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Best Apps for iPhone XS and iPhone XR [10 Apps]

Are you planning to buy the latest iPhone XS or XR or you already have one of the iPhone. Then you need to check out these awesome & best Apps for iPhone XS and iPhone XR. These Apps will make your iPhone more interesting and productive. These days smartphones are considered as the daily drivers that we use because of the enormous number of applications support. We can use Apps to control any machines, to track records, for entertainment, to increase performance etc. So get ready to check out useful apps for iPhone XS.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are the latest smartphones from Apple with some amazing features. Also, the AR feature is improvised and now the AR performance is better in new iPhones compared to the last year iPhones. AR works pretty well because of the A12 Bionic 7nm chip which was explained in Apple’s event using ‘Galaga‘ game.

As we know these phones come with the notch on the top of the phone, so we have found apps that are customized according to the notch. These apps are promising and will increase the performance of your iPhone. Mainly we tried to focus on categories like utilities, productivity, games, and entertainment.

1. Sync your Contacts for Google

This utility app is very helpful if you want to sync contacts between Android and iPhone devices. Other than contacts it allows to sync other data as well like notes, emails, etc. So if you have just switched from Android to iPhone then this might solve the problem for transferring contacts.

It includes features like removing redundancy or duplicate contacts which is called smart sync. It also has auto sync mode which can sync contacts and its information on the background as well. This will minimize the effort to transfer contacts between different os phones. This is one of the best apps for iPhone XS to manage and transfer contacts.

Download Sync Your Contacts for Google

2. Notch Remover

Apple has brought the notch trend into the smartphone world with iPhone X last year. The notch is also present in all the three new iPhones (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR) launched this year. Some of the users love the notch but some do not. So to make reliable for users who don’t like the notch we have listed this App.

Notch Remover is used to hide the notch. Well, it does not actually hide the notch but it enables black mode till the height of notification bar. You will be able to see the notifications and icons on the notched bar. If you think that it will hide some parts of wallpaper, video, games then to clarify I will say it does not. It will adjust your screen automatically, so you won’t be facing any problem. This is the perfect App for iPhone XS if you are watching videos or playing games.

Download Notch Remover

3. Tailor – Screenshot Stitching

Android phones have many advantages in terms of features and the long screenshot is one of them. The long screenshot feature is still not the available in iPhone, but this can be achieved using third party Apps. The long screenshot is the screenshot which is longer and contains more data than a normal screenshot.

Tailor is the best app available in the App Store for long screenshots. It produces high-quality screenshots, we can also add multiple screenshots to make one long screenshot. Tailor is easy to use and support both horizontal and vertical stitching. Also, it creates an extension on the web browser to take a screenshot in one tap. This is one of the best Apps for iPhone XS.

Download Tailor screenshot stitching

4. 1Password – Password Manager

The password manager is one of the necessary tools that saves a lot of time. Nowadays we use many accounts on different platforms and some of us can’t remember all the passwords. So in this case Password manager comes in use where we can save password of different apps securely.

1Password also supports face ID lock which is one of the main feature present in iPhone Xs. It remembers passwords of different apps which helps in case if we forget the password. Also, it generates strong passwords which can be directly changed from 1Password manager. The app is reliable and secure.

Download 1Password Manager

5. File Manager App

Earlier Apple was not providing any file explorer or manager to access the file but now it is available in iOS 11 and onward devices. The default file explorer has some pretty good features. But if you want more features then you can try other third party file explorer Apps.

File Manager app is a simple and useful file manager. It has many features that a good file manager need to have. Along with the manager, it also lets users view PDF and word files.

Download File Manager App

6. Remote Mouse

If your mouse has stopped working or don’t like to use a mouse then another alternative can be using smartphones as a mouse. It works very well and provides the experience similar to a trackpad. Using it is as simple as using the trackpad, touch the phone screen to move cursor and tap on the screen for clicks.

Remote Mouse is the best app to use your smartphone as a mouse. You can connect your phone with laptop or pc using Bluetooth or WiFi connection. It is not necessary to use an internet connection. Remote Mouse also provides other features like typing, play/pause music, customizable interface etc. This is one of the best Apps for iPhone XS for connectivity and control.

Download Remote Mouse

7. Dark Sky Weather

If you like to see weather forecast on your phone then Dark Sky Weather is the best App. Weather apps are recommended apps to have on the phone. It does provide information like temperature, air pressure, wind, with notification feature.

This app is also an editor choice app on the App Store. It has positive reviews with many downloads. You should try this App. It provides accurate weather predictions of the next 7 days with full details. Using the weather app you can plan journey without any surprise weathers. If you are looking for best Apps for iPhones XS in utility category then this could be that App.

Download Dark Sky Weather

8. Citymapper Transit Navigation

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly city guide then Citymapper is for you. Although we have Google Maps, but this App provides more features and details like uber integration, real-time disruption alerts, Line status, Bike routing and much more.

Citymapper Transit Navigation is not available for all the cities in the world but it supports many famous cities around the world. List of cities which are covered in Citymapper is mentioned below.

  • ASIA: Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo.
  • AUSTRALIA: Sydney, Melbourne.
  • EUROPE: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels / Belgium, Amsterdam / Randstad, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, St Petersburg.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Mexico City, São Paulo.
  • USA/CANADA: New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.

Download Citymapper

9. Scanbot Scanner App – Scan PDF

Scanbot is one of the best Apps for iPhone XS which is used to scan and save them as a PDF. It is an extremely useful App and can save a lot of time. Scanbot scanner App is free and available on App Store. The App is highly rated on the App Store and got around 4.8 stars.

It can scan QR codes, Documents and you don’t require a Fax machine if you have Scanbot. This app is also an editor choice and has got many awards for amazing performance. This can be very useful in cases like the need for photographs, scanned documents etc. The main feature I like about this app is the auto-detection of boundaries to crop.

Download Scanbot scanner

10. Voicera A.I. Note Taker

It is an amazing productivity app and one of the best Apps for iPhone XS. If you don’t want to write notes from lectures, meetings or discussion then you can use Voicera for automatic note. It listens to the speaker and converts it into text. The accuracy is almost a hundred percent.

It can capture live conversations and you can also highlight the texts while recording. Voicera also has a built-in AI assistant called Eva bot just like Siri. So you can just command Eva to do tasks in the App.

Download Voicera

AI Games and Apps

Apple has improved AR support on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR and so now it will be more fun to play AR games like ‘Galga’.  So if you want to enjoy AR games you can download from AR games and AR Apps from App Store.

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