How to use Google Chromecast with iPhone [Guide]

Streaming services are getting better and better as time goes by. What’s even better is the fact that you can stream your content from your mobile phone to your smart TV wirelessly either through Apple AirPlay or via Google Chromecast. However, if you have an Apple TV device, you can only cast or stream using Apple AirPlay 2 using your iOS device. On the other hand, if you have an Android-powered TV or for that matter a device that has Google Chromecast built-in, you can easily connect to it using your Android and iOS device. Here is a guide that shows you how to use or connect iPhone to Google Chromecast.

With Google Chromecast, you can access a ton of Google Apps, services, and other features on your regular TV. It turns your regular HD TV into a smart one. You can stream a ton of apps, use the TV as a projector screen and even browse the web on your TV without an issue. Google’s Chromecast device is the perfect solution for all of this and works exceptionally great with Smart TVs that do not have Chromecast built-in. Read on to know how to use Google Chromecast with Apple iPhone.

How to Connect Apple iPhone to Google Chromecast


  • iPhone running latest updated software
  • Google Home app for iOS
  • A smart TV
  • Google Chromecast device

How to use Google Chromecast with iPhone

  1. If your Smart TV has Google Chromecast built-in, well and good. If not, you purchase one from the Google Store online.
  2. Plug the Google Chromecast device into your Smart TVs HDMI input port.
  3. Your Smart TV with built-in Chromecast, as well as your external Chromecast and your iPhone should all be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Now, download the Google Home app from the iOS App Store.
  5. If you have purchased the Chromecast device, make sure the TV’s input is the same as that of the connected device’s port.
  6. Launch the Google Home app on your iPhone. It will ask you to sign in with a Google Account.
  7. Once done, select Create Another Home.
    how to use google chromecast with iphone
  8. Here it will now ask you to choose what kind of a Google device you will be looking for.
    how to use google chromecast with iphone
  9. Select Chromecast from the list. The app will begin to look for Chromecast devices nearby.
  10. You need to make sure that your Chromecast is plugged in, and connected to a power source.
  11. Now, the app will find your Chromecast, it will display a code on the app.
  12. Your TV will also display the code. Once you match both the codes, your iPhone will now be connected to the Google Chromecast on your TV.
how to use google chromecast with iphone


So yes, you can connect your iPhone to the Google Chromecast easily with the help of the Google Home app. While this works best on almost any TV, for some reason, Apple TVs does not support Chromecast and nor does it support Miracast. If you have ever thought of connecting or screen mirroring your Android device to the Apple TV, that can only be done if you have an iOS device. However, we hope to see things shakeup, and Apple TVs bring in native support for Chromecast and even Miracast to their systems.

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If you still have any queries on how to use or connect iPhone with Google Chromecast then leave a comment in the comment section.

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