How to Check 5G Bands on your Phone [Supported Bands]

Most countries now have 5G services. And the remaining countries are also adopting the new generation of networks. As one can guess, the 5G service only works on devices that come with support for 5G. And nowadays most of the new phones come with 5G support. But there is a catch, all phones come with only a set of bands and not all bands. Here in this guide, you will know how to check 5G bands that your phone supports.

Carrier services use some select bands and the availability of these bands varies by region. If your phone supports these bands only then you will be able to use 5G service on your phone. No one would want to buy a phone that does not support the 5G bands available in their area. If you do not know about the available bands in your area, then here I am going to list the available 5G bands for US and India.

5G Bands Available in the US

  • Verizon – n2, n5, n66, n77, n260, n261
  • AT&T – n5, n77, n260
  • Sprint – n41
  • T-Mobile – n41, n71, n260, n261

5G Bands Available in India

  • n1, n3, n5, n8, n28, n40, n41, n71, n77, n78, n79, n258

So in order to use 5G on your phone, it must come with at least one band supported in your area. Although 5G is known to non-technical users, most of them are unaware of which band their phone comes with. You can follow the given methods to check which 5G bands it supports.

1. Check the official Phone Page

Each brand has listed the full information of each phone they have manufactured (excluding phones that are discontinued or phones that are too old). The information on the official website includes full specifications along with all bands for different supported generations such as 4G and 5G.

To check the specifications visit the official website of your phone. Now navigate to your phone, you can find your phone under the Mobile Phones or all products page (It is different for each brand). Once you open your phone model, it will show its overview. Now click on the Specs page. Scroll down and you will find all supported 5G bands in the connectivity section.

how to check 5g band on iphone

You can match the 5G band with the band your service provider has in your region once you know the 5G band your phone comes with. This is one of the official methods to check for 5G bands.

2. Check the 5G band on iPhone

From the last few generations, iPhones also come with 5G support. You can follow any of the methods in this guide to check for the 5G bands for your iPhone. You can also check the official information for all iPhones on Apple’s website.

Apple has published a dedicated page for the 4G and 5G bands that each iPhone comes with. But one thing to note is the page doesn’t include iPhones that are discontinued. Here is how to check the iPhone 5G band.

Open the page on your browser. Now select your region and look for your iPhone. Once you find your iPhone in the list, check for the bands mentioned next to the model.

how to check 5g band on iphone

The second way to find supported 5G bands for an iPhone is to visit its dedicated page. Open the Apple website on your browser. Now go to the iPhone page and tap the Learn More button for the iPhone model you want to check bands for. Here you need to click Tech Specs. Scroll down and look for the Cellular and Wireless section. Here you can find all the supported bands including 5G Bands.

how to check 5g band on iphone

3. Check third party websites

There are many trusted websites out there that have specifications for most phones. On these websites, you will find information such as processor, camera, display, battery, connectivity, and all other specifications.

One of the popular websites is Whenever you search for your phone on Google, you will find GSMArena on the first search page. To check your phone specification on GSMarena, either open it from Google search or search your phone on the GSMArena website.

how to check 5g band on iphone

Look for the Network section and expand it. Here you will find all the supported bands next to 5G section.

4. Check the Device Box

Another way to check for supported 5G bands is by looking at the box in which your phone came in. Most of the OEMs do include specifications in the retail box. However, there are OEMs that don’t include these informations and so you might have to use a different method in that case.

You need to check the label attached to the retailer box. In the label look for Network and then check for 5G. Under 5G section, you will find supported 5G bands.

So these are some ways to find which 5G band your phone supports.

Note: The 5G will not work if it has been locked by the OEM. OEM usually pushes updates to enable 5G when the 5G service is available in that region. For example, 5G support is coming to iPhones in India with iOS 16.2 update.

If you are planning to buy a phone, make sure to choose a 5G phone as you can experience good bandwidth and network quality with a 5G network. Generally, OEMs include bands that are available in that region, but still, you need to check for the bands as different bands have different speeds. I hope you found the guide helpful. In case of any queries do let us know in the comment section.

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