Windows 11 Startup Sound is now available for download (MP3 & MP4)

Windows 11 launch event just wrapped up and it was a great event for Windows users. Microsoft announces Windows 11 with a major UI overhaul. Windows 11 brings a number of new features, intuitive UI changes, upgraded Microsoft Store, and more. An early impression of Windows 11 flaunts the aesthetic wallpapers, startup sound, UI, and more. We’ve already shared the Windows 11 wallpapers. Now it’s time to check the Windows 11 Startup Sound with the download link.

Just a few days ago, Microsoft shared a video featuring Startup sounds from Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7, although, the playback speed of the video is too much slow (Microsoft says it’s 4,000% times slow). But the video is suggesting the new Windows 11 Startup Sound is the same as in the video (here you will get the official Windows 11 startup sound). The Slo-fi remix video is 11 minutes long, here you can check out the video if you want to hear old start sounds.

Windows 11 Features

In the Windows event, Windows 11 introduced with a bunch of new features that will make the Windows experience next level. Not to mention that it will be faster and responsive. Windows 11 comes with redesigned almost everything, Teams integration, an Improved gaming experience with HDR, a new way to use multiple apps, support for Android apps through the Amazon app store, and more. Windows 11 also comes with a new start up sound.

Start menu now placed to the center of the taskbar by default but you can change it to left side if you want. It also gets some other changes such as updated icons in Start Menu will replace the Sans tiles, new animations are great, improved touch controls, better multi-tasking ways, and more.

Download Windows 11 Startup Sound

And as you know it also gets a new startup sound, so we are here with the latest Windows 11 startup sound or Windows 11 theme sound. You can download the soothing Windows 11 start sound for your PC and phone.

All thanks to Tom Warren for sharing the official Windows 11 start sound which is impressive. You can refer to his original tweet here for the Windows 11 startup sound window in Mp4 video format. But if you only want the Audio for Windows 11 startup sound, then you can use the download link below. The windows 11 start sound audio is available in 128bitrate.

Windows 11 Startup Sound is a fresh remake of Windows Vista or Windows 7 start sound. What do you think about the new startup sound of Windows OS, make sure to let us know in the comment box.

The Windows 11 official will be available next week as an Insider Preview program. So if you have a supported Windows PC, you can apply for Windows 11 insider preview. So if you want to taste the features of Windows 11 beta before others, enroll for Insider Program from Settings.

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