How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24 (Ultra)

Samsung has recently introduced its newest premium flagship series, the Galaxy S24, featuring significant improvements over its predecessors. For Galaxy S24 owners looking to enhance their device’s gaming performance, disabling the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) could be a viable option. This article provides a guide on how to turn off GOS on Galaxy S24.

The raw performance of the Galaxy S24 is pretty solid but you can further improve the performance. There are many ways to improve gaming performance such as clearing other games from memory, proper internet connection for online games, and much more. Disabling GOS is also a way to improve some device performance during gaming and other GPU tasks.

GOS, short for Game Optimizing Service, is a service that was introduced by Samsung a few years ago to prevent devices from overheating by limiting the performance. By disabling GOS, you can break the performance limit. Remember that disabling GOS will cause the device to overheat and may consume more battery. And performance cannot remain stable for long because the CPU will throttle anyway after reaching the heating limit.

Note: You may not notice much difference with or without GOS. So, consider this guide primarily for educational purposes.

Turn Off Game Optimizing Service on Galaxy S24

If you frequently play games and want high fps and performance, then you can follow these steps to turn off GOS on your Galaxy S24 devices.

Enable USB Debugging

  1. Open Settings on your Phone and go to About Phone.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24
  2. Now go to Software Information and tap 7 times on Build Number. Enter your password and developer options will be enabled.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24
  3. Go back to Settings and now open Developer Options.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24
  4. Here enable USB Debugging. Connect your phone to your PC.

Disable GOS

  1. Download and extract Android platform tools folder on your PC.
  2. Go to the extracted folder. Now type cmd in the address bar and press enter.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24
  3. In the CMD panel enter adb devices. It will ask for authorization, allow it on your phone.
  4. Now download Universal Android Debloater (uad_gui-windows.exe) from GitHub. Move the downloaded file to extracted folder (platform tools).
  5. Open the downloaded debloater and it will detect your phone right away. You can also use other debloater apps that you like.
  6. In the app go to Settings and check all three boxes and go back to Apps tab.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24
  7. Now search for ‘gos’ in the search box. Select
  8. Click on Disable to turn off GOS on your Galaxy S24.
    How to Disable GOS on Galaxy S24

You can enable the GOS back the same way. Also the same process can be used for other Galaxy phones.

Disabling GOS on Samsung devices does not guarantee improved gaming performance, though some improvement in apps and games loading times can be expected.

Users have found that disabling GOS offers high performance in the initial minutes of gameplay, but performance decreases due to CPU throttling to prevent overheating, maintaining the performance similar to when GOS is enabled.

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