Can my PC run Windows 11?


Windows 11 has finally been announced by Microsoft and there are a lot of new things to explore in the new Windows OS.

What's New!

Windows 11 comes with a new Start Menu, Store (with Android apps support), Taskbar, Widgets, Snap Layouts, and much more.

Windows 11 also brings in new wallpapers, icons, and settings. There is also a revamped Quick Actions UI that’s more pleasant to look at.

There is also a revamped Microsoft Store which will  now be filled with a lot of apps for you to download, thanks to the new revenue model revealed by Microsoft.

Can my current PC run Windows 11?

With less than a few months to go for the Windows 11 to reach the public as a free update, it’s best to know if your current system will support it. 

Minimum System Requirements

You will need to have a processor with 1GHz and at least 2 cores and 4GB RAM to get Windows 11 working fine.

Storage and Graphics Card

Like seen with Windows 10, Windows 11 requires that you have a minimum of 64 GB of storage and a good GPU that has Direct X12 support and  WDDM 2.0 drivers.


A good 720p display should be fine enough for Windows 11.

System Firmware and TPM v2

If you’ve got a Windows 10 system then you already have UEFI and secure boot enabled already. TPM 2.0 is also must to run Windows 11 OS.