11 Best PS1 Emulators to try on PC and Android

Emulators are a great way to experience a particular device without having to physically own the device. There are a number of emulators available for different devices- especially for devices that are hard to find and no longer manufactured. Now, one of the popular types of emulators that everyone wants to enjoy is the gaming console emulators. Well, there are various reasons for the rise and need of such emulators. Today, we will be taking a look at the best PS1 emulators that are available for PC and Android devices.

The PS1 is the first gaming console from Sony, and it can be considered a classic one. There have been a number of games that were made available for the PS1 and many people out there want to try and experience those games. To be honest, it’s always good to be able to revisit old games and get a feel of how the gaming environment was back then. Thanks to technology and various advancements, we can all enjoy playing those games with the help of an emulator. Today, we will be taking a look at the best available PS1 emulators to enjoy PS1 games on your PC or for that matter even on your Android mobile phone.

Best PS1 Emulators for PC and Android


One of the most popular PS1 emulators out there is the ePSXe. It is the first one that comes to everyone’s mind when anyone would want to emulate PS1 games. Apart from being able to play the PS1 games on PC, the emulator is also available for Android users which makes it better when you want to play PS1 games on the go. The mobile version of the PS1 emulator is pretty good as it works as expected, is fast, and above all has compatibility with wired and wireless controllers. This emulator requires that you have the BIOS file of a PS1 in order to be able to run and play games. The PC and Mobile version of the emulator is available to users as a free download.

best ps1 emulators


Another popular name in the world of emulators is RetroArch. Now, RetroArch is known for its wide platform support. The emulator can be installed on a ton of devices, the list includes PC, Android, iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, Xbox, PSP, PS2, Steam Link, web browsers, and even on the Nintendo Wii. You can not only play PS1 games, but also games from different other consoles. You could even call it the king of all emulators. The best part about RetroArch is that it is in active development and receives updates occasionally. The emulator is available as a free download for all of its supported platforms.

best ps1 emulators

EmuBOX – AIO Emulator

EmuBOX is an emulator that is capable of running games from various classic consoles including the PS1. It has been designed to run on mobile and is a perfect choice for those who want to play games on the go. The app has its material design theme and at least 20 save slots for when you want to save multiple save files from various games. EmuBOX also lets you connect and use Bluetooth controllers to play our PS1 games, giving you the traditional console gameplay on a  small screen device. The app is free to download and has no ads.

best ps1 emulators


DuckStation is another popular PS1 emulator designed to be tun on mobile devices. One of the best and underrated PS1 emulators out of others for Android devices. The emulator lets you play your games on widescreen and even at 60 FPS when set on the PAL format. You can make use of external keyboards and controllers and even get rumble feedback in supported controllers. If you gave a good spec Android device, then you will be able to run this emulator pretty much just perfectly. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. You will need to have a BIOS file in order to get the emulator to play your games perfectly.

best ps1 emulators

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator

Here is another all-in-one games emulator for your Android device. You can choose to install between the free version and the pro version. Both versions are ad-free. The difference between the lite and pro version is that you can resume your games using the save slots, download and install plugins, and also supports controllers with gestures and sensors. Overall a very good emulator and the reviews from people who have used it shows how good the emulator is able to play your PS1 games right away.

best ps1 emulators


Here is a free open source game emulator based on Libretro for Android, Not only does this app let you emulator PS1 games, but you will also be able to play games from a ton of other old generation gaming consoles including the likes of Atari, Nintendo, and even the PSP. Apart from just playing your games, you will also be able to index your game ROMs, open up zipped ROMs, and even simulator your display to look like the good old CRT ones. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The emulator works best on devices that have a CPU equivalent or better than the Snapdragon 845 

best ps1 emulators

FPse64 for Android Devices

There are plenty of PS1 Android emulators out there that give you the desired experience. However, some emulators out there take emulation very seriously. For starters, this is a paid emulator, but that doesn’t mean you skip it right away. The emulator will work on almost any version of Android and will produce the game’s output in HD. It also has different modes based on the type of Android device you are running the emulator on. The best part about this emulator is the fact that you and your other friend can play multiplayer games easily using the LAN method. As they say, all good things come with a price tag, so does this emulator. You can purchase it from the Google Play Store.

best ps1 emulators


While we did see a number of all-in-one emulators that are available on Android. Mednafen is what you need to use if you want to emulate a number of classic gaming consoles including the PS1. The emulator also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. This is a free-to-use emulator that continues to bring in bug fixes and ensure that users have a good experience with it. However, you need to get your own BIOS file or source it from somewhere in order to play the games. The user interface and menus for this emulator are simple and user-friendly. Download the emulator from its official website.

best ps1 emulators


Here is another PS1 emulator that can be installed on Windows PCs. Now, this particular emulator is similar to the other ones out there, but, if you are someone that loves to speed run through the good old classic games, then this is the emulator you need to be installing. Apart from the regular PS1 games that you would be playing, Bizhawk also supports a ton of various old-school consoles. Most of the console emulators out there have support for a variety of classic platforms. This is a free-to-use emulator that can be freely downloaded from here.

best ps1 emulators

Xebra Emulator

Here is an emulator that you might have not heard of. This is an emulator developed by Dr. Hell from Japan. If you have had trouble with the previous emulators not installing or having performance issues on your low-end system, Xebra is the one you need to be installing. There is even a mobile version available for those who want to play PS1 games on the move. While the website is completely in Japanese, you can use Google Translate to read through and understand how the setup and working of the emulator. It is free to download for PC and Mobile.

best ps1 emulators

Super PSX Plus

Here is a PS1 emulator for your mobile devices that lets you play PS1 and even PSP games. This is a simple no-frills emulator that you can use to play your PS1 games. It’s so simple that all you need to have is your BIOS and the PS1 ROM. Once you have them, simply load them up and play right away. While the emulator has a pretty good 4.1 out of 5 rating in the PlayStore, there are still a number of issues that seem to be plaguing the emulator like a few issues with save games The good news is that the dev is working on fixing these issues in The source code of this emulator is freely available, meaning that you can try to build your own emulator. Get the Super PSX Plus emulator from here.

best ps1 emulators


And these are the best available emulators of PC and Android that can be used to play PS1 games easily. Now, you will need to have the BIOS file in order to run the emulator which can be found from a number of sources on the internet. The same can also be said for the games. There are plenty of places where you can find PS1 ROMs for you to try and enjoy. Or, if you have game discs for the PS1, you can simply create dump files and play your games on your PC or mobile.

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