How to Add Another Face for FaceID in iOS 12

If you’re the one, who really wants to add another face for Face ID on iPhone. Then, Cheers! Because Apple allows the users with the launch of iOS 12.

Yes, the last year’s Face ID receives a big update with the launch of iOS 12 along with the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max, & XR. Last year, Apple introduced Face ID, which may probably work well for most users. It sucks when you share your phone with one of your friends or family member – you could only add your own face for Face ID. Apple also knows about this issue and allows the users to add another face for face id in iOS 12 on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, & XR.

The implementation of Face Unlock on Android is a little bit cool, where the users can allow adding more than one faces for unlocking. While the implementation on iPhone’s is more secure than the Android phones. So, This is the time to cheer! Let’s see How to Add another Face for Face ID in iOS 12.

Guide to Set Up Second Face in Face ID in iOS 12

Note: Before following the steps, You’ll need to update your iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/ XR to the iOS 12. However, after updating, the process is straightforward.

  1. Head over to the System Settings, Tap on Face ID & Passcode confirm your passcode.How to Add Another Face for FaceID
  2. Under Face ID & Passcode settings, you’ll see an option to Set Up an Alternative Appearance.How to Add Another Face for FaceID
  3. After this, verify another face with the usual When the second face is added, tap on done.How to Add Another Face for FaceID
  4. That’s it.

It also allows you to improve your face recognition. So, this feature is one of the major updates for the users. According to me, this is must needed feature for another face set up, as well as for improving the recognition.

How to Add Another Face for Face ID in iOS 12

If you are using the iPhone X and waiting for this feature from the last year then, I’ll glad to tell you, this process is also working on the iPhone X. So you can add the second face to unlocking your Apple iPhone X. This feature is already available on the new iPhone’s – iPhone Xs, Xs Max, & XR.

As we know the new iPhone’s Face ID implementation is much better & faster than the previous iPhone X implementation. So, the update of iOS 12 may increase the speed of unlocking the phone on iPhone X. So, Make sure to update your iPhone to the iOS 12.

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If you have any other queries or doubts regarding this guide or anything else, drop a comment in the comment box. Share the process with your friends, they also want to add the second face to unlock the iPhone.

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