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11 Tips to Preserve iPhone Battery Health

Nov 1, 2023

If you own an iPhone then you probably check your battery health regularly to see if its good or degraded. Its a handy feature.

If you want your iPhone's battery life keep healthy for long time, you can follow these tips.

Its recommended to avoid charging above 80% and avoid the battery from dropping below 25%.

Keep Charging Between 20-80%

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Its recommended to avoid charging above 80% and avoid the battery from dropping below 25%.

Avoid Extreme Ambient Temperature

You should also avoid pushing your device to overheat. Device overheat when playing games for long, executing heavy task, etc. Charge device when its cool and don’t use while charging.

Avoid Overheating Your iPhone

Always use original charger or high quality chargers to charge your iPhone. Yes high quality chargers cost more but they are worth it.

Use Official Accessories

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Prefer wired charging over wireless charging. It’s because wireless charging produces more heat which is not good for battery. You can use it but avoid most times.

Minimize Use of Wireless Charging

If you are someone who leave the iPhone to charge overnight please avoid it or enable Optimized charging. Available in Settings > Battery > Battery health & charging.

Avoid Overnight Charging

Location services use too much battery which lead to battery drain which means your charging cycle also increases which lead to faster battery degrade.

Disable Location Services

For same reason also turn of other features that you don’t use frequently. Also remove unused apps, and prevent apps from running in background.

Turn Off Unused Features

Always On Display also consumes more battery so turn it off if its not very useful in your day to day usage.

Turn Off AOD

It’s good to keep your phone in the latest software version. Updating OS will show accurate battery health. Before updating make sure to check its review.

Keep Your iPhone Updated

By using these tips you can keep good battery health for longer than standard but it’s a battery so it will degrade. There’s no way to keep it 100% for always.

Don't Panic!

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