How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PlayStation 5

Ever since the beta testers of the PS5 software received the update to make use of Discord, all other users of the PS5 have been eagerly waiting for this update. You see, having discord integration within your console is super important. A very large number of people make use of Discord chat or have audio calls with their friends when they are playing games together. Discord is especially useful when you are playing games that do not have in-game voice chat.

Recently users of the PS5 console had just received a brand new update. This update finally lets you use Discord on your PS5 officially. However, just like the Xbox version of Discord, the PS5 version of Discord has certain kinds of limitations. Meaning that you cannot join directly using your console itself. So, if you’re someone that is new to Discord or planning to set up discord on their PS5, this is the guide for you.

Before talking about the steps to making use of Discord on your PS5, there is one important thing that you need to know. You should already have linked your PS5 account with Discord. Because only this way the voice chat will work on your PS5.

Link Your PSN Account To Discord

There are two ways that you can follow to link your Discord account to the PSN account. Choose the method that works best for you.

Link Your PSN Account To Discord On PS5

  1. Open the Settings page on your PS5.
  2. Under Settings, select Users and Accounts followed by Linked services.
  3. From this Linked Services list, search and select the Discord option.
  4. You will be asked to sign in with your PSN account.
  5. Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions that show you how to secure and verify your Discord account.

Link Your PSN Account To Discord Via Discord App

The Discord app is available for free on Android and iPhone. If you don’t have an account, create a Discord account now. Once you have your Discord account set up, here are the steps to link your PSN account on Discord via the Discord app.

  1. Open the Discord app and select the User Settings icon.
    How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PS5
  2. Select the Connections option followed by Add.
    How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PlayStation 5
  3. Here, choose the PlayStation logo.
    How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PlayStation 5
  4. You will be asked to sign into your PSN account.
  5. Once you have confirmed that you have connected your PSN account, you can choose to display your PSN as your Discord status.

Join A Voice Channel On Discord

Now, the Discord app on your PS5 doesn’t allow you to join a voice channel via your PS5. Instead, you will have to make use of your mobile phone to join a voice channel. If you can’t understand this, no problem. You can follow these steps that are simple and easy to understand.

  1. Connect your mobile device and your PS5 to the internet. It doesn’t have to be connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Launch the Discord app on your mobile phone.
  3. Now, you can either start your own voice channel or simply join one that has been created by your friends.
  4. You should also see an option that says Join on PlayStation. Tap on it. You can swipe up from the connected chat to see the option.
    How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PS5
  5. From the list select your PlayStation to connect it to the voice channel.
  6. The PS5 will now display a notification View Discord Voice Chat. Select it.
  7. The PS5 will now open the Discord Voice Chat card. You will be able to control the voice levels and also be able to mute and unmute yourself here.

What’s On The Discord Voice Chat Screen

On the very top, you will see the type of voice chat. This will be the normal Discord Voice Chat. Below that, you will be able to see the total number of voice chats you are in. You can also easily switch between voice chats over here. There are other controls in the Discord Voice chat that you can manage.

How To Use Discord Voice Chat On PS5
IMG Credit: PlayStation Blog

You can easily balance the Audio between your Discord audio and your Console’s audio, mute everyone, adjust your microphone level, and even allow your voice to be used in other players’ broadcasts and video clips. You can also make use of the Report button in case someone is misbehaving or simply spamming the voice chat for no reason. Finally, you can also leave the voice chat if you want by selecting the Leave button.

At the bottom, you can see all the members in Discord Voice chat. If they have linked their PSN account, you will see the PSN account name and also the PlayStation logo next to their name. This area also displays information such as the name of the game they are playing as well the name of the console. There’s also mic status, add friend option as well as the option to Join a Game that your friend is playing.

Important Points:

  • The audio from the Discord Voice Chat will not be recorded when you create captures and broadcasts on your PS5 console. Also, you will not be able to use your Voice Party and Discord Voice Chat at the same time.
  • Discord voice chat and party voice chat will not work at the same time.


This concludes the guide on how you can make use of the Discord Voice Chat on your PS5. This is a great feature that has finally made its way to the console. Of course, it’s taken time to be made available on the PS5, but now that it’s finally here, a lot of gamers will now find relief instead of having to stick to their mobile phones to use Discord while playing on the PS5.

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