Ashutosh Singh

How to get Free 5G for 30 days with Verizon

Nov 21, 2022

Verizon's 5G connectivity is available in most places across the US. 

Recently, Verizon added the C-Band 5G which was missing earlier for Verizon users.

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Verizon has launched a new program called Test Drive with 30 days of free 5G trials, here's how to get it.

What it include:

- 30-Days trial - Up to 100GB free 4G/5G data - Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text - No commitment or credit card - Both Android and iOS



- User can’t currently be on Verizon, Visible or TracFone - Available for eSIM - User must be in US - Only for unlocked phones

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User shouldn’t be enrolled in Verizon Test Drive in the last 12 months. The phone must not be used on Verizon

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- 480p streaming with 4G/5G Nationwide; 4K streaming with 5G Ultra Wideband - Only for Eligible Phones

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How to get

User who want to apply can scan the QR code available in Verizon site to download My Verizon App. Direct download will not work.


Open the app and tap the ‘Start Free Trial’ button. You will be given temporary number for testing.


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