How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones (MIUI 8/9/10)

If you are one of the Xiaomi users and getting numbers of irritating Ads, then you don’t have to worry. Because we have a solution to stop this. Check out how to disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones running on MIUI 8MIUI 9 and MIUI 10.

This is really not a good idea to put Ads on everything on the phone for a good company. They don’t even think of system Apps. Yes, the Ads are showing in Settings, Music Player, Mi App Store, and all other MI Apps. And most of all they have given a silly reason for this annoying Ad issue. Here you will get to know how to stop Ads on Xiaomi phones along with some important settings that you must change.

The reason that Xiaomi has given is that the Apps are free and the developer needs to earn some money. Really Xiaomi that’s the reason you are gonna give. We all know that Xiaomi is one of the most profitable smartphone company. Along with it, they have other electronic products and also App store in the market. They can pay from these profits.

How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones

Appearing Ads in almost every app including the system App is going to lower down the user experience. At least they should have left the system apps without Ads. That could have been tolerable. However, there are options available in some Apps to stop Ads. So it’s a good thing but the options are not available for all the Apps.

how to disable ads on xiaomi phones

If you are using the default launcher then you might have seen some Apps showing as recommended just below the installed App icons. This happens when you open a folder containing some Apps like More Apps folder. To be honest we can not get away from all the Ads appearing in Xiaomi Phone but we can get rid of maximum Ads.

How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi phones Settings

Settings app is the main section from where we can almost change anything. So the first thing we would like to recommend is that turn off the Ads options from settings app itself. This would definitely stop the Ads from most part of the phones. But this would not be enough so you may have to change In-App settings as well. But first, let’s see how to disable ads from settings.

  • Open Settings App your Xiaomi Phone.
  • Then go to Additional Settings > Privacy> Ad Services.
  • In Ad Services turn off “Personalized ad recommendations”.how to disable ads on xiaomi phones
  • Now go back to Additional settings and then open “Authorization & revocation” option.
  • Disable “msa” from the list. Click on Revoke to disable it. If it says couldn’t disable authorization then reboot once and try to disable ads on xiaomi phones
  • This will disable Ads on Xiaomi devices.

You also need to disable Ads recommendations from In-App settings. Below you will find the guide to stop Ads from every App settings.

How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones File Explore

File Explorer is the basic need to access storage. So to avoid Ads from file explore follow the steps.

  • Open Mi file explorer on your phone.
  • Then go to file explorer settings.
  • Go to about option and turn off to disable ads on xiaomi phones

This will stop Ads on File Explorer app.

How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones Music player

Ads on the music player are considerable because we don’t have to touch more often like the file explorer. But stop Ads here is what to do.

  • Open Mi Music Player app.
  • Now go to settings > Advanced settings.
  • At the last turn off Receive to disable ads on xiaomi phones

That’s it this is the way to disable ads in all the Mi apps.

How to Disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones Browser

The default Mi browser also contains many annoying Ads. So follow the instructions to stop those Ads.

  • Open your default Mi browser.
  • Now tap on three bars just side to the tab icon and open settings.
  • Now go to ‘Privacy & Security’ option and turn off “Recommended for you“.how to disable ads on xiaomi phones
  • Go back to settings and this time go to Advanced > Top sites order.
  • And turn off “Receive recommendations“.how to disable ads on xiaomi phones

This will stop appearing Ads on the default browser.

How to Disable Ads in Mi Video

If you use Mi video regularly then you need to disable Ads for the better experience.

  • Open Mi Video App.
  • Go to settings and disable “online recommendation”.
  • Also, disable “Push messages”.

This will stop ads on the Mi video app that comes in Xiaomi phones.

How to Disable Ads in Xiaomi Security App

Even the security app contains Ads so if you want to stop ads in security app then follow the instructions.

  • Open Security app.
  • Go to settings and in the Recommendation section disable the “Receive recommendations“.how to disable ads on xiaomi phones

This change in security setting will turn off Ads from displaying on the app.

If you are getting Ads on another system Apps from Xiaomi then you can go the App settings and turn off recommendations. This will stock Ads from those apps too. So this was a quick guide on how to disable Ads on Xiaomi Phones running on MIUI 8, MIUI 9 or MIUI 10.

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