How to Assign Multiple Actions to Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro

The Action Button is one of the best features of the iPhone 15 Pro models. By default, users can assign a single function from eight default preset options. But there’s a workaround you can use to set multiple actions, read on to know how you can do it on your device.

One useful function in default presets allows users to select a Shortcut from the Shortcuts app. Thanks to this preset, many developers have come out with new Shortcuts, and now our friend Federico Viticci from MacStories made a new third-party shortcut that lets users assign multiple actions for iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button.

“MultiButton automatically cycles between two shortcuts if you press the Action button multiple times in rapid succession.” Pressing the Action Button once can trigger the primary shortcut, if you press it again within a short timespan it will launch the second shortcut.

Video Source: MacStories

Now let’s move to the steps on how you can set it up for your iPhone 15 Pro.

How to Assign Two Functions to iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button

If you want to set two functions to the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro, you need to add and set up the MultiButton shortcut on your iPhone. Here are the steps you can follow.

How to Assign Multiple Actions to Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro
  1. First things first, you need to download the MultiButton Shortcut.
  2. While setting up the things, you need to enter the names of the Shortcuts that you want to run, like if you want to open an app, then simply type Open Camera.
  3. Tap the Add Shortcut button.
  4. In the next step, open Settings and select Action Button.
  5. Swipe right and select the Shortcut option, in the below selection menu, select MultiButton shortcut.
  6. Once done, long-press the Action Button.
  7. If prompted, give access to the required permissions. Once all done, you can start using the shortcut.

Now it will trigger the first shortcut, suppose you set the first shortcut as Open Camera, it will open the camera app. You can press the Action Button once again to launch the second shortcut, for example, you can set Instagram as a second shortcut to share the photo you just captured.

How to Assign Multiple Actions to Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro

As mentioned earlier, there’s a brief time window, initially set to 7 seconds but adjustable up to 42 seconds.

So, this is all about the MultiButton shortcut, if you have any queries left, please drop them down in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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