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How to Enable Full Performance Mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are the latest popular and top rated flagship phones with 108MP camera setup as the main feature. All three Galaxy S20 phones come with great specifications which makes the Galaxy S20 series popular in the market. It has all the features that every user wants on their phones like design, camera, battery, processor, display, memory and more. But the device is customized to perform average by default. And so you need to manually tweak the phone to get better performance. Here you will know How to enable full performance mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones.

Although the device has a beautiful 120Hz display, but it has a limitation that 120Hz only works on FHD+ resolution not in QHD+ resolution. There is a 120Hz option but by default, it is not enabled to save battery life on the device and so we will also guide to enable a 120Hz refresh rate on your Samsung S20. Samsung phones are known for their top class performance and on top of that Samsung provides options to choose the performance mode by users choice.

The users are disappointed with only one thing which is the limitation of the 120Hz refresh rate. It doesn’t work on many apps and Full HD+ resolution. But soon we get to see some tweak or in the next update, Samsung might bring the option to enable 120Hz in QHD+. We will post a guide once it is possible using any third party app or tweak. So for now we can use the available options to maximize the performance of the phone.

How to Enable Full Performance Power Mode on Galaxy S20

Samsung keeps the performance average to save battery life. So if you enable the maximum performance the phone will decrease the battery performance. You can simply enable the options from settings to increase the performance of the device.

  1. First, open the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy S20.
  2. Now scroll down below and you will find the Device care, open it. How to enable high performance on Galaxy S20
  3. Inside the option, you will find a few other options, so select the Battery option from the list. How to enable high performance on Galaxy S20
  4. In Battery, you will find the Power Mode option under Power Management so open it. How to enable 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung S20
  5. When it opens various Power Mode options select the High Performance. How to enable high performance on Galaxy S20
  6. Restart your Galaxy S20 once and enjoy the maximum performance on your phone.

So that’s all you have to do in order to increase the performance of the device. But you will not be able to enjoy the smooth touch response and refresh rate if you do not enable the 120Hz refresh rate option. And so to set the display refresh rate to 120Hz follow the below steps.

Want to download Firmware for your phone check SamFirm or Frija tool.

How to Enable 120Hz Refresh Rate on Samsung Galaxy S20

By now you would have already known that the 120Hz will reduce the resolution to FHD+ so if you want to use the display QHD+ resolution you need to use the standard 60Hz refresh rate. But if you want to use the 120Hz smooth display then go ahead and follow the below steps.

  1. Once again head over to Settings on your Galaxy S20.
  2. Now go to the Display option under Settings. How to enable 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung S20
  3. Then look for the Motion smoothness option which you will find below adaptive brightness and open it.
  4. It will open the refresh rate option page where you can select the 120Hz option.
  5. It will now enable the smoother 120Hz refresh rate and you can feel it while using the phone.

So this way you can change the refresh rate of your Galaxy S20 phones. Later Samsung could add the option to choose 120Hz with QHD+ and maybe we can get the unofficial method soon. Stay tuned for more Galaxy S20 guides.

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So there you have it the guide to enable the High Performance Power Mode and 120Hz refresh rate on Samsung S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. If you have any questions on your mind then let us know in the comment section below and Enjoy.

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