Can you Change Wallpaper and Theme on PlayStation 5?

Sony’s PS5 console is one of the best gaming devices. Now, as it is with every device out there, people have been looking for ways they can customize the look and the feel of the PS5. No, we aren’t talking about external PS5 designs. we are talking about customization like wallpapers and themes for PS5. Now, the main question that everyone asks around is, can you change the wallpaper and theme of your PS5 easily? 

Can I Change Wallpaper on PS5?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. There is no easy direct method to change the theme and wallpaper of your Sony PS5. But, that shouldn’t simply stop you from doing so. While you cannot change the theme, you can definitely change the profile banner for your account on the PS5.

As we stated earlier, it’s not possible to change the theme and wallpaper of your PS5 directly because of one simple reason. Sony’s PS5 automatically changes the wallpaper and theme depending on the game you are playing or you have selected. Because of these dynamic themes and wallpapers that change automatically, there is nothing you can customize.

However, you can customize the profile banner for your account on your PS5. It’s unfortunate that you can only change the banner, but at least that is the best you can change. And as long as Sony lets you change the profile banner with whatever image you want, it is more than enough at this point. However, we do hope to see Sony make changing the wallpaper and theme of the PS5 customizable somewhere in the near future.

Download Wallpaper On Sony PS5

So, now that we know the profile banner for your account can be changed on the PS5, let’s take a look at how this can be easily done on the PS5.

  1. Since the PS5 does not have a web browser app available right away, you will have to use an alternative method to browse the web on your PS5.
  2. Press the Home button on your PS5’s controller.
    How to Change Wallpaper On PS5
  3. Navigate to the Game Base and select the Friends menu.
  4. Now, choose the Message icon and start a chat with any of your friends.
  5. In the chat box, simply type in and send the message.
  6. The message will be sent as a link. Select the link to open the Google search engine on your PS5.
  7. Search for wallpapers in Google.
  8. Browse through the collection of different wallpapers and choose the one that you like.
  9. Make sure to open and view the wallpaper in full screen on your PS5.
  10. Now, press the Create button on your PS5 controller. A screenshot will now be captured of the image.

Set Image As Profile Image On Your PS5

Now that you have indirectly downloaded the wallpaper of your choice, you can now use the wallpaper as your profile banner on your PS5. Follow these steps.

  1. Press the PlayStation button on your controller and click the Profile icon.
    How to Change Wallpaper On PS5
  2. Select the Profile options and navigate over to your profile page.
  3. Now, on the right-hand side, you should see an icon that says Edit profile. Select it.
    How to Change Wallpaper On PlayStation 5
  4. A list of options will now appear. Choose the Cover Image option.
    How to Change Wallpaper On PlayStation 5
  5. You can now browse through the various images and screenshots saved to your PS5.
  6. Select the wallpaper screenshot and then choose Save.
  7. Now go back and view your profile page. You will see the new cover image applied right away.


This continues the guide on how you can change the wallpaper (cover image) on your Sony PlayStation 5. We hope to see Sony releasing an update that enables users to change the wallpaper of the PS5 home screen. If you have questions or queries with regard to changing your wallpaper on the PS5, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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