How to Update Firmware on Nintendo Switch to The Latest Version

If you’re talking about portable gaming and at the same time want to enjoy your favorite Mario titles, the obvious answer is to get the Nintendo Switch. While enjoying your games on the go, it is also important that you keep the Nintendo Switch updated at all times. Updates for the Nintendo Switch help keep your system stable, get access to new features, and better protect the system.

Knowing how to update Nintendo Switch is very important. Imagine a scenario where you plan to play a game but you first have to download and install a software update. This is not an experience anyone wants, so keeping your Nintendo Switch to the latest update and checking for updates regularly is important. In today’s guide, we will show you how you can update your Switch.

How To Update Nintendo Switch

Updating Nintendo Switch is simple and easy. We have also listed the steps that you can follow to update its Joy-Con controllers and Switch Dock.

Check For Firmware Updates On Nintendo Switch

Here are the steps to manually update your Nintendo Switch.

  1. Select the System Settings icon from the Home Menu on your Nintendo Switch.
    How To Update Nintendo Switch
  2. Now, select System from the left-hand side of the screen and choose System Update.
    How To Update Nintendo Switch
  3. The Switch will now check for updates if available and download them.
  4. And, that is how you can update Nintendo Switch’s firmware.

These steps work for the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch, and also for the OLED models. Now, let’s talk about how you can update the Joy-Cons for your Nintendo Switch.

Update Nintendo Switch Controller Firmware

At times, Nintendo also releases software updates for the Joy-Cons. Here is how you can update those controllers.

  1. First, you need to make sure that your Switch is running the latest available software update.
  2. Once you have determined your Switch is running the latest firmware, select System Settings.
  3. Now navigate and select the Controllers and Sensors option.
  4. Finally, select Update Controllers. If there is any update available, it will be downloaded and installed on your Joy-Con controllers.
  5. If you have multiple Joy-Cons, these will be updated one by one.

You can update the firmware of your Joy-Cons using the Switch and the OLED model of the Switch. The Switch Lite does not have support to update controller firmware.

Update Nintendo Switch Dock Firmware

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch also has options to update the firmware for your Switch Dock. Do note that it can update only the dock that came with the OLED Switch. Other docks that came with the earlier model of the Switch cannot be updated. To be specific, only the docks that have the LAN port number HE G-007 can be updated. Here are the steps.

  1. Ensure that your OLED Switch is running on the latest available firmware.
  2. Have the OLED Switch plugged into the Dock.
  3. Now, open System Settings from the Home.
  4. Navigate to System and choose Update Dock.
  5. The Switch will begin to check for any updates if available for the Dock.
  6. If updates are found, select the Begin Update option.
  7. Once the firmware has been downloaded, it will be installed on your OLED Switch’s Dock.

This concludes the guide on how to update the firmware for your Nintendo Switch, controllers, and Switch Dock. Having these devices updated ensures that they are stable and at times gives you access to new features if made available by Nintendo. If you have questions or queries feel free to leave them below.

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