Ashutosh Singh

Super Tip: Get iPhone 15’s Action Button on any iPhone

Oct 24, 2023

This year, Apple switched the Mute Switch with an action button in the Pro models. The action button can be used to perform set activity.

It isn’t a big deal who prefer only Mute switch, but it is a great feature who want to map the button for different purpose. But right now it is only available on iPhone 15 Pro models.

Don’t worry, you can also map buttons to trigger some specific functions. Instead of Action button you can use volume buttons. Let’s get started.

IMG: Unsplash

First download and add the Rebind shortcut to your iPhone from the given link.

Now open Shortcuts app and then tap the Rebind shortcut. Select Rebind and choose the Volume Up or Down button. I select camera for Volume Up.

For Volume Down, I selected Airplane mode to trigger.

After selecting action for either one Volume button or both button based on your need tap the Start button. Now you can press Volume buttons to check.

It may ask for permission which is required to take a particular action. Like camera access to take pictures, and Photos access to save pictures.