How to Add Widgets to Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phones

When it comes to customization options, your best option is to get yourself an Android smartphone. Samsung’s S24 lineup does have a lot of great customization options thanks to the One UI 6.1 skin that runs on top of Android 14.

Prior to the release of the new skin, the ability to add widgets on the lock screen wasn’t possible. If your Galaxy phone is eligible for One UI 6.1 or running on the newest skin, you can add widgets to your phone’s lock screen. Here’s the step-by-step guide on adding widgets to the lock screen on your phone.

If you are planning to make your lock screen look unique and have the necessary information available without having to unlock the device and launch an app, this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

How to Add Lock Screen Widgets on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Adding lock screen widgets on your Galaxy S24 is quite a simple and easy task. Best of all, you do not need to install any Good Lock modules or for that matter even any type of third-party app to get this feature working. The process is fairly simple and does not take any time to set up widgets.

You can easily add widgets to your lock screen from a set of various apps. Now, if the third-party app has widgets that can be added to the lock screen, well, and good. If not, you will have to do so with whatever lock screen widgets are available. Here are the steps.

How to Add Widgets to Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phones
  1. Tap and hold anywhere on the home screen of your Galaxy S24.
  2. You will see the Wallpapers and Style option at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap on it.
  3. You will now be taken to the wallpaper and Style page.
  4. When you see your lock screen, simply tap on it.
  5. On the Lock screen, you will see many options. In the middle of the screen right under the clock, you can see the option that says + Widgets
  6. Tap on the + Widgets text box.
  7. You will get to choose from 6 different first-party app widgets that can be added to your lock screen.
  8. Simply tap on the app and choose the widget that you would like to display on your lock screen.
  9. You can also change the style of the clock by simply tapping on it. The clock widget lets you customize the clock face, the fonts as well as the colors that you like.
  10. Once you are done with adjusting the widget, tap on the Done button at the top right corner.
  11. You can now view the widgets on your screen by locking it and waking it up.
How to Add Widgets to Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phones

First Party Widgets List

Here’s a list of the different apps whose widgets can be added to the lock screen of your Galaxy S24.

  1. Battery – 2 widgets
  2. Calendar – 2 widgets
  3. Clock – 1 widget
  4. Reminder – 2 widgets
  5. Samsung Health – 2 widgets
  6. Weather – 7 widgets

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the guide on how you can easily add widgets to the lock screen of your Galaxy S24. Yes, the widgets options are quite less right now, but, we hope to see more Samsung first-party apps as well as other app developers create widgets that can be added to the lock screen for devices running on Android 14 or newer.

Do you like adding lock screen widgets to your Galaxy S24? Share your thoughts down below.

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