How To Record Internal Game Audio on Android 10 Phones

In Android 9 or lower version, it is not possible to record internal game sound until or unless it is rooted. If you are a gamer then you know most probably like to record some moments that you want to share. But due to incompatibility of recording internal sound in Android phones was not possible but with Android 10 now it is possible. So here we are going to tell you How to Record Internal Game Audio on Android 10 devices. record internal game audio on Android 10

There can be multiple reasons to capture or record screens while playing a game such as you like to share on YouTube or to save the best moments in-game. And this is frustrating when you can not record the game with internal audio. I am also a gamer and I have tested almost all the Screen Recorders available for Android Phones but failed to record internal game audio or sound. Remember I am not talking about phones with root access which has the option to record internal game sound. The problem is with the Android system which does not support the internal audio recording. But finally, with Android 10, we can now record internal game audio with screen recorder apps without rooting the phone.

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Now many phones have started receiving the Android 10 update so this guide may help you to enjoy the latest feature. As this feature is new, only a few screen recorders will be compatible right now. So make sure to use the given Screen Recorder or you can also test its alternatives. So now let’s jump into the steps to record Internal Game sound on Android phones running on Android 10.

How to Record Internal Game Audio on Android Phones

  1. Install Screen Recorder – No Ads on your Android phone from Play Store. If you already have the recorder then make sure to update it.
  2. Open Screen Recorder on your phone and it will ask for the location to save file so tap on ‘OK’.
  3. Now it will open the location in File Manager, there you need to select ‘Allow access to movies’.
  4. A confirmation box will appear where you need to Allow it for the access to the Movies location.
  5. In the App open the side menu (tap on three bars on the top right). And then open the Settings. record internal game audio on Android 10
  6. In Settings scroll to the Video section and make sure Record Audio option is enabled.
  7. Also, select the ‘Internal Sound’ option in Audio Source. You can also make other changes that you like.
  8. After changing the settings again open the side menu and select Videos and it will ask for permissions, so allow it. It will also ask you to enable ‘display over other Apps’, you need to enable it to record screen while on the other App. record internal game audio on Android 10
  9. Now click on Recorder icon (bottom left) and it will display four icons click on the left-most icon to start capturing the screen. record internal game audio on Android 10
  10. A pop up with warning will appear so in this case tap on ‘OK’. It will now start recording the phone screen and you can turn it off when you want from the notification panel. Or you can set another action to stop the recording from Screen Recorder App Settings.

There are still a few things you need to know about the recording of internal game sound in Android Phones. We will cover this on the FAQ section below so make sure to read it.


Can I Record Audio in all the Apps and Games?

No, only you can record the audio of the Apps and Games which allows this feature. As this is a new Android feature so most of the developers are unaware of it and they didn’t allow this for Android 10. But soon most of the Games and Apps will allow as they get to know about it.

Do we have to Root our phones with Android 10 to capture In-Game Audio?

No, you do not need to Root your phone if it is running on Android 10. Because in Android 10 Google has added the new API called AudioPlaybackCapture which allows the screen recorder Apps to record Internal Audio in any App or Game.

How can I Record Internal Game Audio in Android Pie or lower version?

You can Record Internal Game sounds only if your phone is rooted. Once your phone is rooted screen recorder which supports internal sounds recording will automatically record the sound when it is enabled in the settings.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to record internal game sounds on devices running on Android 10. Try this feature on your phone and enjoy the recording of your amazing game moments.

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