How to change Background on PS4 and PS5 [Guide]

Being able to customize your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 is always good since you will add a personal touch to your console. Given that you can customize the look and feel of the console and the controller, why not make the interface look more like something you like? Thankfully there is a feature that finally lets you change the background to a custom one thanks to a new update that was released a long time back for the PS4. Read on to know how to change the background on PS5 and PS4 easily.

Just like how you would set custom wallpaper on your PC or even mobile for that matter, you can finally add your custom image on PlayStation 4 and 5. Yes, it can get boring and annoying to simply look at the default background that comes with the PS4 and the PS5. Now, you could also use themes that are available on the consoles which you can use, but what if you do not like those themes as well? This is where adding a custom background image comes in perfectly. Here is a guide on how to add a custom background to your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Change Background on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5


  • A PC
  • USB Drive
  • Favorite or custom image
  • PS4/PS5 console

How to Change Background on PlayStation 4

There are two ways that you can use to change the background on your PS4. The first method works perfectly if you do not have access to a computer.

Method 1

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 and navigate over to the Internet Browser on your console.
  2. When the Web Browser opens, select the search bar or simply press the Triangle button on your controller.
  3. Now, type in the type of background image that you like. Anything from abstract to art or cars and press the X button to search.
  4. You will now get Google search result for the term that you searched for.
  5. Scroll through and select the best result that suits perfectly for you.
  6. You can avoid backgrounds that have watermarks and are vertical. Try to get an image that has a good 1920×1080 resolution or more so that the image doesn’t look blurred.
  7. With the right image found, open it to view on fullscreen.
  8. Press the Share button on your controller to take a screenshot of the image.
  9. Now, close the web browser and go back to the home screen and navigate to the end where you find the Library icon.
  10. When you open your Library, scroll through and select the Capture Gallery.
  11. It will show all the screenshots that you might have captured in-game. Navigate towards the folder that says Other.
  12. You will be able to see the screenshot of the image you took from your web browser.
  13. Open the image and then press the options button. This will bring the options menu.
  14. Select the Set As Background option. You can use the L and R stick to zoom in or out to adjust what part of the image you want to set as the background and press X to crop it.
  15. Now, you will be asked to set a theme color. Choose what goes well with the image and then select the Apply button.

Method 2

  1. On your computer, download the image that you wish to set on your PlayStation 4’s background.
  2. Before you copy it to your USB drive, make sure that the USB storage drive is empty.
  3. Now, create a folder named IMAGES. Yes, it should be in all caps. Paste the image into the folder.
  4. Plug the USB drive into the PS4.
  5. Head over to Settings > Themes. Now, choose the Select Theme option.
  6. Select the Custom option followed by Select Image. You can now select the USB Drive Storage option.
  7. It will now display the image that you downloaded onto your PC.
  8. Select the image and adjust it as to what part of the image do you want to be displayed on your home screen.
  9. You can adjust the theme color and then click on apply.
  10. And that is how you have a custom image applied to your PS4 background.

How to Change Background on PlayStation 5

With the PS5 almost turning a year old, Sony has still not enabled the option to change themes or backgrounds for the PS5. Why have they not enabled it? Nobody knows. Things could change if and when Sony drops a PS5 update to let users change themes and backgrounds for their PS5. Until then you will have to stick with what is the default theme on the PS5. 

So now you know that the changes can be done easily on the PlayStation 4. With the PlayStation 5, we will have to wait and see when an update enables users to customize their home screens. Well, we could hope things like this could happen since Sony dropped Update 5.50 for the PS4 to have this feature. So yes, we could see it happen in the future. But when? Only time will tell.

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