for free by using modded packages. The same goes for other apps on your PS4.

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking PS4

  • You basically lose your warranty instantly.
  • Servicing your jailbroken PS4 at the service center might not happen as they will say that you have modified the software and it’s in direct violation of the terms and conditions as laid down by Sony.

And there you go. A detailed guide on how to jailbreak your PS4. It is recommended to follow all the steps correctly so that you do not goof up. Now, it’s jailbreak, so you need to expect a few issues here and there like maybe slight crashing, but they are all fine. Have you jailbroken your PS4? If so, what are the mods that you have installed on it? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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