Google Nest Mini – All Voice Commands to Control Google’s Smart Speaker

Google Nest Mini Voice Commands - The Complete List!

Technology has come so far that we now have a large number of smart appliances. Many of these appliances can now be used and controlled by simply using voice commands. Smart speakers are one of the most popular smart devices available. The most popular smart speaker out there that is used by people is the Google Nest Mini. The Nest Mini is a small smart speaker that can be controlled with voice commands. Built with Google Assistant, there are a large number of commands that you can speak.

Today, we will be taking a look at all the commands that you can use with your Google Nest Mini smart speaker. With all of these commands listed below, you will now be able to make the best use of your Google Nest Mini.

Let’s get started.

Because the Nest Mini can be controlled by just using your voice, it is important to know the voice commands that you need to use to control your smart speaker. We have categorized the voice commands so that you can make use of the right voice command when you want to get something done.

Let’s kick off the list of Nest Mini Voice Commands with Music Commands.

Note: You can start your command by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” followed by the command.

Google Nest Mini – Music Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Play (Song Name) On Spotify.
  • Ok Google, Play (Podcast) On Spotify.
  • Ok Google, Play (Insert Music Genre) Music
  • Ok Google, Play Dawn FM On Spotify
  • Ok Google, Play The Song That Goes Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Ok Google, Play Songs like Song Name
  • Ok Google, Play Songs by Singer Name
  • Ok Google, Play Album Name
  • Ok Google, Play Album Name and Shuffle
  • Ok Google, Play This Track
  • Ok Google, Reduce The Volume To 10%
  • Ok Google, Set Volume to 40%
  • Ok Google, I Like This Song.
  • Ok Google, Pause This Track
  • Ok Google, Resume This Track
  • Ok Google, Stop This Track
  • Ok Google, Play Next Song
  • Ok Google, What’s Playing
  • Ok Google, Play This Song on my Bedroom’s Speaker
  • Ok Google, Play Music on all Speakers
  • Ok Google, Play Country Music On Spotify
  • Ok Google, Play Music On My Kitchen Speakers
  • Ok Google, Play Music To All Speakers 
  • Ok Google, Play My Workout Session Playlist From Spotify
  • Ok Google, Shuffle Songs
  • Ok Google, Skip This Track
  • Ok Google, Turn Up The Volume To 25%
  • Ok Google, What’s Playing?
  • Ok Google, When Did This Song Released?
  • Ok Google, Who Is The Artist For This Song?
  • Ok Google, I Like this Song
  • Ok Google, I dislike like this song
  • Ok Google, Save This Playlist
  • Ok Google, Play this track again
  • Ok Google, Play previous song

Google Nest Mini – Podcast Commands

  • Ok Google, Continue Listening To (Podcast Name)
  • Ok Google, Go Back 6 Minutes
  • Ok Google, Listen To The Latest Episode From (Podcast Name)
  • Ok Google, Pause The Podcast
  • Ok Google, Read The Harry Potter Series.
  • Ok Google, Recommend A Podcast
  • Ok Google, Resume Podcast
  • Ok Google, Skip This Chapter
  • Ok Google, What Podcast Is Playing?

Google Nest Mini – Phone Commands

  • Hey Google, Call “Name”
  • Hey Google, Find My Phone
  • Hey Google, Call the Nearest Coffee Shop
  • Hey Google, Hang Up
  • Hey Google, Redial
  • Hey Google, Restart My Phone
  • Hey Google, Pair my phone with Bluetooth
  • Hey Google, Make a WhatsApp Call to Dad
  • Hey Google, Send A Message To Dave On Google Chat.

Google Nest Mini – Android Auto Commands

  • Ok Google, Maximum Volume
  • Ok Google, Start Navigation for the Nearest Coffee Shop
  • Ok Google, Play Song Name on Spotify in Car
  • Ok Google, Stop
  • Ok Google, Stop Navigation

Google Nest Mini – Navigation and Travel Commands

  • Ok Google, Estimated Time Of Arrival
  • Ok Google, How Long Is The Commute
  • Ok Google, Navigate To the Nearest Coffee Shop
  • Ok Google, How far is this place from home
  • Ok Google, What is the distance between home and nearest barber shop

Google Nest Mini – Weather Commands

  • Hey Google, What Is The Forecast For Next Week?
  • Hey Google, What Is Tomorrow’s Forecast?
  • Hey Google, What’s The Temperature In California?
  • Hey Google, What Is The Weather In Fahrenheit?
  • Hey Google, What Is The Weather Like Right Now?
  • Hey Google, Will It Rain In New York Tonight?
  • Hey Google, What is the wind speed right now?
  • Hey Google, How’s the Air Quality today?
  • Hey Google, Tell me the forecast for next 10 days.
  • Hey Google, How’s the visibility outside?
  • Hey Google, Tell me timings for sunset and sunrise

Google Nest Mini – News Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Play Me Today’s News
  • Ok Google, Listen To News From News Channel
  • Ok Google, Adjust Playback Speed To 3X
  • Ok Google, What’s The Latest In Sports

Google Nest Mini – TV and Other Devices Commands

  • Ok Google Turn On German Subtitles
  • Ok Google, Display Pictures Of Persian Cats On Living Room TV
  • Ok Google, Enable Subtitles/Disable Subtitles
  • Ok Google, Open (App Name) On Living Room TV
  • Ok Google, Pause Show On Bedroom TV
  • Ok Google, Play Cat Videos From YouTube
  • Ok Google, Play Dawn FM From Spotify On Living Room TV
  • Ok Google, Play Forza Horizon 5 On Xbox
  • Ok Google, Play MKBHD Videos On Work TV
  • Ok Google, Play MTV Channel On Bedroom TV
  • Ok Google, Play The Next Episode Of (Show Name) On Living Room TV
  • Ok Google, Search For Mission Impossible On YouTube
  • Ok Google, Switch On Bedroom Set Top Box
  • Ok Google, Switch Playback Language To Greek
  • Ok Google, Turn On Italian Dubbing 
  • Ok Google, Turn On/Turn Off Captions

Google Nest Mini – Calendar and Events Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, What’s My Agenda For Next Friday?
  • Ok Google, When Is My First Meeting?
  • Ok Google, Where Is My Next Meeting?
  • Ok, Google Show Me All My Meetings For This Month

Google Nest Mini – Flights Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Is My Flight Delayed?
  • Ok Google, What Time Is My Flight?
  • Ok Google, When Is My Next Flight?

Google Nest Mini – Home Devices Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Adjust Bedroom Light To 75%
  • Ok Google, Brighten Doorway Light
  • Ok Google, Dim The Porch Light
  • Ok Google, Increase Thermostat Temperature By 4 Degrees
  • Ok Google, Pause Wifi Network
  • Ok Google, Set Thermostat To 14
  • Ok Google, Show Me Garage Door Camera
  • Ok Google, Start Hall Vaccum
  • Ok Google, Stop Vacuuming
  • Ok Google, Tunr Off Thermostat
  • Ok Google, Turn Off All Lights
  • Ok Google, Turn Off Lights In Bedroom
  • Ok Google, Turn Off/Turn On Porch Plug
  • Ok Google, Turn On/Tunr Off Hall Switches
  • Ok Google, Turn The Bedroom Lights On
  • Ok Google, What Is My Guest Wifi Network Password?
  • OK Google, What Is My Internet Speed?

Google Nest Mini – Alarms And Shopping List Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Add Oats To The Shopping List
  • Ok Google, Cancel My Alarms
  • Ok Google, Cancel Timer
  • Ok Google, How Much Time Is Left?
  • Ok Google, Set A 6 Am Alamr For Everyday Of The Week
  • Ok Google, Set A Timer For 5 Minutes
  • Ok Google, Set An Alarm For 5 am Tomorrow
  • Ok Google, Snooze Alarm For 10 Minutes
  • Ok Google, What Is On My Shopping List?
  • Ok Google, When Is My Next Alarm?

Google Nest Mini – Facts and Search Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Calculate 40% Of 75.
  • Ok Google, How Are The MArkets Doing?
  • Ok Google, How Many Cenitmeteres Are There In A Feet?
  • Ok Google, How Much Carbohydrates Are There In A Small Bowl Of Rice?
  • Ok Google, How Tall Is The Burj Khalifa?
  • Ok Google, Show Me NBA Standings
  • Ok Google, Spell Vinegar
  • Ok Google, What Day Is Christmas This Year?
  • Ok Google, What Is Apple Trading AT Today?
  • Ok Google, What Is Hello In Arabic?
  • Ok Google, What Is The Capital Of Cambodia?
  • Ok Google, What Is The Score For Todays Cricket Match?
  • Ok Google, What Is The Square Root Of 6?
  • Ok Google, What Is The Time Right Now In Australia?
  • Ok Google, When Does The Moon Rise Today?
  • Ok Google, When Is (Sports Team Name0 Playing This Week?
  • Ok Goolge, How Many Indian Rupees Is A US Dollar?

Google Nest Mini – Fun Voice Commands

  • Ok Google, Are You Tom Holland?
  • Ok Google, Beam Me Up, Scotty.
  • Ok Google, Compliment Me.
  • Ok Google, Count By 10.100/1000
  • Ok Google, Did You Fart?
  • Ok Google, Do A Barrel Roll
  • Ok Google, Do You Know The Muffin Man?
  • Ok Google, Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
  • Ok Google, How Are You?
  • Ok Google, How Desi Are You?
  • Ok Google, How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down?
  • Ok Google, I Am Your Father.
  • Ok Google, Is Your Refrigerator Running?
  • Ok Google, It’s My Birthday.
  • Ok Google, It’s Not My Birthday.
  • Ok Google, Make Me A Sandwich.
  • Ok Google, Party On, Wayne.
  • Ok Google, Play Crystal Ball
  • Ok Google, Play Lucky Trivia
  • Ok Google, Play Mad Libs
  • Ok Google, Serenade Me.
  • Ok Google, Set Phasers To Kill.
  • Ok Google, Sing Happy Birthday.
  • Ok Google, Sing Me A Song.
  • Ok Google, Talk Like Mr. Bean
  • Ok Google, Talk Like Yoda.
  • Ok Google, Tell Me A Joke.
  • Ok Google, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.
  • Ok Google, What’s The Loneliest Number?
  • Ok Google, What’s Your Best Pickup Line?
  • Ok Google, What’s Your Favorite Song?
  • Ok Google, When Am I?
  • Ok Google, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Ok Google, Where’s Waldo?
  • Ok Google, Who Is The Real Slim Shady?
  • Ok Google, Who Let The Dogs Out?
  • Ok Google, Who Ya Gonna Call?
  • Ok Google, Who’s On First?
  • Ok Google, Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?


This concludes the list of all sorts of voice commands that you can use to make your Google Nest Mini perform various types of functions. Now, if you have other smart appliances that are supported by Google Assistant, it will simply be a breeze to be able to control a lot of the functions with just your voice rather than having to get up and walk to your device to control it.

What are your favorite Google Nest Mini commands that you use often? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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