How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to the TV

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you will know that playing games on your Switch is possible when connected to your Switch Dock to the TV. With the Switch connected to your TV via the Switch dock, playing RPGs and multiplayer games gets better. However, there can be times when your Switch might be having issues connecting to your TV. If this is a problem you seem to be facing, then you have come to the right place.

Fix the Nintendo Switch Not Connecting To the TV

The only sensible way to get your Nintendo Switch connected to your TV is by making use of the Switch Dock. The Nintendo Switch and the Switch OLED models are the only two consoles that can be used with a Switch Dock. The Switch Lite cannot connect to a dock. Because you have to use the Switch Dock to connect the console to your TV, there could be many things that could go wrong. Here is a list of items that you need to check if they are faulty.

  • Switch Dock
  • Cables to and from Switch Dock
  • Check if the Nintendo Switch is powered on.

If there is no physical damage to any of the above items, it is best to ensure that the cables, the Switch, and the Dock are plugged in properly. Loosely connected cables and devices can simply result in the Switch not displaying anything on your TV. If the cables have got damaged internally, then you will have to replace them with new ones.

Use Original Nintendo Cables and Accessories

When it comes to devices, particularly the Nintendo Switch, it is always best to make use of original accessories and cables only. Everyone stresses using original cables and accessories because they are designed to work perfectly fine with the Nintendo Switch. While there are third-party cables that can be used with the Switch, these cables might not always work.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to the TV

For example, the cable only be able to transfer power but might not be able to transfer video out from the Switch Dock to your TV.

Check Your Switch AC Adaptor

Use only the original Nintendo Switch adaptor when you plan to charge your Nintendo Switch or to power up the Switch Dock. Having the right adaptor ensures you have a proper power supply to the Switch. Wrong or damaged adaptors are not suitable as they might either be a fire hazard or they simply might not be able to draw the necessary power required for the Switch and the Switch Dock.

Check your TV Input

A lot of people make the classic mistake of not switching the TV’s input, to which the Switch Dock is connected. If you have a TV and have multiple input devices connected to it, use your remote and switch to the right input source. You can switch your TV’s input by using the remote control or pressing the input or source button on your TV if your TV has the button. So make sure that you have the right input selected. One more thing. Make sure that you connect the HDMI cable to the input port of your TV and not the HDMI ARC output port.

Check If Your Switch Has Pending Updates

The Switch rarely gets updates. However, if your Switch has an update pending while you have the Switch connected to your Switch Dock. It is ideal first to get the update installed on your Switch and then connect your Switch to the TV using the Switch Dock. Follow these steps to update or check for updates on your Nintendo Switch

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to the TV
  1. Select the System Settings icon from the Home Menu on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Now, select System from the left-hand side of the screen and choose System Update.
  3. The Switch will now check for updates if available and download them
  4. And, that is how you can update the Nintendo Switch’s firmware.

Reconnect All Your Devices

Sometimes, there can be glitches with the Nintendo Switch not automatically switching to TV Mode. So in this case it would be advisable to unplug the Switch and the cables from the Switch Dock and then plug them back in. With everything plugged in, ensure that you have your TV Input switches to the correct input source. It can also take a few moments for the Switch’s screen to display on your TV, and that is normal.

Manually Enable Tablet Mode on your Switch

If for some reason your Switch is not automatically switching to TV Mode when you plug it into the Switch Dock, it would be to simply slide out the Joy-Cons from the Switch. Then see if it would switch to TV Mode. If it does, well and good. If not, a restart of the console would help solve this issue.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to the TV

Also when you are there, restart the Switch, ensure to restart your TV as well, and don’t forget to switch to the right input source.

Use Another Switch Dock 

While the Switch Dock is the best way to play your Switch games on the big screen, with it being an electronic device, the chances of it going bad or malfunctioning are slim, but never zero. So, before you get yourself a new Switch Dock, borrow a Switch Dock from your friend if they have one and test if your Switch can display its screen on your TV. If it does, then it might be time to get a new Switch Dock.

Connect Your Dock to Another TV

If you feel that your Switch Dock is not the issue, a better option would be to try to connect the Dock to another TV. When you connect it to another TV, you can check and see if the screen shows up on your other monitor or TV. If it does display on the other TV or monitor, it could be possible that the HDMI input port on your TV might be damaged or loose. You will have to get that fixed.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the guide on the numerous troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix the Nintendo Switch displaying a black screen on your TV when using the Switch Dock. If you still do not have any luck, it would be advisable to first perform a factory reset of your Nintendo Switch. You can follow this guide to perform the reset.

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