Can You Watch Movies On Your Nintendo Switch?

When you think about the Nintendo Switch, what comes to your mind? Mario and Pokémon games. While others would say Legend of Zelda games and for some it would be the portability aspect. We all know that the Nintendo Switch is a portable handheld gaming device. Did you know you can also use the gaming console as a streaming device?

If you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows on the Xbox and PlayStation family of consoles, it is only fair to have the option to stream such content on your Nintendo Switch. But, can you stream your favorite movies and TV shows on your Switch? Let’s find out.

Can You Watch Movies on Nintendo Switch?

The straightforward answer is yes. You can watch and stream your favorite movies on the Nintendo Switch. There are a good number of apps that you can install on your Nintendo Switch to stream your movies and TV shows.

There are several apps that you can install from the Nintendo Store to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

What Streaming Apps Are Available On The Switch?

This is where things come to a dead end. You see, there isn’t a large buffet of streaming apps available for you to install onto your Nintendo Switch. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot stream movies.

Here are the streaming services that you can install on your Nintendo Switch.

  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll

Earlier, there used to be streaming services like Pokémon TV and Twitch. However, these services have been discontinued. So, even if you own the app or have it installed on your Switch, it will no longer work. It is best if you uninstall them, as there seem to be no plans to bring these services back to the handheld gaming console.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch

YouTube is a great platform for you to enjoy all your favorite content. Whether it’s content about your games, your hobbies, or even live events, you can watch all of it here. So what about movies? Well, YouTube does offer you a fine selection of movies that you can choose to either rent or buy.

Additionally, there are various channels on YouTube that you can check out that upload full-length movies for free. These are usually official channels, so you should have no problems watching your favorite movies if they are on YouTube.

The YouTube app for the Nintendo Switch weighs 163MB and can be used in the various modes available with the Nintendo Switch such as the Table Top Mode, TV Mode, and the Handheld Mode. To install the YouTube app on your Nintendo Switch, you can visit this link.

Hulu on Nintendo Switch

Another alternative to streaming services for your Nintendo Switch is Hulu. Hulu has a large library of streaming services. You can pick to watch from the thousands of shows and movies that the service has to offer every month. Apart from just watching movies and TV shows, did you know that Hulu also has a lot of live channels to offer?

Hulu has live TV channels from services such as ESPN, FOX, ABC, and a few other notable services. The service has 60+ live TV channels for you to stream through. Best of all, Hulu also has nice plans that you can subscribe to. You can select plans that have ads and plans that show no ads.

Just like the YouTube app for the Switch, you can also use the Hulu app in the various modes available. The Hulu app for the Nintendo Switch weighs 87MB and can be installed by heading here.

Crunchyroll on Nintendo Switch

For all those gamers who play anime-related games, here is your chance to enjoy your favorite anime shows on your Nintendo Switch. From all the newest anime shows to the popular and classic ones, Crunchyroll has it all in its vast library. You can also make use of the free 14-day trial, which grants you access to Crunchyroll Premium free from ads.

The Crunchyroll app for the Nintendo Switch weighs 185MB. You can use the app on your Switch in the various modes available. To obtain the Crunchyroll application for the Nintendo Switch, please proceed to this link.

Closing Thoughts

Now you know Nintendo Switch supports watching tv shows and movies streaming. The Switch does have a web browser, but it is difficult to adjust it so that you can access other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. But with the 3 streaming options available, it should be good enough, since the Switch is primarily a gaming console and not a media player for movies and music.

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