How to Get Windows 11 Insider Builds with Insider Preview Program on Windows 10 [Updated]

Windows 11 has finally been announced by Microsoft! The new operating system has undergone a major UI and performance overhaul. While there are new icons and a revamped settings app, Windows 11 sounds to be one of the best Windows operating systems for the decade. Now that the insider update is officially available, here is a guide on how to join Windows Insider Program to get Windows 11 Insider Builds on Windows 10.

While there are a few days left for the Windows 11 insider preview builds to be released, you can take a look at all the new features by heading here. You can also rock the new Windows 11 wallpapers by heading here. While the update to Windows 11 will be free to all Windows 10 users, we could see the official rollout of the OS sometime in October – November this year. Without further ado, let’s take a deep on how to get Windows 11 Insider builds.

How to get Windows 11 Beta through Windows Insider Program

What is the Windows Insider Program

The Windows Insider Program is a whole community of people who wish to test and try out the latest builds from Microsoft. These builds usually are previews of what one could expect as a final release which later rolls out as a major update. The builds have experimental features so you can expect a lot of bugs as well as an insatiable device. With Microsoft one just being announced, the only way to get your hands on the brand-new operating system is by registering and becoming a Windows Insider.

Types of Build Channels

As a Windows Insider, you have an option to choose between the Dev Channel, Beta Channel, and the Release Preview Channel. Depending on the channel that you opt-in, the updates will defer based on stability as well a few features that may or may not make it to the other and final builds.

how to get windows 11 insider builds
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The Dev Channel

The Dev Channel is where you will be getting access to the newest features and updates that may break or fix a few things. These updates are usually the most unstable ones and contain a large number of bugs The channel is recommended if you are fine living with most of the issues and are willing to provide feedback to Microsoft.

The Beta Channel

Here is where you will get a bit more stable and reliable updates. Now, you might sometimes not see updates that were in the Dev Channel over in the Beta Channel It could be that the feature or function was removed because it could be breaking a lot of things or the feature needs some more working out. Also, feedback is taken by Microsoft from testers in the Beta Channel.

The Release Preview Channel

Here is where you get the most stable updates which you can expect to be later rolled out to the public. The updates in this channel are safety install and many people who don’t want to mess around with various system issues usually opt for this channel. This channel doesn’t require you to send any feedback whatsoever.

Check System eligibility for Windows 11

This is an important step that you need to perform as Windows 11 has a set of minimum requirements as well as additional hardware requirements to get the update to Windows 11. You can check if your system is eligible to update to Windows 11 by downloading Microsoft’s PC Health Checker app that will determine if your system is eligible to receive the update. If you are eligible to receive the update, you can then apply to be a Windows Insider and get the beta update to Windows 11 right away.

how to get windows 11 insider builds

Register as a Windows Insider for Windows 11 Beta updates

To register as a Windows Insider to get the latest developer updates, do the following

  1. Open the Settings app and click on Update and Security.
  2. Click on the Windows insider Program that is on the left pane.
  3. Now click on Get Started.
  4. Here you will have to sign in with your Microsoft Account.
  5. Once signed in it will ask you to select a channel (Developer, Beta, or Release Preview) to join.
  6. Choose the one you prefer.
  7. That’s it.
how to get windows 11 insider builds

Now that you have joined the Windows insider program to receive Insider Preview updates for Windows 11. Microsoft has pushed the first insider preview build of Windows 11, if you’re running on Windows 10 and your PC is eligible for upgrade then you can opt the insider preview program to update your system to the new Windows 11 insider build.

To get the update, all you need to do is, head over to the Settings app > Update & Security > check for updates > you’ll see Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (co_release) build. The installation may take a while (it takes more than an hour for me).

However, systems that only meet the minimum hardware requirements will be receiving updates a bit slower as compared to those systems that have the perfect hardware to receive all the test builds of Windows 11.


If you wish, you can always opt-out of the Insider program for Windows 11, but, do keep in mind that if you wish to do so, you will need to have the Windows 10 ISO file as it requires you to perform a clean install to go back to Windows 10.

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