How to download apps on TCL Roku TV [Guide]

Smart TVs can be defined as one of the most important gadgets in the house. Why? Well, TVs for at the beginning used to just be huge boxes with audio and video playing out from either a cable or a satellite dish. Modern TVs however have become slimmer and smarter. Thanks to various Smart TV operating systems available. One of the popular TV brands out there in the market is TCL. These are TVs that are priced at an affordable tag and come with Roku OS Preinstalled. If you are someone that has just got a new TCL Roku TV and wants to install apps or channels as they are called, this guide is on how to download apps on TCL Roku TV.

Of course, you grab a cable network connection and watch your TV Channels, but, the bills will eventually be pretty high. So if you have a Roku OS TV, then you are in luck. You get to access the Channel store with a range of free apps for you to download and stream on your TV Sure, there are paid and free apps that you can choose to download. Paid in the sense that you might need to purchase a subscription plan to access the apps streaming services. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at how to download apps on TCL Roku TV.

How to Add Apps to TCL Roku TV

There are three ways that you can follow to add apps to your TCL Roku TV. These are simple and very easy ways. The methods mentioned below will also show you how to install apps if you do not have access to your TCL Roku TV.

Method 1 Via The Channel Store

how to download apps on tcl roku tv
  1. Power up your TCL Roku TV and connect it to a WiFi network.
  2. Press the Home button on your TCL Roku remote.
  3. Select the Streaming Channels option on the screen.
  4. You will now see a list of categories for you to choose from.
  5. Simply scroll and browse through the categories for the particular app that you wish to install.
  6. Once you have found the app that you wish to install, select it and then select the Add Channel button.
  7. The app will now be downloaded and installed on your TCL Roku TV.

Method 2 Via The Web

how to download apps on tcl roku tv
  1. Go to your PC and launch your favorite browser.
  2. Now, head over to
  3. Click on the My Account button to sign in.
  4. Make sure to sign in with the same Roku account that you have signed with on your TCL Roku TV.
  5. Once signed in, simply enter the name of the channel you want on your TV in the search box.
  6. With the channel found, click on it and then click on the Add Channel or Purchase button.
  7. Once you have added the channel, go to your TCL Roku TV.
  8. Open the Settings menu, followed by System and finally System Update.
  9. Now, click on the Check Now button.
  10. The TV will check for updates and install any channels if you have added them.
  11. You will now see your added channel on your TV’s home screen.

Method 3 Via the Roku App

how to download apps on tcl roku tv
  1. The Roku app is free to download on Android and iOS.
  2. Launch the Roku app and log in with your Roku credentials.
  3. Tap on the Channels tab, then select the Channel Store option.
  4. You can now browse and select the channel that you want on your TCL Roku TV.
  5. Simply tap on the Add Channel option and you will now have the app tied to your Roku account.
  6. If you have set up a PIN to your Roku, you will have to enter it.
  7. Now that this is done, simply check for updates on your TCL Roku TV.
  8. The newly added channel will be downloaded and installed on your TCL Roku TV.


And this is how you can download the apps to your TCL Roku TV. It surely is a good way to add specific channels to your TCL Roku TV without needing to use the TV itself to add these channels. If you have any doubts or queries on how to download apps to your TCL Roku TV, let us know them in the comments below.

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