How to Delete Lock Screen Wallpapers in iOS 16

iOS 16 brings a much-needed revamp to the lock screen of the iPhone with the new lock screen customization options. The new upgrade is available for eligible iPhones for the last few months. The new customization features bring a wallpaper gallery in the lock screen, a depth effect for wallpapers, widgets, and more useful tools.

Thanks to the new customization features, there are a bunch of different ways to customize the iPhone’s lock screen. Obviously, wallpapers and widgets are one of the easiest ways to start with customization. People love the new lock screen customization features and created different combinations. So, if your lock screen wallpaper gallery is overindulged with old wallpapers which are no longer in use, then here’s a guide on how you can delete wallpapers from iOS 16 on your iPhone.

Just want to mention a quick note that, I am not talking about the stock iOS 16 wallpapers, I am talking about the manually created wallpaper combinations.

Let’s begin.

How to Delete Wallpapers on iOS 16

First things first, the ability to remove wallpapers only works on the iPhones running iOS 16 or newer versions. If your iPhone is on an older version then you cannot delete wallpapers from your iPhone. And the best thing about this method is, there’s no need to install any third-party application, you can easily delete the lock screen wallpaper setups directly from the lock screen gallery.

Follow these steps to remove the wallpapers.

How to Delete Lock Screen Wallpapers in iOS 16
  1. Unlock your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID. You cannot go to the wallpaper gallery by unlocking the iPhone with a passcode.
  2. Simply, tap and hold on the empty area on your lock screen.
  3. Now find the wallpaper which you want to remove from the lock screen wallpaper gallery by swiping left or right.
  4. When you find the lock screen setup, simply swipe up the wallpaper.
  5. Tap the Remote icon, it will delete this lock screen wallpaper combination from your iPhone. (Yes, this method is very similar to the way of removing watch faces from the Apple Watch.)
  6. Select the Delete this Wallpaper option for confirmation.
  7. That’s it.

Apple has recently released iOS 16.2 for the iPhones compatible with iOS 16. Obviously, iOS 16.2 brings a bunch of new features to the iPhone. But till then, there’s no way to select multiple wallpapers and delete them at once. Instead, you can manually go to each screen and remove it manually.

If you are looking for some stunning wallpapers for your iPhone’s lock screen, then make sure to check out our list of 50+ best depth effect wallpapers.

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