How to Enable Split Screen on Android 11 [Detailed Guide]

Android 11 is the latest Android version that packs many new features. Google has also changed the UI in Android 11. And the new UI means new ways to control some of the available features. Split Screen is available on Android phones since Android Nougat or even before and you also get it on Android 11. But accessing this feature can be different depending on the custom UI and the Android version. And so here you will know how to enable Split Screen on Android 11.

Android 11 is now available on plenty of devices. All OEMs are working on the updates to push Android 11 for the remaining devices. Now all OEMs prefer Gestures instead of Navigation bar. The gesture option allows you to easily navigate between apps and other functions. But if you are new to gestures, then you may have to learn default gestures. And this also makes it difficult to use the Split Screen feature on the device.

How to Start Split Mode on Android 11

Split Screen is a feature that allows users to use two apps or games at a time. Most of the apps support split screen features, but when it comes to games, only a few games support this feature. This is a useful feature for a device with a bigger display but not quite used in small phones.

How to Enable Split Screen on Android 11

So if you have a big phone and want to use two apps at a time. Then this guide is for you. With the help of this guide, you can enable split screen on Android 11 running devices. This will help you enjoy multitasking on your phone with Android 11.

The split screen feature is easily accessible in Android Nougat. In Android Nougat you can easily drag and drop any apps from the recent screen to enable split screen. But now it is a different process to access as there are different custom OS with the latest Android 11. Let’s now jump into the steps.

Steps to enter split mode on Android 11

  1. Open both apps on your phone that you want to use in split mode.
  2. Now switch to the recent apps screen on your phone. The process can depend on the navigation mode you are using.
  3. In the recent apps screen, navigate to the app that you want to open on top in split screen. Don’t open it yet.
  4. Now long press on the app and it will show some options. Select the Split Screen option. On some devices long tap me not work so tap on three dots and choose the Split option.How to Enable Split Screen on Android 11
  5. It will open the app in the upper half area. And then in the below half open the second app.
  6. Now you can use two apps at a time like watching videos while browsing.

The split screen can also be used in landscape mode if you want. First app will open on the left and the second app on the right side. If you don’t get the option for split screen, then it means the app doesn’t support this feature. But most of the apps support this feature, so it won’t be a big issue for users.

In the split screen you can also use the navigation gesture to go backward in both apps separately.

Once you are able to enable split mode on Android 11, you can easily access it the next time. But now you may be wondering how to disable or exit the split mode on Android 11. And so here we will also share the guide to Disable split mode.

Steps to Disable Split Screen on Android 11

The only difficult part is to enable split screen and you can easily exit split screen when you don’t want to use split screen in Android 11. 

  1. To exit the split screen on your phone, touch and drag the middle bar to top or bottom.
  2. You can either drag up to open the below app or you can drag down to open the app on the upper section.
  3. Now you can use the app in the full window.

This way you can easily exit the split screen on your Android 11 phone.

In case if you want an app on the larger screen in the split screen mode, then you can easily resize it. The trick is just drag and drop the middle bar up to the area you want to extend. It is the same as exiting from the split screen but don’t drag to the extreme.

So there you have it, the guide on how to enable split screen on Android 11. If you are looking for more Android 11 guides, then stay connected to our website and get the max out of Android 11. In case if you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Is there a way to completely remove this feature from Android 11? I am constantly doing this accidentally when I press the recent apps button to close an app and find it more annoying than useful.


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