How to Connect Alexa to iPhone (via Bluetooth or WiFi)

When someone talks about voice assistants, Amazon Alexa is the popular assistant that comes to mind. This is because Alexa connects all the smart devices in our home and it makes our lives easier. However, it can do more than control connected devices. If you own an iPhone, you can make full use of it by connecting Alexa or an Alexa device to your iPhone.

Using Alexa either through your phone or a smart device, you can simply Say the word ‘Alexa’ followed by your command to control your smart home devices like TV, AC, smart bulb, speaker, and more. On the phone, you can use it as your main voice assistant to get things done related to your phone.

If you are here, you either want to connect your Alexa account to your iPhone or connect an Alexa device like the Echo Show to your iPhone. To connect an Amazon Alexa device, you will need to set up an Alexa account anyway.

Here I will explain both methods. Let’s start with setting up Amazon Alexa on iPhone.

How to Connect Amazon Alexa to iPhone

To set up Alexa, you will need an Amazon account. You can sign up using your email ID if you don’t have one. If you bought your Alexa device from Amazon, then you can use the same account.

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the App Store and install the official Alexa app.

Connect Alexa to iPhone

Step 2: Open the app and enter your account details to log in.

Step 3: After login, complete on-screen instructions to set up your profile.

Step 4: If you see the homepage, you have successfully set up the Alexa app.

Connect Alexa to iPhone

Once you have completed setting up the app, you can now control your phone by giving Alexa commands. Next, you can follow the steps below to connect your Amazon Alexa device like Echo Dot or Echo Show.

How to Connect Alexa Echo to iPhone

If you have a Alexa speaker device and want to use it as a speaker or to control your iPhone, you need to pair the device with your iPhone. The process is quite simple, as it requires connecting to Bluetooth once the device is setup with your Amazon account and WiFi.

Setup your Alexa Device

If your Alexa device is new and you haven’t paired it with your Amazon account, then first you need to set it up. To do that open Alexa app on your phone. Then go to Devices > + > Add Device. Now select your product in Amazon Echo.

Connect Alexa Device to iPhone

Make sure your device is connected to power source and in pairing mode. While in pairing mode, the device will blink orange light. On Alexa app, tap Yes, if the device in pairing mode, or tap No, if it’s not in pairing mode.

Connect Alexa Device to iPhone

Now follow each step in Alexa app and your Alexa device will be ready to use.

Pair Alexa Device with iPhone

Although your Alexa device is now connected to the Alexa app, you will need to pair it manually with your phone to enjoy additional features, such as using the Echo device as a speaker for your phone, and other phone specific tasks.

Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone and Alexa device is connected to power source. Now say ‘Alexa, Pair‘ to put Alexa device into pairing mode. The device will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. If it manage to find your iPhone, ask it to connect (it usually connects automatically), and confirm pairing through the pop-up you will receive on iPhone.

Connect Alexa Device to iPhone via Bluetooth

In case if it didn’t find your iPhone automatically, then simply go to Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and wait until your Alexa device show up in the available device. Tap on Alexa device, and it will pair with your iPhone.

You can now play music or video on any app, and the audio will come through your Alexa device.

Manage Connected Bluetooth Devices

You can connect Echo device with multiple devices using Bluetooth connection. But in case if you want to remove an Echo device from your phone, you can do that by forgetting Alexa device from Bluetooth settings. Or you can also remove devices from Alexa app, by going to Alexa app > Devices > Your Echo Device > Settings > Bluetooth Devices. Here you can select device you want to forget.

Connect Alexa Device to iPhone via Bluetooth

You can also add a new Bluetooth device using the same process and then selecting ‘Pair A New Device.’


Why My Alexa Device Not Showing Up in Bluetooth Search?

The only reason this could happen is that your Alexa device is not in pairing mode. To put your Alexa into pairing mode for a Bluetooth connection, simply say ‘Alexa, Pair’ and the Echo device will appear in the Bluetooth search on your iPhone.

Can I Connect Alexa Device to iPhone without WiFi?

Yes, you can connect your Alexa device to an iPhone without WiFi, provided you have completed the initial setup of pairing the device with the Alexa app. You can either say, ‘Alexa, connect to my iPhone,’ or you can also connect from the Bluetooth settings page on your iPhone.

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